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Tips to post questions in FixYa

1-Brand and type of device.
(Net gear, Belkin, Samsung)
(Ford, Chevy, Jaguar)
(Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE)
(Kawasaki, Honda,Toyota)
2-Operation System AKA Windows, Aple, Android, Linux, etc...
3-Any error messages.
4-What you want to accomplish?
5-What you try?
6-ISP service and what type of plan you have in MB or GB, Etc...

So if i need help on my router i can ask with this information:

  1. Netgear N600
  2. Windows 7 Home Premium
  3. N300 Wireless-N USB Adapter
  4. Belkin USB Wireless
  5. Cant connect my PC
  6. Failure to authenticate.


Chevy Silverado 2005
Today i try to start my car but not started.
I change yesterday the battery.

Here are some samples of common PC problems.

1. Computer has performance has slowed.

This is the number one complaint from most users. There are several reason why this has occurred. However, most can attributed to lack of maintenance. Fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware, and load of unnecessary programs and services running can all eat away at your PC speed and performance. With us managing your programs and cleaning your drives would easily award you a 30% gain in performance speed.

2. Lockup, freezes, and blue screens of *****.

This is a another common computer problem. However, this particular issue is a bit more serious; therefore, it needs a few diagnostic steps. In most cases this problems are caused by corrupt Windows, driver installation or possibly just spyware. To avoid this problem update your anti-spyware program daily. Having the most up to date signatures will help you avoid having a serious spyware problem. However, if you have concluded that your PC is spyware free. You should update your hardware drivers. The computer cannot communicate with various hardware components without an up to date driver. When it cannot find a driver, the CPU locks up. Also, increasing your virtual memory can also help to avoid freezes. Virtual Memory will allow to you get more use out your computer's RAM. Let us repair your Windows and update your drivers for you.

3. The computer spontaneously reboots or turn itself off.

This computer problem can be usually attributed to a hardware issue. Usually its the power supply is dying or in most cases a dirty or defective cooling fan. The computer trying to cool itself by automatically switching off. So, if you feel a bit of extra heat coming out the computer. Let us clean the fan and make sure it running properly. If your fan is functional, we'll check your power supply. Also, you will be surprised how many people fail to make sure the cables are attached tightly.

4. Strange noises and vibrations.

This is almost totally a hardware issue. You computer is made up of thousands of parts. Its not unheard of that one of them can become unhinged. Overheating can cause expansion of wires and melt something sensitive. High pitch noises such as squealing or whining sounds can be cause electronic components. Whatever the reason, we can conduct a small investigation. Remove the case and run the computer to discover the origin of the computer problem. If its not a simple matter such as a loose wire or fan issue, it may be something more sinister.

5. Your home page, default search engine, or web browser has changed itself.

This is also known as "hack". Spyware has been installed on your computer via almost anything. This action has allowed spyware to install a java script into your web browser. The spyware then sends a message to your browser to change your user settings. For example change your home page to another web page.

It is also a side effect from viruses. See our viruses section for more info.

Here are some samples of common car issues.

  1. Check Engine Light On
  2. Troubleshoot Check Engine Light
  3. Got a Trouble Code?
  4. Most Common Trouble Codes (and their causes)
  5. Engine Oil Warning Light On
  6. Engine Temperature Warning Light On
  7. Engine Overheating
  8. Coolant Leak
  9. Car Won't Start (Possible Causes & Quick Checks)
  10. Troubleshoot Anti-Theft System
  11. Engine Won't Crank or Start
  12. Engine Won't Start, No Fuel (Bad Fuel Pump?)
  13. Engine Won't Start, No Spark
  14. Engine Idles Rough or Misfires
  15. Engine Idle Surge
  16. Engine Vacuum Leak
  17. Engine Stalls
  18. Engine Hesitates or Stumbles When Accelerating
  19. Engine Pings or Knocks When Accelerating or Lugging
  20. Poor Fuel Economy
  21. Engine Noise
  22. Smoke In Exhaust
  23. Failed Emissions Test
  24. Warning Lights On

Washer and dryer commons.

  1. Washer or dryer won't turn on
  2. Machines fail to spin or tumble
  3. Dryer produces little or no heat
  4. Washer won't drain
  5. Washer leaks

And so on.

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