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Engine light

When your engine light comes on check your oil and water and your gas cap if they are all o.k.then it is nothing serious get some fuel injector cleaner put in gas tank a couple or more times . if that don't work then run a diacnostic

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Intermittent check engine light

Have you checked it to see what error code it is throwing when it's on? It could be as simple as Gas cap not sealing properly to a oxygen sensor. I would put some good fuel injector cleaner in it and a tank of premium gas. Bad he's can also throw intermittent code

Feb 18, 2016 | Cars & Trucks

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Check engine light is on and the car runs rough at idle only. There is also a burning smell when I exit the car coming from under the hood. What could be the issues?

have a parts store pull code, to see what sensors r at fault, tps throttle position sensor may need adjust, oxygen sensor needs replaced, may have two ? both need replaced. gas cap might b faulty ? in any event, the trouble code must b cleared out from computer, after repaired is made. if engine light comes back on, reclear it. sometimes intermittant sensor problems occur, engine light comes back on. well, the gas we buy with ethanol is killing our engines, put some fuel stabilizer in @ next fuel up. but try some fuel injector cleaner first, winter gums up injectors, soooo ! fuel filter replacement is always in need, people don\'t get it, replace all filters, air, fuel, oil, get it ? maintenance is a necessary evil. u change yur clothes ever day, right ? well, same thing., good luck, ken

May 22, 2014 | 2001 Chrysler Sebring

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Engine light comes on dash

There are a number of reasons the check engine light illuminates. Chances are unless you have a scanner for the car you may not be able to clear the fault on the check engine light - most mechanic shops can read the codes and give some idea where to look first they can also clear the error. Most commonly it is due to a miss fire. Start with spark plugs work your way though to ignition coils / leads (distributor cap depending on your car) - this will fix most problems. If all this checks out start considering fuel injectors after this is usually other sensors / wiring but hopefully by now the car is all good.

Jan 16, 2013 | 2002 Dodge Intrepid

1 Answer

gas in oil

Gas in oil generally is caused by a faulty injector sticking in the open position after vehicle is turned off. The remaining pressure in the fuel rail is then slowly leaked out into the combustion chamber and seeping down past the oiling rings on the piston. This what is called "Flooding" in a carbureted engine as well, when gas pours into a cylinder that is not firing. Be sure and change your oil out soon, gas breaks down oil to where it does not lubricate properly and can cause more serious issues soon. As far as the check engine light coming on, it may or may not have anything to do with this issue. Unless, the breakdown of your oil over time is decreasing oil pressure and the sensor is registering low oil pressure. The check engine light can come on for various small reasons that do effect the drivability of a vehicle. Check the code that your ECM is registering for this light to come on.

Nov 17, 2012 | 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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My check fuel cap light came on the other day after having been at the gas station. I later tightened the cap & the light remained on. Now several days later the check engine light has come on too, but I don't notice anything obviously wrong. So is that simply a result of the check fuel cap light being on all this time? Should I reset the fuse?

Ok,you could have a bad fuel cap or o-ring on the cap. could be you just didn't quite get the cap on good enough the last time you got gas so in turn the light comes on. unfortunately these things are so sensitive that the light doesn't go out even though you have tried taking it off and putting it back on. My advise is, check out your local auto parts stores. such as Autozone, or Advance. Most auto parts stores anymore will hook up a small scanner to your car and can tell you what the problem may be. not as good as a dealers repair shop could tell you,but should be able to let you know if it is nothing serious or could be. if it is something serious then you would of course have to see mechanical help. and if its nothing serious, like the only thing showing up is gas cap not on good,they can clear out the code and your light will go off and your good to go.if it turns out that's all it was and the code is cleared, and it keeps coming on, you could have a more serious problem and should have a qualified mechanic check it out. if you don't have an Autozone or Advance near you, just check your local auto parts stores and see if they offer the service of checking your vehicle when lights like this come on. and it should be a FREE service. Autozone and Advance is and most should be. i know this is long, but i hope it helps.

Jul 01, 2011 | 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

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