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How to sharpen scissors at home

If your scissors won't cut this is a quick tip to give them their edge back.
use a glass soft drink bottle take you're scissors firmly attempt to cut the neck off the bottle ensure that you open the scissors as wide as you can so the blades connect as far back as possible then about ten times or so make like you are going to cut the neck off put a fair amount of effort into it to get it to sharpen them.
it works a treat.

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how to sharpen scissors

You could take them to a professional sharpening service or a method I use is to get a glass bottle & make out like you are going to cut the neck off the bottle try getting the scissors as open as possible then firmly try cut the neck off around 10 times after this they will cut very well indeed, it really works.

Mar 12, 2017 | Garden

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Which methods are there for cutting bottles?

According to Wikipedia these are the bottle cutting methods:

Rope Method:
The rope method is a common practice for those novice at cutting glass bottles. The idea is to take a rope or piece of string and tie it tightly to the bottle directly into score line. The string is to be then painted with a flammable oil then set on fire. The heat that comes from the burning string will cause the bottle to soften in the score. While the score is still warm, the bottle is then placed under a flow of cold water which will tighten the heated molecules at such a quick rate that the stress of the bottle is released through your score causing a break in the glass. Problems with this method include the stress in the bottle being so great that the bottle fails to break immediately on the score line and will leave large jagged pieces that take a long time to grind down.

Torch Method:
The torch method is very similar to the rope method but requires a much more practiced hand in cutting bottles. The idea here is to use a torch to heat the bottle over the score line until the bottle reaches appropriate temperature to then place under the cold running water. Problems that occur with this method include still large jagged edges much like the rope method, however, much more accurate to the score. An advantage to this method is the lack of material and cost with a quicker and cleaner result.

Water Method:
Although all methods include a cold stream, this is the only method in which to make a cut using entirely water. Problems that occur in the rope method and the torch method is that the glass becomes too hot too quickly making inaccurate breaks with large stress lines and fractures in the glass. With the water method, you can obtain an almost perfect cut and at a faster and cheaper rate than almost all other methods. In this method, boiling water is poured slowly on the score line raising the temperature in the glass at a much slower rate than a fire method and will maintain a much lower temperature. Once the bottle becomes warm, it is then placed under the cold running water for the break. Problems still occur during this method with sometimes jagged edges and stress lines and fractures, however; most methods are a 50%-60% success rate, where as the water method is about a 95% success rate.

Oct 07, 2013 | Cutter Tools

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In what sizes is Diet Coke available?

I'm not sure if you ever noticed, but besides the popular 2 liter bottle, 16 fl. oz. bottle, and the 12 fl. oz., can, Diet Coke is also available in the following sizes:

8 fl. oz. glass bottle

8.5 fl. oz. aluminum can

7.5 fl. oz. mini can

Feb 04, 2013 | Wine & Spirits

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My wife really loves Coke and drinks it everyday. We have just found out that she is pregnant. Can she still drink Coke or does she have to cut back?

Drinking Coke while you're pregnant is fine, but doctors do recommend limiting the caffeine intake per day to maximum of 200 mg. This means that she shouldn't drink more than a bottle per day.

Feb 04, 2013 | Wine & Spirits

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