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C45 Cross Trainer drive belt replacement

Cost = £25 for drive belt + any tools needed (saving of £150 - £200).
Tools = Long shafted crosshead screwdriver, 3 & 4 & 6mm hex keys, metric spanners, ratchet tie-down luggage straps (2), wire twists.
Time = 3-4 hours.
Difficulty = Moderate.
The 15mm grooved belt is tensioned by a spring loaded jockey pulley. Dealing with this is the crux. Handing is relative to front view of the machine. Beware of magnetic field near brake when running under load - pace-makers, watches etc.
1. Disconnect dc supply and remove plug. Clear access is needed to both sides, with most of the work done from RHS.
2. Disconnect both drive arms from the drive discs using hex key. Pull front ends outwards to clear the trunnions. Push both arms back out of the way. (Drive discs cannot be removed without special tools).
3. Remove RHS cover using crosshead driver to undo screws in deep slots round edge.
4. Remove dc socket from LHS cover (hex nut) before removing LHS cover.
5. Working from RHS, note layout of electromagnet brake unit. Cut out old belt. Remove jockey spring.
6. Plates on either side clamp the magnet core. Remove the RHS plate only (which also carries the jockey pulley crank). Remove hex nut on end of brake pulley shaft. Use spanner and hex key to remove 4 long bolts one at a time and partially reinsert each from LHS - this prevents the short aluminium spacers on LHS from falling out. Don't lose the long spacers or the crank mounting bell washer from RHS. Remove 2 short screws from lower edge of plate using hex key. Each has a plain and a spring washer. Do not slacken the corresponding 2 screws on LHS, since that risks disturbing the distance between the driving and brake axes.
7. Remove old belt debris and clean.
8. Pass new belt over RHS drive disc. Fit centrally into grooves on topside of disc only, leaving enough slack to fit centrally round the small brake pulley.
9. Grease mounting washer and replace crank with jockey pulley hanging underneath belt. Refit RHS plate, starting with the spindle hex nut. Take care that each bolt passes through both long and short aluminium spacers. (There seems no reason to remove and reinsert the bolts from RHS - this only increases the chance of dislodging the small spacers). If a spacer does move, use a wire twist to hold in place temporarily while inserting bolt. Ensure that all bolts and screws are fully tightened before step 10.
10. Refit jockey spring, ensuring that the pulley pushes against belt's lower surface. Anchor ratchet tie-down to back foot of machine, wrap round crank arm, then pull back spring as far as possible. Use 2 tie-downs for safety and maximum tension.
11. Slowly rotate RHS drive disc anticlockwise while keeping belt central on both pulleys. Use a screwdriver blade to prevent the belt jumping the grooves on the brake pulley and slipping off the jockey pulley. Once the belt is grooved, keep turning to check that it runs true - no grooves should be visible on the brake pulley. Use side pressure while turning to re-position. Mind your fingers.
12. Release tie-downs very carefully, since the spring reacts with a bang. Temporarily attach drive arms and dc supply. Test. When satisfied that all is OK and belt runs true under load, detach drive arms, replace LHS cover, dc socket, RHS cover, drive arms, and plug in dc supply.

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how do I change the timing belt assy.

It will be best if you get a workshop manual for the job and it will explain what you have to do and what tools are needed
ultimately you will be spending as much as if you have an accredited workshop do the job
Remember any costly mistakes they make are covered by warranty, where you mistakes cost extra
The only thing you will be saving is the labour costs and as it will take you probably 3 times longer to get it right even that is cheap
Accredited shops will recommend the replacement of cam and crank shaft seal, hydraulic tensioner , idler pulleys and belt which will amount to around $700 dollars regardless of who does the job as this is the job done professionally and it means that you will get the next 60.000 miles or 100.000 klms belt trouble free
Take short cuts ( which you will do to save money)and the job may have to be done again in half the expected distance.

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Long time since i done 1 of them, you will need a 10 mm socket or wrench, 12 mm socket or wrench both for the caseing bolts a crosshead screwdriver to remove the crankcase covers, you may wish to remove the flywheel from the crankshaft on the lefthand side, in which case you will need a puller, remove afixing bolt and insert 1of the larger engine bolts or wheel spindles into the thread tighten up and remove the flywheel this way, otherwise you dont need any special tools, only advice i would offer to you on this old machine, when you separate the cases be realy carefull not to mix the shell bearings which can easily be disturbed and fall out of the case, check their condition, you may refresh them at this stage, along with the primary drive chain, REMEMBER you only need to disasemble the lower case, and not the top end of the engine, good luck

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To Replace Brake Pads...
1. Brake Pad Set

1. C-Clamp
2. Flat Head Screwdriver
3. Jack Stand Set
4. 3/8 in. Drive Ratchet
5. Combination Wrench Set
6. Tire Iron
7. Socket Set
8. 1/4 in. Drive Torque Wrench
9. Dial Indicator

To Replace Brake Shoes...
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6. Flat Head Screwdriver
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9. Brake Resetting Gauge

1. Brake Cleaner

Hope this helped (remember comment and rated this).

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