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How to hibernate apps in an android phone

  • Greenify is an Android app that can improve your device's battery life and performance by hibernating certain apps.

  • When Greenify was first created, it required users to have root, or full access to their phone.Earlier this year, the creators of Greenify made Greenify's "Auto Hibernation" features fully accessible to non-rooted phones. Its battery saving benefits can currently be reaped without having root access to your phone. If you don't already have it, let's download the app!

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.greenify&hl=en

  • NOTE:There are actually two versions of the Greenify app itself. There is the one on the Google Play Store that is a the Paid donation version, and there is the free Greenify app. The Paid Donation version of the app offers a few additional experimental features, and it offers users that like that app the opportunity to support the App's originator. For the sake of this tutorial, we are going to cover how to use the free one as non-rooted users. Feel free to download the paid version of the app if you'd like, but you do not need to do so to reap the core and primary benefits of this application. Look to the below picture to see what I am referring to.

  • After installation, launch the app

  • Using Greenify without root can bring many battery saving effects. Without further ado, let's jump in to shutting down some of our apps. The picture below will show how your non-rooted screen will look like. Once you see that screen, click on the Greenify screen.

  • Once you click the Greenify button, the "App Analyzer" screen appears. The App Analyzer screen allows you to actually select and delegate which apps you want to hibernate or Greenify.

  • Notice the "Blue Lettered Categories" under some of the Apps? Greenify breaks your system Apps into four categories. These categories include: "Running in Background", "Scheduled Running", and "May Slow Down the Device When". The May Slow down Device When is the third and last category that Greenify divides your Apps into. The below screenshot shows this last category.

  • Alternatively, if we want access to all of your apps, you can click the option button with the three dots up top to reveal the "Show All" option to reveal more of your applications. Click on the "box" on the right of the Show All text to "Show All".

  • After clicking the Show All app option, you can scroll down to see the rest of your apps. If like many people you have a lot of apps, you may need to click one more arrow at the bottom to see all of your Apps. Click the arrow under the blue lettered "More" category. All of your apps should be revealed.

  • Greenifying your Apps

  • In the first section of the article, we discussed how to download Greenify and looked at the categories in which Greenify labels your commonly used apps. Now we're going to actually try to Hibernate or Greenify some of our apps.

  • Make sure you're at the App Analyzer screen. The App Analyzer screen looks much like the screen below.

  • Now we're going to select apps from each of the three main categories that I mentioned earlier. Each app that you select to Greenify will turn blue when highlighted. Feel free to select any amount of apps that you want.

  • Note: I wouldn't recommend picking apps that you commonly use whose functionality relies on regularly phoning home. These apps can include Apps like Google Maps or Weather and conditions apps. Apps like the ones I mentioned work best when they are left alone, and may cause dysfunction or having to manually refresh them. For example, imagine having your weather app lagging days behind unless you manually refresh it. First world problem, I know, but I just thought I would mention this.

  • After you have picked the apps you want, Go back to the top of the App Analyzer screen and click on the checkmark button.

  • After clicking the checkmark button, and attempting to Hibernate your first couple of apps, Greenify will present users with note about Greenifying without Root Access. Users can press the OK button on the bottom of that screen to advance to their Greenified Apps.

  • Notice that many of my applications like the Greenify warning specified require "Manual Hibernation", while many apps hibernate right off the bat.

  • In order to easily manually Greenify click on the "Option" at the bottom right hand corner. A pop up box with the options: Create hibernation shortcut, Experimental Features, and About appear. Click on the "Create Hibernation Shortcut" to create shortcut we will use to manually put apps to sleep. The Hibernate Now shortcut instantly appears on one of your vacant Android page spot.

  • For the sake of our example we are going to attempt to manually shut down "Dolphin Browser". Click on the "Hibernate Now" button.

  • . After clicking the "Hibernate Now" Screen, the App info screen appears. This App info screen will have a statement that informs the user on how to manually hibernate apps. Click the "Force Stop" Button as instructed to Manually Activate apps.

  • The App that we will attempt to Manually Hibernate will give us lip about pressing "Force Stop", but press "OK" anyway.

  • You can also enable automatic hibernation option and also add a hibernate shortcut to the homescreen.

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My battery drains very quickly, huawei g8. Which apps can i close from the huawei installed apps?

Facebook drains the battery. So i suggest you close that one. But to completely save your battery, you can get an app that completely does wonders. The app is called Greenify. Its very helpful.

Nov 12, 2016 | Huawei Cell Phones

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How do I fix my samsung from slow charging

Before you try any of the steps / Methods provided below try this: Turn OFF power saving mode when charging. This is not mentioned anywhere online or in the user manual but works like a magic to resolve slow charging issues. If you still face the issue try various solutions here under.
________________________ Solutions for Slow Charging Problem on SamsungGalaxy S3 Method 1-System Dump System mode is a debugging panel where you can test, debug and execute different functions. There are also useful functions to give a boost to your network speed
>Open Up Dialer
>Dial *#9900#
>Scroll down, and Click "Low Battery Dump"
>Tap to Turn On
Method 2 Sometime slow charging issue on android devices occurs because of some software. So uninstall theunwanted software from your phone and then see if the problem is resolved or not. Another thing youcan do is master reset.
To master reset your phone, the steps you need to perform are Cache partition, Master reset and Safemode.
Cache partition- When you are facing slow charging issue on your Samsung Galaxy S3 you need to clearthe cache partition. It will clear different parts of your phone storage but will not delete any personaldata. To clean cache partition, turn off your phone and press the home key, power key and volume upkey altogether. When the phone starts vibrating, release the power key but keep holding volume up andhome keys. When you see the Android System Recovery screen, release both the keys. Now forhighlighting "wipe cache partition" press the volume down key. Select the option by holding power keyand wipe the cache. Highlight "Reboot system now" and press power key to restart the phone.
Method 3 Master Reset from Setting Menu- Master Reset may delete data from your phone's internal storage suchas images, content, apps, etc. But the data on SD or SIM remains saved. Back up all the data on internalstorage.
Then Tap the menu key> Settings> Accounts> Back Up and Reset> if desired, tap Automatic restore andBack up my data > Factory data reset> Reset device. If the screen is locked, then enter password and tapContinue> Delete all.
Safe Mode- Safe mode allows you to turn on your Samsung Galaxy S3 by disabling the third party apps.Then you can uninstall the apps that may be creating the Slow Charging Problem. To turn on the safe mode turn off your phone, then hold the power key. When you see "Samsung GalaxyIII" on the screen, release the power key and hold the volume down key.Keep on holding the key untilthe phone restarts. At the bottom corner of the screen, "safe mode" will appear and now release thekey.
Then uninstall the third party apps by going Menu> Settings> More> Application managers,Downloaded> tap the preferred application, then tap uninstall> Ok.
Then turn off safe mode by pressing and holding the power key> restart> Ok.
Method 4 Download and Install Greenify
Greenify is battery saving app that works best with battery boaster lite. Greenify places your appsin hibernation when not in used, this stop your phone from lagging and leeching the battery.
The Battery Boaster Lite is a power battery tuner application.It gives you full control of your battery andCpu. This app shows what is draining your battery and how to fix it.
Method 5 Sometimes slow charging problem occurs because of the apps that keep running in the background. So,though you charge the phone for hours after hours, it shows only 35% or less charge in the battery. Toclose those apps:
> Hold the home button and release it when you see the recently used apps screen.
> At the bottom, you will find the task manager button. Tap on it, then touch End all applications.
> At the top, you will find an option RAM, tap on it and clear memory.
These steps will close all the apps that are running in the background when the phone is charging, andthis is why it is slowing down the charging process.
Method 6 - Fix slow charging on android - Re-calibrate

How to Re-calibrating your android?

Remove the Battery from your Android
  1. Plug in original charger into your android without the battery inserted, VIA Power Supply .
  2. Leave it there plugged in for 30 Mins.
  3. After, insert the battery without removing the charger
  4. Let it charge to 100%
  5. When the battery is fully charged. Remove the charger
  6. Let your phone drains to 0%(Discharge) ( Do intensive CPU usage tasks, Playing games, streaming videos etc.)
  7. Repeat these step twice.
  8. The battery will subsequently receives it's charging cycle.
  9. By performing this every 3 times in per 6 months will keep your battery in good standing.
Thank n Regards
Laxman / Fixya

Mar 27, 2016 | Samsung Galaxy S3 16 GB White Smartphone -...

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How can I improve my iPhone's battery life?

A recent research conducted on cellphones (smartphones) revealed that most of your battery life is drained by "Internet" and "calls". The more you use your phone for any of these two, the faster your battery drains. Next on the list is "Search for network" which consumes quite a bit of your battery power.
Smaller culprits are WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen brightness, themes, Vibration, etc.
* Reduce screen brightness to minimum
* turn off WiFi/3G/4G when not required (same with Bluetooth)
* if you are out of network area, turn off the mobile network so you cell doesn't keep searching for a network.
* If possible reduce internet usage on your cell phone to improve battery life (ie. if you have a laptop handy, use it!)
* Use a darker wallpaper
* Vibration takes up more battery than ringtones
* use a simple theme
* Dont keep your cell phone charging for long periods (eg. overnight)
* If you plan to buy a new battery, buy a branded authentic one
Hope this helped, thanks for using FixYa!

Apr 11, 2011 | Apple Cell Phones

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