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How to Hypnotize Yourself. 12 Simple Self Hypnosis Techniques.

First, let me briefly explain what Self Hypnosis is, it's actually very simple, to put it plainly Self-Hypnosis is a procedure where you induce your self (precisely your mind) into a state of trance.
Basically, our brain consistently produces electrical signals to carry information from one area to another. That is how we move our arms, jump, shout, speak, run and basically function. This activity our brain uses, is measured in Hz, or Hertz.Our brain usually operates in a frequency of 7.5 to 14. So in order to hypnotize yourself successfully you need to lower your frequency into a more vulnerable state, where you can easily make positive suggestions that can improve your lifestyle.
Now that we have covered the what, let's get into the how. There are many different Self Hypnosis Techniques.
Follow this steps.
"The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts." - Charles Darwin
Here are the 12 Simple Steps:
  1. To hypnotize yourself you need to feel very relaxed, you need to be physically relaxed and comfortable. You can try simple breathing exercises, like deep inhaling and focusing on your breathing for just a few minutes
  2. You will need to find a specific object to focus your vision and concentrate on , it would be ideal that this object will have you looking slightly upward in the ceiling in front of you.
  3. The next step is to clear your mind, obviously this is not so easy to achieve, but focusing like I explained on an object that way will help tremendously, just take your time, and let your thoughts leave your mind.
  4. Focus on your eyes, be wary of them, imagine your eyelids becoming heavy and slowly closing. As your eyes close, concentrate on your breathing, start breathing evenly and deeply, deep inhales and exhales.
  5. Think that you will relax more every time you breathe out. Diminish the speed at which you breathe, let yourself relax more and more, deeper and deeper with every breath.
  6. Now visualize (your eyes still closed) a gentle sideways or up-and-down movement of an object. Imagine anything with a slow and steady swing. Like a pocket watch slowly swaying backwards and forward, or backwards and upwards.
  7. Smoothly and slowly count down from ten in your head after each number say I am becoming more relaxed... Ex. '10, I am becoming more relaxed', 9, I am becoming more relaxed... And so on.
  8. Remind yourself that at the end of the countdown you will reach a state of hypnosis.
  9. Now this is where you use this self hypnosis technique, for self improvement. You repeat yourself certain things you want in your life. Ex.. 'I will not smoke anymore', I will exercise more', I will be more patient'... Etc...
  10. Before you bring yourself out of this hypnotic state, once more, relax and clear you mind.
  11. Now you count back up to then slowly, but with each number, increase the energy with which you think it. Now do the same step as before but reverse, after each number tell yourself a positive message, Ex '1, I will feel very peaceful when I awake', '2, I will feel very peaceful when I awake. Etc...'
  12. When you finishin counting up to 10 you will feel fully awake, you will feel fully freshend! Now with ease and calmness let your mind catch up with the day, with your suuroundings, with the events. Go on with your day feeling refreshed and renewed.
I hope this self hypnosis technique help you.


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