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How to clean a bath room with an Enviro Cloth, Blue Diamond and Water

Most of us have never heard of an Enviro Cloth or Blue Diamond Cleaner but in November 2014 I was introduced to both products by an independent sales person. She showed me how I could clean my home with "water" and this cloth she called an Enviro Cloth. I was so impressed with the knowledge and explanation of why I should invest in this product, I gave it a try. I've been trying more of the products she is offering through her website: www.ChristineFrey.Norwex.biz

Here is a photo to show how well this bath room cleaner works. What I like best is I can walk back into the room because with out the horrible smell of my previous cleaner. I no longer have to let it air out, I can walk right back in and breath.

I use Blue Diamond to clean the inside of the toilet and the Enviro Cloth and water to clean everything else. The tub, shower, sinks & mirrors all look great and I still can't believe its just water!

The picture shows the Enviro Cloth, the Blue Diamond Cleaner and my toilet brush.
Hope this helps you as its helped me.

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What is a good product to use on my windshield to keep it clean and clear?

I don't know where you're from, but in Australia I use "Windex" which is a glass, alcohol based, cleaner available from the Supermarket.

May 26, 2014 | Vehicle Parts & Accessories

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I'm moving into my own place for the first time. What cleaning products do I need?

That is a great question, today!

I remember moving into a home for the first time the options are endless; and I'm sure today it can be over whelming when it comes to the cleaning products aisle in a store. However you will not find any of these products in a store that I know of!

I purchased mine from www.ChristineFrey.Norwex.biz
Why these? if you want to use products that are reusable, great for our environment, do a great job cleaning and the best part is....you don't use chemicals, you use water and they work! If that's not enough in-itself, don't keep reading, go buy the traditional stuff in that supermarket aisle.

Being the son of a Plumber and a General Contractor, I personally didn't believe it when I first heard about them in November 2014, but the results to me are impressive. The quality is what impresses me the most. Pictures of results at the bottom.

I started with the basic package, which is an Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth. I no longer buy Windex, Paper Towels, Resolve Carpet Cleaner, Tilex in fact, if you live near me, you could have everything still under my sink, that I will most likely need to clean out, now that I'm thinking about it! Also,what I learned about Clorox Wipes, I've never used them correctly, but then again, I never read the fine print on the back of the label either, let it be said, marketing and branding work very well but sometimes you need to read and do a little research to make sure for yourself.

I personally, don't have time to leave my counter tops stay wet with a cleaning solution for 4 minutes, I have little kids! I want to wipe it clean and be done! I do that now with complete confidence. I can clean my home now in half the time it used to take, even my kids now can help!

They have a product called the Cleaning Paste, that works well on stainless, my glass top stove and my tile floor. A toilet bowl cleaner called Blue Diamond, I like and the amount of money I see myself saving this year is amazing. I can't tell you when I used a paper towel last!!!!! Pictures of results at the bottom.

These products offer self purification because they are infused with silver. When the towels dry, they don't let bacteria fester. That's about all I can tell you about that, I believe it, they never smell. Being a new home owner, don't waist your time buying those green and yellow sponges. They don't last a week and they begin to stink, you ultimately throw them away because of smell, long before the usefulness of them is done. They sell a cleaning cloth with a scrubby corner, I would get that, I just got that and love it. They also sell a silver sponge and stainless scrubbers great for cleaning burnt on, stuck on foods.

I also use the dusting mitts to dust curtains, blinds, spindles, wipe my base boards, when I can get them away from my kids.
39-m-moving-into-own-place-first-time-2usa1cscytu4g5ato1o3wydy-2-0.jpg I spent 25 years buying the traditional products, I've just given you years of experience and results driven, positive feedback. Take it for what its worth.

Good luck with your new place. This is EnviroCloth Cleaning...

39-m-moving-into-own-place-first-time-2usa1cscytu4g5ato1o3wydy-2-1.jpg Glass clean, and grease gone with just water and Enviro Cloth and just a drop of the Dish Detergent.

39-m-moving-into-own-place-first-time-2usa1cscytu4g5ato1o3wydy-2-3.jpg Stainless and Finger Prints no longer an issue. Enviro Cloth and Water!

39-m-moving-into-own-place-first-time-2usa1cscytu4g5ato1o3wydy-2-6.jpg Rings, and bathroom clean with Blue Diamond inside of toilet and toilet brush, and the Enviro Cloth and water for the rest of the bathroom including, sinks, shower, windows and tub.


That's not brown grout, that's years of dirt on the right and traditional cleaning products. Using the Cleaning Paste, Scrub Brush, Enviro Cloth and WATER! On the LEFT, It Looks all but NEW! I just scrubbed on the Paste, Brushed the area with a little water and wiped up with the Enviro Cloth.

Make 2015 a year to remember! Good Luck in your new home.

Jan 14, 2013 | Home

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The toilet seat looks terrible on the underside and on the top it has the worn look. The price of over $400.00 to replace it is crazy. Is there a way of painting , cleaning up or should I buy a a new toilet even though it won't match the pedestal sink

You should be able to remove an old worn out, toilet seat and replace. Usually its two Plastic Toilet Seat Bolts and two plastic wing nuts under the bowl. Most of them are hidden in a Plastic Cap where the seat attaches to the Toilet Base. You unsnap the caps to see the bolts. Make sure to hold the Wing Nuts underneath or they might just spin.

If its a matter of cleaning something because of neglect. I have recently started using new products that I purchased from www.ChristineFrey.Norwex.biz with great success!

I clean the entire bath room with three products and water!toilet-seat-looks-terrible-underside-2a0cfbtak4y3luwyen1qnfe3-5-0.jpg
Dirty to Clean its simple fast and effective.

The products are: my EnviroCloth, Blue Diamond Cleaner and my toilet brush. If you are like me, I never heard of any of this until I saw a demonstration November 2014 by this person who's website I posted above in this response.

Feb 28, 2011 | Herbeau Charleston, White Toilet Seat &...

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