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How to check your connector to see if it is broken

Checking a connector is very easy to do. For those who do not know what a connector is, it is a wire with metal pieces that plugs into the computer and media device.These steps below will help you know if your connector is broken and what to do if it happens.

1. Checking the connector metal pieces:

Move the metal pieces on both ends slightly. If it's not moving and you don't see any pieces moving that's a good sign and it still works.If you do see it moving, that means it's damage and does not work, so you need a new connector or need to have it fixed.
2.Checking the wire
Run your index finger and thumb along the wire cover, the thing covering the wires. You have to feel for bumps or open slits(cuts) in the covering.
3. What does the bumps and wires mean if they are bumpy, wires comes out, or open slits:
If there is too many bumps,it may be a sign that a wire will be coming out of the cover. If you see wires sticking out, carefully put the connector in another bag,or wrap it up in something that is not flammable, to be thrown out. Also if the the wires are sticking out and smoking, get something that is not flammable to wrap it up in and carefully put in a bag to be thrown out because you do not want to get burnt or have a fire. If there is just very little bumps, that is fine, it just means you had your connector wrapped up or folded up and it works. If you find open slits, you need to get a new connector or the wires will come out.
4. Solutions and recommended answers:
If all that above happens, I would recommend seeing the official website for the device for a new connector or asking a computer tech person to fix the connector (if they know how).

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no power seat button was unplugged but mower still won't start after plugged in

How old is the seat? You might try just jumping the connector with a wire plugged into each side of only the wire going back to the engine as this will bypass the seat itself. Remember this is a test only as it takes away the safety factor. Seats have a moulded piece of metal in them that rust away and do not make the connection anymore. Replace seat after checking if this works for you.

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checking a power supply with a multileter

Checking power with a multimeter is easy but requires the power supply to be loaded. Yellow is 12V and red is 5V. the black lead for the multimeter is plugged into the black wires, and the red lead is used to check the power supply wires. make sure you DO NOT wear any metal jewlery, no grounding straps, don't touch metal.

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i purchased pioneer speakers and am attempting to replace my stock speakers. Problem is there is already a plug and outlet on the factory speakers, which there is not on the new speakers. is this called ? wiring adapter? could i buy speakers that already have a plug attachment or do i have to install one. again, its the speakers that just have two wires sautered to a metal piece...the jeep has a wire harness? coming out of the speaker holes...

yes they are called speaker harness adapters. You can just cut the factory ones off if you know the polarity (positive/negative) of the speaker wiring.
An easy way to find out is take a 9v or AA battery and two pieces of wire. Strip the wire and attatch one piece to the positive and another to the negative of your test battery, I use red wire for (+) and black for (-). Then take the other ends and touch the factory speaker connector (where it plugs onto the speaker). If it moves out or UP then you have the polarity correct and the wire that your red tester went to is the positive of the new speaker and the black test lead wire touched the negative. If the speaker moves in or DOWN then you simply have it reversed.
All pioneer speakers come with a set of wires so you can cut the factory connector off and put the new one on.

Sep 24, 2011 | Jeep Car Audio & Video

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my son cut the wires to the rearvew miror and now has no electric sunroof, windows, or central locking

Sorry to hear this has happened to you, hopefully your son didn't get hurt.

Hopefully you can see and reach both ends of the wires he cut so you can see the wires clearly (if it's hard to see, get a flashlight).

Disconnect the battery.

You need to get barrel connectors, wire strippers and a crimper.

Here's the barrel connector: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/3M-****-Connector-4X313?Pid=search

Here's the crimper/wire stripper combination tool: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/3M-Heavy-Duty-Crimping-Tool-1A076?BaseItem=4X313

If you look inside the connector, you will see a piece of metal. This piece of metal will act as a "bridge" for the electricity. The crimper will squish the metal to the wire (metal to metal contact). The crimper has a color code dot in the front of the tool's mouth to show you where the barrel connector needs to go. The mouth has two places to crimp and the correct spot needs to be used to crimp correctly.

Go one by one in the crimping process so you can make sure you get this correct and not cross wire anything. Each wire has a specific color code so one end of the cut should match another end of the cut (make sure you look closely at the wire's insulation because sometimes there may be two colors on the wire's insulation). Everything should be ok as long as you pay close attention to the color codes and crimp properly.

Once you find each end of the cut wire, remove a quarter of an inch of insulation on both sides using the stripping holes found inside the crimper's handle (the quarter inch of wire should show bare metal). Take a connector and place the exposed wire into the connector (take a quick peak to make sure the wire is inside the metal tube), then take the crimper and squeeze the crimper as hard as you can where the wire and metal barrel meet. You should be able to pull on the connector without the wire coming loose. Now place the other end of the wire into the opposite side of the connector and squeeze again. Give it a tug to make sure it is on.

That's it - repeat as many times as necessary to get the ends "bridged." Once you're done, connect the battery and give it a test. You should be good to go. It's a long explanation but this is really easy to do, once you see the connector and crimper this explanation will make more sense to you.

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how do i turn off the orange light on the vizio tv, it won't go off after the tv is turned off?

That little fella is only turned off by unplugging it. If all those little lights in America could be turned off we could do with one less nuclear power plant. If unplugging it is not an option, my wife's solution is to cover it with a piece of black tape.

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