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Something most folks don't know about

if you have well water especially, you should do this.

you should do this at least 1 time a year to keep your water heater working at its best.

the water heater has a drain on it so that it can be drained if you have to replace it or repair it. hook a regular water hose to it and open the drain valve all the way. I like to put a stocking hose over the open end of the hose, so that I can see what is coming out of it. let it run until stuff quits coming out, at this point all the sediment that has been collecting in bottom of your water should be collecting in the old stocking.

all water has minerals in it and when it gets heated it causes some of the minerals to fall out of the water, this collects in your water heater. this is what your flushing out. over time this will build up and cause your elements to burn out quicker and you lose efficiency, costing more to heat your water. plumbers don't tell you about cause it creates work for them when the elements need replaced.

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1 Answer

the heaters instructions say to open the heater, but i don't know how.

1) For real?
How can we answer the question without model number, brand and type water heater?
Is this a boiler? Or tank-type heater. Is the thing 2 years old or 12 years old.

2) Look on label on side of tank. Include all information shown on label.

3) Attach a photo so we can see the problem more clearly.

4) Call service technician or plumber since this is a gas appliance.

Dec 31, 2012 | Rheem Water Heaters

1 Answer

My Rheem tankless water heater has been flashing a C8 and 76 code. I can turn off the heater using the power button on the unit, but my hot water will only last for a shower or so. Any suggestions? It's only a year and a half old.

Before calling service technician, open following link for troubleshoot resources including Rheem chat and contact, possible manual, error codes, etc.:

C8 76 is generally bad PC board. Call 800-432-8373
Just like a motherboard on your computer, the tankless PC board is operational center of tankless water heater.
Various sensors gather information from water pipes, gas line, vent pipe, and air supply to determine when to activate burner.
Most people understand that when their computer motherboard needs replacement, that computer will probably not work reliably again.

Tankless is basically connecting a complex computer to your plumbing and electrical lines and to a gas burner with a vent pipe to outdoors, despite knowing that plumbing lines, vent pipes, gas burners, and household electrical systems have plenty of problems on their own.

Age factor: When tankless is new and everything operates perfectly, the tankless works correctly.
And each tankless manual recommends yearly and monthly maintenance, just to maintain operation, the cost of which can exceed the expected 1-8$ monthly savings. And who wants to clean the water filter each month and delime the exchanger every year?

Don't buy a tankless water heater because the only folks promising unlimited hot water and effortless water heating experience while saving money with a tankless are the tankless promotors.

Solve most tankless problems yourself, same day, any brand for about $350.

Sep 22, 2011 | Rheem Tankless Water Heater Main Remote...

1 Answer

I have a 1991 40 gl and it fell through the floor which is like 2 ft off the ground. turned the water off and replaced the pipes it has its own lever type power supply with the screw in fuses 30 amp (2) of them. I have pushed the reset button don't know if it reset or not I still don't here anything from it. I fixed the ground wire on the top of the tank as it had come off when it fell. I don't have any pressure from hot or cold water anywhere in my house. would the elements cause this problem? I won't replace them unless that is the only suggestion. None of my pipes are leaking either. Don't know what else to.

You have 2 problems with several possible causes:
You have 10-year-old electric water heater that was reinstalled after falling down, and doesn't heat the water.
And you have no hot or cold water pressure, and no pipes are leaking.

1) First problem is lack of water pressure throughout house.
Turn on outdoor spigot nearest to water meter.
This spigot will tell you if problem is inside the house or between the house and meter.
If spigot runs full force, then you probably have clogged pipe where water heater connects to main cold line, or the main shut off valve got clogged with sediment that broke off inside the pipe when you were working on water heater.
Open and close shut off valve to see if that helps. Then disassemble pipes and track back the problem. Put pressure gauge on water heater drain valve to watch pressure drop when turning on indoor faucet.
Read following information:

Water heater doesn't work:
Test across wires at top of heater to see if you are getting correct voltage:
If tank is receiving correct voltage, then no hot water puts suspicion on upper element or upper thermostat, or both.
Open following link for electric water heater troubleshoot steps:


1 Answer

im a gas installer and if a client doesn't not pay for any reason, can i with hold the warrantee or would that be against the law

You need a legal opinion from local attorney since local laws are different.
My opinion is that you owe the customer nothing until the bill is paid.
I had a customer who shorted the final payment, and then 2 years later called for follow-up service.
These people deserve no follow-up service, and that is what the warranty is.
I told those folks when they paid the bill, we could discuss the follow-up > and they never called again.
Just keep the warranty and let them come to you when the time comes, unless you're afraid of them, in which case it's better to take the hit and move on. But don't send or file the warranty because that was part of the agreement and they never completed the agreement.

I would simply file a small-claim. But expect compromise and partial payment, and possible loss if they put up photos of the installation that show the slightest irregularity. Moreover they can simply not pay the claim, and then you have to get a lawyer to collect payment. Of course if they loose, it goes on their credit record, but many folks don't give a hoot about that.
Remember the courts will always side with the buyer, unless everything was crystal clear before the installation, and absolutely not 1 single problem can be demonstrated. The liklihood that they can claim they didn't pay because you didn't give them the warranty is weak, and you can say the transaction was never completed and you weren't sure how to complete the transaction > and that's the truth.

Jul 28, 2011 | General Electric Water Heaters

1 Answer

I own a house with an electric GE hot water heater. 8ESOT12AA01 Serial # 090122 5750 I do not know how old the hot water heater is and advice about when it should be replaced. No leaks to date but I don't want to flood my house.

GE is made by Rheem, but the market is always changing. Rheem-based serial number shows tank was made in 1990.
Tank will last as long as anode rod(s) protects steel tank from rusting.
If your tank has two anode rods, then tanks lasts longer.
That's how companies determine if water heater is '6-year' or '12-year.'
I don't have manual for your product to say if you have 12 year tank. Side of tank might have information blurb besides mandatory label that shows serial number.
You can update your water heater by replacing anode rod(s) assuming they can be loosened and removed after this number of years, which is a big IF with old heaters. Your plumber might have impact wrench he uses to see if anode can come out.

If the water heater is making gurgling rumbling and/or crackling sounds then tank has sediment build-up.
You can also get a baseline of rust by flushing tank and watching if water is very rusty.

If you flush tank regularly, and inspect anode every 1-3 years, a tank will last many years longer than manufacturer's label.

Apr 20, 2011 | General Electric Water Heaters

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