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A Guide About the Costs and Effectiveness of Common Snoring Solutions

There's a lot of important things to consider when seeking out an effective solution for your snoring woes.
By Withoutsnoring.com

If you're like millions of people around the world, you probably snore, and you're most likely in need of a solution like yesterday. Not just any solution either, but one that's affordable, simple, and effective. This guide is going to show you what snoring solutions are available, how they work, as well as their associated costs.

Available Anti-Snoring Solutions: Costs and Possible Side-effects

1.Somnoplasty: Although this sounds like surgery, thankfully it's not. At $1700 - $2200 per session (at least 3 sessions or more are required to get results), it should be surgery. A small electrode is inserted into your soft palate emitting very low levels of radio frequency heat to remove tissues from your soft palate and uvula. This procedure has about an 80% success rate. Possible side-effects? People have experienced bleeding, swollen and sore throats, impaired healing, and infection.

2.Uvolopalato-pharyngoplasty: This snoring solution is about as complicated as its name. It's generally an outpatient procedure, but with the list of possible complications and low success rate, it's most likely not worth it. The price for this procedure is about $2,000.00 (including consultation) plus follow-up visits. A laser is used to trim some of the extra tissue and even the uvula if necessary. About 41% - 66% have seen improvements in obstructed sleep apnea. Patients have reported complications such as difficulty swallowing for days, severe pain, and change in voice tone. If you choose this procedure, expect to take at least 3 weeks off of work to heal from the severe pain and discomfort.

3.The Pillar Procedure: The average cost for this solution is about $1500.00. Since this is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, it isn't covered. It takes about 20 minutes to perform and may require some over-the-counter pain killers. Small woven implants are inserted in the soft tissue using a sterile delivery tool. It helps to tighten up the loose tissue. There's about an 80% patient satisfaction rate after an 18-month follow-up period. The only risks involved are the implants coming out, and they can be easily removed.

4.The CPAP Machine: This is mask that is worn while you sleep. A continuous stream of hair is provided through a 6-foot tube that runs from a water pump. It can cost anywhere from $160 - $800 just to get started, and then there are other costs and maintenance on top of that. It is known to be quite effective.

5.Prescription Mouthpieces: With a 74% effectiveness rate, and zero side-effects, this might be the way to go! The only draw-back with prescription mouthpieces is that they are custom-made and therefore expensive. Expect to pay anywhere from $1100 up to $2500 for a custom snoring mouthpiece. While you sleep, these devices work by either holding your tongue slightly forward, freeing up your airways, or moving your jaw slightly forward for the same results. You may have to visit a physician for necessary adjustments. The great news is, there are over-the-counter anti-snoring mouthpieces that are a fraction of the cost and don't require any special visits to a clinic or physician. These over-the-counter solutions are definitely worth checking into.

We hope this guide provided you with a lot of useful information when considering the right snoring solution for you.
Original source of the article: http://www.withoutsnoring.com/5-expensive-snoring-solutions/ .

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3 Answers

Is there any way to stop snoring completely?

Yes, there is a permanent way to stop snoring. It is a surgical method in which doctor tighten or trims extra tissue. There are other surgical methods as well. It isn't recommended much and it might take more than one session.Many people visit them and find almost permanent solution to their snoring habit. From light to heavy snoring anything can be stopped. How to Stop Snoring Sleep Apnea and Snoring Remedies SnoreWorld

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3 Answers

Can anyone help me choose an anti snoring device? There seem to be so many and it's confusing.

Choosing from the massive range of anti snoring devices can be overwhelming. It really depends whether you are dealing with chronic, mild snoring or other breathing problems. Make sure you get some medical advice before you spend money.

Take a look at this consumer report which gives a good overview of some of the many products out there on the market today;


Feb 13, 2013 | Health & Beauty

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I have always snored and just put up with it but lately my husband is complaining a lot more about it. He says I need to see the doctor but I think it's not a medical issue. When should I seek a m

Snoring affects millions of people and sometimes there are things that can be done about it, improving both the sleep of you and your partner, so it's always worth getting a medical opinion.

But if you are feeling any of the following, you should definitely see your doctor;

1. If your snoring at night is loud and heavy and you feel tired during the day

2. You gasp for breath or choke during the night while you are sleeping

3. You fall asleep at strange times ie during a meal or while chatting.

Feb 13, 2013 | Health & Beauty

1 Answer

My friend said she had laser surgery to cure her snoring. Is there really such a thing? If so I would love to have it done as I know that I snore a lot and really disturb my family at night.

yes there is such a thing as snoring laser surgery. It's called laser-assisted uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (LAUPPP). Unlike the non-laser version of this surgery, it can be done in the outpatients clinic and in theory has less side effects then the non-laser surgery.

A hand held laser is used to shorten the soft palate and remove the uvula.

Feb 13, 2013 | Health & Beauty

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