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How to diagnose a propane BBQ flaming at control knobs

WARNING: this test can be dangerous; do it only if you know what you are doing!
I turned on my two burner propane BBQ. The left side worked OK but flames started coming out of the control knob (front area) on the right, and the right side burner was not lighting.
This is obviously gas leaking out of the front area. If the flames go out when you turn the knobs off then the leak is after the valves, controlled ny the knobs. If the flames stay on and only go out if you turn gas off at the tank then the leak is at the pipe entering the controls. In my case the flames went out with the controls, so I looked underneath. I slowly turned the knob down and saw that the flames (therefore the gas) was coming out of the air regulator/entry hole. I knew at once that the pipe going to the burner must be blocked. Sire enough, when I removed the burners I saw that an insect built a cocoon in the pipe. Clearing it solved the problem.

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1 Answer

everything works but it appears that the gas burner is not recieving enough gas and the water is only tepid

there are a lot of info left out here,
1.is this a new install? if so was this unit setup for propane & now being used with natural gas? propane being heavier uses a smaller meter jet than natural gas(which has more volume. this would keep the water from getting really hot & it may run continually.
that's only one question. there many more.
I would have someone who knows about water heaters look at it.

Feb 19, 2015 | Water Water Heaters

1 Answer

Last year we had all the siding on our tv, trailer, replaced due to hail damage. When we finally got our trailer back from the rv repair shop we have had nothing but problems with our Atwood hot water tank and propane. First, our hot water boils to the point that it starts coming out of the pressure release valve because it gets so hot. My husband has replace the eco t stat, and tried re seating it twice to make sure it was pressed against the tank. Next he changed the pressure release valve and when that didn't make a difference, he changed the control board for the hot water tank. It's still boiling over! So frustrating! This happens whether we are running the hot water tank off LP or power. We end have to turn the tank on long enough to get the water hot and then shut it off. Second, we are getting a propane leak somewhere around where the hot water tank is. We did go back to the place we had the siding fixed and they apparently did some kind of propane test and couldn't see any propane leaking. When we have the propane turned on but nothing in the trailer is using the propane, you can hear the propane running when we are at the tanks. We can smell it by where the hot water tank is as it is next to the door to come into the trailer. Our gas detector goes off all the time when the tanks are on. Our trailer is a 2010 kingsport and havent had any problems with the propane or the Hot water tank before this. The one issue for us taking it in to a shop right now is that my husband is using the trailer right now for work.

Immediate danger!
You have a gas leak.
Propane is heavier than air and will settle on the floor.
The floor can be covered and ignite and you will not smell it while standing or sitting or laying in bed.
Absolutely open the door and leave trailer. Turn off the gas to the heater if the shut-off is outside.
Possibly you have a bad gas control valve. This should be repaired professionally.

Aug 08, 2012 | Water Heaters

1 Answer

Whirlpool water heater went out. Pilot will not light. Cannot hear or smell gas when I press reset button.

With just the little information you left, my first reaction is that your propane tank is empty, but I don't know if it's propane or nat gas. It is also possible you have a dirty filter screen. Some brilliant engineer decided to install these on the bottom of today's water heaters and then require they be cleaned every 6 months. If you don't and they get dirty, which they always do, then the pilot goes out and it will not relight. Cleaning the fine mesh screen below the burner is what is needed to prevent this from occurring. Other brands are replacing the existing burner assembly with a new burner assembly that has a reset switch built into it. You may call Whirlpool and see if this applies to your water heater. They will need your model # and serial #. Hope this helps. Douglas

Dec 27, 2010 | Water Heaters

1 Answer

warm water, not hot , Atwood 6 gal.- burner , propane -ok

can you turn it up ... ? Maybe the burner needs cleaned ... might have spider web in the burner ... blow out with compressed air or canned air ...

May 02, 2010 | RTO Atwood DSI-RV Water Heater-6 Gallon

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