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ASUS not expose G75VW the battery

Laptop but takes advantage of the rechargeable ASUS A32-1025 battery (battery), there is the "drive time to full charge is shortened" destiny over time, even though was not a this should ... I think ... and feel less not some people have said.
In, in How can become that "whether? There is no way to use a rechargeable battery longer", and "There" Speaking the conclusion!
Currently, if the case of a lithium ion battery that is installed in many laptop computers, "(1) to avoid as much as possible full charge state, (2) it is not exposed to the high temperature of the battery, (3) proprietary battery utility is there If, regularly carrying out the maintenance consistent with the specification "that will be the main measures.
In the case of a rechargeable battery, (it is called "cycle degradation") and repeated charging and discharging the battery capacity will be reduced. When laptop keep to leave the battery and AC adapter, because it has a mechanism to keep the automatic recharging has been initiated fully charged state is trying to compensate the decreased charge amount due to natural discharge, such use When are you constantly, performance will be able to coat the inside of the electrode battery will degrade.
In addition, the material because there is a property of easily cause a chemical change as a high temperature, and you'll have to leave the battery in the computer to heat, generated chemical change, such as gasification of the interior of the material battery, deterioration of the battery The proceeds life will be shortened.
And, "to avoid as much as possible full charge state (1), (2) ASUS not expose G75VW the battery to high temperature" of the above-mentioned will be the effective measure.
Typical lithium-ion battery, the charging and discharging the repeated about 500 times, the battery capacity (and then left and right to the temperature and state of charge environment) 50% to have data of the manufacturer verification that deterioration to 70%, to try I think it is worth.
However, as the point where you want to note If only one at home to use the laptop only AC adapter and remove the Batsuteri, the sudden power outage, when the breaker fell at home, because the instant also fall power of the personal computer, important In Na work, if that unsaved data lacked to make is troubled already disappeared, please do not forget to work from sure to set the battery.
Finally, "if there is a (3) proprietary battery utility, Regularly conduct Mettenansu that consistent with the specifications," but is that, depending on the manufacturer and model, and utility functions to extend the life of the charging battery Because if there is that you are with, please try to check the manual.
And we hope to help better PC Life.
Nickel-cadmium battery, when charging do not use up all there is memory effect, becomes a base out there of voltage level, will be the symptoms, such as capacity has decreased. And it is against, and that the memory effect can be charged in the middle of the lithium-ion battery is not, we spreads in the market with great fanfare. In particular, it is a lot utilized for use and digital video to the notebook PC.
However, there are drawbacks, such as the following in the lithium ion battery.
The deathbed by overcharging
The first problem. Only If you are using the AC adapter in a state that connected the battery, it becomes overcharged state, is that not only have about a year. The lithium battery, but there is a measure of the charge and discharge of about 500 times, it than even, deathbed of battery due to the overcharge will have become the most frequent case.
Everyone, do not use the battery, when you are using the AC adapter, the battery - the Let as much as possible remove!
Be stored in a cool place with a 50% state of charge has been good.
The battery pack usually includes a purpose of minimizing the size, in order to reduce the risk of explosion of the lithium-ion batteries, they are adhesively bonded.
Most of the difficulties of this time of such Eee PC T91MT battery regeneration is not an exaggeration to say that there is the decomposition of the first battery pack housing.
Decomposition method, you Yuki put the cuts with a cutter knife along the gap at the junction. Inserting the blade at this time of the cutter, you Yuki put to the top from the bottom side. Most cases, the bottom side of the case convex shape, lid side of the case because it becomes a concave shape.
When Yuku put the blade in this direction, would be well adhesive is peeled off.
And put the blade to the whole of the junction, when the joint surface of the adhesive is peeled off, the next, the entire operation, such as squeezing in a rag, and the stress applied to the case. If you say why, back Teriseru in the case, because it is fixed with double-sided tape with respect to the case, case you do not peeled off this, because not come out.
Case is opened
Barely case was opened.
If me so far, about half of the work, it is mon, such as finished.
Battery cell of this battery (battery alone), the ones that Matsushita made of CGR18650HG, it was those on the market as fairly standard product. Lucky!
Even when the previous Let'sNote you made, was this battery cell.
Buy a cheap battery cell on the Internet.
On the Internet, if you search for put the model number of the battery cell, you will find a place that sells the battery cell.
First of all, it is Balazs of battery.
Put the incision outside of the film with a cutter and peeled off the film.
The give away cell
ASUS is something like the Eee PC T91 battery ballast and.
Variously parts comes with, but only using part of the battery in this.
Please be longer cut only lead can that have been welded. It is used when soldering the cell.
Battery voltage measurement of
Try to measure the voltage of you have purchased battery. (I think this is not necessary, but ... Let's tentatively measured!)
Voltage, because there was 4.0V, it is still likely to use!
This secondhand goods, had been described at the time of purchase that it is possible to charge the remaining 200 times.
Attach the battery
Initially, Tom I tried to soldering six all the batteries, And then, no longer enter the battery in the case.
The reason, the space ? case is very can not afford. ? While the original junction state is pot welding, when joined with solder will come out is absolutely solder thickness, because the entire length of the battery becomes longer than the space of the case.
The case lid of does not close aside, is blistering, so no longer obsessed with the PC, and is really awkward.
Then, when you try to cover just the thickness of the plastic of the case, as in the photo was cut the plastic part of both ends.
Geez, I wonder if this in entering the PC? And I think to say that ...... "Pachittsu" Once attached to a PC by the tape at both ends the battery is short!
What Happen I thought When, in fact, the case of the PC and not the plastic, and because it was made of metal, there touch both ends of the battery terminals, the battery did was short.
Charging, I was able to properly.
Use time, on a full charge, since it is possible to use a PC about one hour to one and a half hours, it is now in the same performance and AP21-MK90 battery of standard type. I did not use, the battery cell used is, and set it aside as a backup. Now it became in time for the time being.
As a final note to the point, because the lithium-ion battery is a very dangerous battery, or added to the force stress, please do not add heat to more than necessary.

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1 Answer

computer say its always charging even when not on charger

Based on the symptoms I would suspect a failed lithium battery. Most people think they should keep their lithium batteries at 100% but that actually shortens the life (number or recharges). I always suggest that you should try and let your laptop run down to 50% before recharging. Leaving a laptop constantly plugged in results in the same outcome - constant recharging of small amounts so you can see that the 'life cycle' is related to the number of times you recharge and if you are constantly doing it then you will most likely be shortening the battery's useful life. Unfortunatley most laptops will not run without the battery so the user's only option is to run their laptops on battery and not plugged in to AC until at least 50% dissapation thus optimizing the battery.
Just in case you have not done this, try removing and reseating the battery. Jarring of the laptop can somtines alter a good connection but from what you said it is unlikely.

Jul 07, 2014 | ASUS G73JHA1 Notebook

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acer aspire 5935g battery problem

Many users do not use their notebook/notebook batteries correctly. The battery in a laptop/notebook/netbook is a rechargeable battery, like the battery in a Cellphone, a Digital Camera an eReader or an MP3/MP4/MP5 Player. This type of battery needs to both charge and discharge, if it is to perform to its maximum capacity and have a full, long life.

You would never dream of using a Cellphone, Digital Camera, an eReader or an MP3/MP4/MP5 Player only with the devices permanently connected to the mains electricity, because they are all devices that are designed to be used while the user is moving around whether indoors or outdoors, powered by their rechargeable batteries. the batteries of such devices are only recharged when the charge in their cells is depleted and then only for as long as it takes to restore full charge to them.

As with the other devices mentioned, a laptop/notebook/netbook's battery is designed for mobile use and the user should charge it to 100% full and then stop charging it to then use the device on battery power alone, until the battery is low on power, when the recharging cycle can then be repeated.

A notebook/netbook has more flexibility than the other devices mentioned because, unlike the other devices, it can also be powered directly from the mains electricity, without the battery installed.

If your laptop/notebook/netbook is mainly used away from the home or office, it is fine to leave the battery permanently installed. If, however, it is mainly used indoors at home or at work and always or almost always on exactly the same desk or table, then it makes little sense to use it either on battery power alone or with the battery permanently installed.

Charge the battery up to full charge and then disconnect the battery from the device and keep it safely for when you next need to use the laptop/notebook/netbook on the move (if the battery is stored for long periods it may require additional recharging to both maintain the battery's condition and to keep it fully charged because low level power dissipation takes place in a disconnected battery). Then connect the device to the mains electricity without the battery and continue using it like that.

If the laptop/notebook/netbook is mainly used in a single permanent indoor location, then charging has to stop when the battery has reached 100% full charge and should only be resumed when the device gives a low battery charge warning.

It is also important not to let rechargeable batteries drain completely by ignoring the low battery charge warming and continuing to use the device until the battery runs out of charge and the device powers down suddenly. Sudden shutdowns like this are neither good for the battery nor the device and can shorten the lifespan of both.

Continuing to charge any rechargeable battery when it has already been fully charged damages and shortens the life of the battery. It can even damage the internal Power Management System of the device if done over a sustained period of time and/or for prolonged periods of time.

When your notebook only shows 75% as the maximum charging level, this is an indication that one or more (probably two) of the individual cells that make up the battery are fully depleted, damaged and probably no longer capable of storing a charge, for the reasons given above. You should stop charging this battery after it has reached 75%, otherwise more cells are likely to become damaged and so on until the entire battery is dead, unresponsive and useless.

Nov 20, 2011 | Acer Aspire One PC Notebook

1 Answer

how many hours we should charge the battery fist time Nokia-2700

There are basically 3 types of chemicals currently being used for cell phone and laptop batteries. Ni-cad, Ni-mh and Li-ion. There is a fourth makineg its way in Li-ion polymer. A couple things are consistent for all types of batteries no matter what chemical is inside. You must initially give the battery a 12-14 hour charge on the home charger. (Don't use a cigarette adapter for the first charge. This conditions the battery and don't take it off the charger that first time even if the charging indicator says it's full after 3 hours. Also the manufacturer's also state to run it thru 3 charge cycles. What that mean's is that you fully charge and fully drain 3 times. 1 full charge + 1 full drain = 1 charge cycle. Here's where the way you charge the battery starts to differ.

Ni-cad: Mostly only on older devices, has a "memory" effect, should be drained before a full charge is put on it, should be removed after overnight charge or can be overcharged and burnt out.

Ni-mh: Still used for some devices, has slight memory effect but not enough to have to fully drain before the recharge, should not be consistently left on charger after full charge that can eventually burn out battery and shorten usage time.

Li-ion and Li-ion polymer: Used on a lot of newer devices, has no "memory" effect, should be recharged as often as possible, actually likes to be charged and draining it regularly can cause the usage time to be shortened, can NEVER be overcharged so whenever you're near a charger put it on there. Besides those benefits a li-ion battery is lighter and smaller but the chemical can hold more charge than Ni-cad and Ni-mh.

So the one reply to your question said to error on the side of draining the li-ion batteries. This is incorrect information. You want to charge the battery before it gets below a 20% charge. Also batteries will not go bad from accidentally doing the incorrect charging procedure here and there but normally follow the correct procedure. One last note try to use the home charger more often than the cigarette lighter charger for best long term results. Cigarette lighter chargers do not give a full charge (about 95%) which in the long run can damage any type of battery listed.

Oct 07, 2010 | Nokia N70 Cellular Phone

1 Answer

what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a plugged in Gateway laptop even if it is fully charged.

If you use your laptop plugged in while fully charged it will shorten the life of your battery so that after a few months of doing this the battery will only hold the charge for a short time.
If you need to use it plugged in when the battery is fully charged it's best to remove the battery first.

Aug 27, 2010 | Gateway Computers & Internet

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