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Electronics spray cleaner

The most common problem with guitar amplifiers

and other electronics that are making noise or cutting out

or sticking and not working correctly is a simple fix...

I use Radio Shack electronics spray contact cleaner

for most of my basic repairs

in the pictures posted I show the basics you need....

some screw drivers, basic knowledge, paper towels,

electronics spray contact cleaner, and a knife

First I carefully remove the nobs (volume control, tone control, etc...)

I use napkins to mask the area and keep from scratching the surface

Then I carefully spray into the (control} and work in back and forth....

the Best way is to spray directly into the potentiometer

that requires access to the internal chassis

on a quality pot there is a Notch that you want to spray into

on a standard pot just spray....

this will repair any scratchy noise or sound that cuts out

on guitar and bass amplifiers,

also can be applied to many other common basic sound problems

I hope this helps someone out?

i could Not upload photos? so please check My link....


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1 Answer

imput plug not picking up guitar and making fuzz noise

Inspect the jack for damage... including solder where it attaches to the circuit board. Common problem when someone trips over a guitar cable. Loop the cable through the handle of the amp to REDUCE the chance of this failure.

Sep 02, 2011 | Fender Fm25dsp 1x10' Guitar Combo...

1 Answer

I have a Flextone II XL 212 combo. When I mute the strings it's quiet, but when I play there is always a hum/buzz with the note on any voice or preset. I've tried different guitar and cord. It's not a mechanical rattle like a speaker, it's an electronic buzz whenever a note or chord is played. It's especially annoying when you're trying to play clean.

You have analyzed the problem... with the strings muted, the unit is quiet... that means the problem is with the guitar or cable picking up the noise. Move the guitar around near other things to search out the source which is probably magnetic fields... orient the guitar differently to sniff for the source. OFTEN lamp dimmers generate higher frequency components that can couple into the guitar pickups. The problem is fairly common.

You likely are in an area that has magnetic fields. Also you may have the settings on the amp that accentuates the noise. Eliminating this noise, especially at low levels, can be difficult if you have devices like flourescent lights that have magnetic ballasts.

You might also try running a different source into the amp such as a walkman player to verify the audio can be cleanly amplified. If that works, then the amp is OK.

Nov 26, 2010 | Line 6 Music

2 Answers

my amp is making a high pitch noise almost like feed back. I only use the clean channel.When I tryed the other channel it is not working at all. Bad tube?

Bad tube? maybe
Try removing each tube 1 at a time starting at the first preamp (12ax7) If the noise stops after a particular tube is pulled replace that tube with a known good tube. Shut down the amp between tube pulls, Power tubes don't usually cause this problem but I'd pull them anyway,just remember they get very hot.
Make sure all tube shields are on and replaced after tube pull test
The most common cause of oscillation is a open or leaky filter cap,this would require a cap job and unless you have a good knowledge of tube electronics and the voltage dangers present,I wouldn't suggest doing it yourself.
Also if the output transformer was replaced or rewired or the negative feedback circuit was touched oscillation could occur also.
Make sure your guitar cables are in good shape, a cable with a bad shield can cause problems too.
Excessive noise can occur when one of the 1/4" input jacks shorting bars doesn't make contact to ground. A duumy plug would confirm this but you could also plug two guitars with good cables, into each input and see if the oscillation disappears.
Hope this helps

Nov 13, 2010 | Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Combo...

1 Answer

The clean channel cuts in and out. The drive channel works just fine though. The clean channel also makes a rattling noise when it is working then it cuts out. Whats up with this thing?

This is likely a bad jack for the foot pedal, or a problem with the pedal and cable. The jacks are junk and even with the pedal unplugged the switch contacts on this jack will vibrate and cause your problem.

Jul 19, 2010 | Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Combo...

1 Answer

when i turn up the lead knob there is a loud hissing sound

That is indicative of the statistical electronic noise common to amplifiers. It depends how loud it is relative to the program level. If you get no output while this is turned up, then likely the input to that section of the circuit has failed and that will worsen the noise problem. At wide open you can expect to hear some hiss... probably an annoying level if you are close to the unit. This statistical noise is a problem that plagues engineers and part of it is due to the laws of physics... there are some chips that have better noise performance, but none can totally eliminate it... you can't fool mother nature as they say.

It is always important to balance the gain of the inout preamos against the master volume. MOST of the noise is generated at the input preamp area rather than the power amp, so make sure you have adequate master volume set.

Feb 11, 2010 | Fender Frontman 65R 65W 1x12 Guitar Combo...

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