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To remove the cartridge a pair of paint can openers works well to pry the stem out .

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how to pull a stuck moen 1224 cartrige ?

The Moen #1224 cartridge does NOT always come out easily! Sometimes the retaining nut (Moen part #14986) is jammed from factory installation and can even break on removal. Try soaking its threads with some Singer sewing machine oil overnight and then pouring a little boiling water on the nut to expand it at the same time as you start to turn it counter-clockwise with pliers.
Next you may find the cartridge almost impossible to pull out! You do not need a special tool. Just purchase a stainless #8 x 32 machine bolt and screw it well down into the threaded hole on the top of the cartridge. Then use a piece of wood like a scrap of 2 x 4 as a pivot point and put the vee of a pry bar under the head of the screw. Make sure you are levering upwards exactly vertical and you should be able to pop the cartridge out. Clean the hole and grease it with a little Vaseline before pushing in the new cartridge. See photos.
moen_1224_ cartridge-replacement01-tkltrf1al1dpxujqxfv3irgv-4-0_0.jpg

moen_1224_ cartridge-replacement02-tkltrf1al1dpxujqxfv3irgv-4-2_0.jpg

moen_1224_ cartridge-replacement03-tkltrf1al1dpxujqxfv3irgv-4-5_0.jpg

moen_1224_ cartridge-replacement04-tkltrf1al1dpxujqxfv3irgv-4-9_0.jpg

Sep 03, 2014 | American Standard Hampton Two-Handle...

1 Answer

Search Fixya...

    • Test the dripping water with your hand to make sure that it is the hot water side that is leaking. Lay a rag over the sink drain to keep parts from falling down it. Locate the hot and cold shutoff valves under the sink and turn the knobs clockwise by hand until they close. If the knobs remain stiff, use a pair of pliers to gently turn them until the knob begins to move, then finish turning by hand.
    • 2
      Pry the decorative cap off the faucet top with a small thin, flat-head screwdriver. Remove the cap that has the "H" letter on it. Depending upon the handle screw configuration, use a flat-head or Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the handle screw. Gently pry up on the handle from all angles and pull it up and off the splines of the stem.
    • 3
      Use a crescent wrench to turn the hot water stem nut counterclockwise until it comes completely off the stem shaft. Wiggle the stem with your fingers and pull it out of the faucet. If the washer on the bottom of the stem is deformed, it indicates the source of the leak. However, remove the old seat from the faucet base with an Allen wrench or a seat removal tool.
    • 4
      Wipe out the inside of the seat housing with a rag. Replace the seat with the new one included in the repair package, using an Allen wrench or seat removal tool.
    • 5
      Place the new hot water stem shaft into the valve seat, and start the stem nut in by hand, turning it clockwise. Finish tightening the stem nut with the crescent wrench, but only to a moderate firmness -- do not over-tighten it. Place the handle back over the stem shaft and tap it down until it seats firmly. Replace the handle screw and tighten it with a screwdriver.
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      Turn the hot and cold water supply knobs counterclockwise until they are fully open. Turn the hot water faucet knob to the "On" position and check for leaks.

Jul 09, 2013 | Computers & Internet

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how do you remove a cartiarigde from moen shower body (single handle)

There is a special tool that yo can use to remove an old and stuck moen cartridge and they can found at your hardware store. Now before you remove the cartridge be sure to remove a small brass or copper pin located at the top of the stem. you will see a groove in the stem cover where the pin is located. once the pin is removed hookup the puller and remove stem. sometime you are able just to grab the stem with a pair of pliers and give a good pull and twist to get it out. don't pull to hard to damage the plumbing in the wall. good luck and I hope I was able to help. As always, TURN OFF THE WATER FIRST...

Feb 11, 2011 | Moen & One Handle Tub & Shower Faucet

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how to remove diverter cartridge in shower 1 handle

Follow these steps.
  1. Remove Set Screw in handle and remove handle.
  2. Remove the 2 screws from the handle housing and remove the housing and escutcheon from escutcheon adapter plate.
  3. Remove valve stem screw and valve stem coupling.
  4. Remove the escutcheon adapter screws and escutcheon adapter.
  5. Using a pair of pliers pull the cartridge retaining clip out of the valve.
  6. Grasp the cartridge by the stem and pull out.
I hope this is helpful to you, please rate if this answer was of any help. Good Luck and have a great weekend.

Apr 02, 2010 | Moen & One Handle Tub & Shower Faucet

2 Answers

removing a moen cartridge

Remove the retaining clip and then take a pair of plier or channel locks to grab the stem and work that stem side to side gently as you pull up or out.

Apr 07, 2009 | Moen & One Handle Tub & Shower Faucet

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