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How to make the Spinmaster Air Hogs Moto Frenzy R/c Stunt Bike work.

If the bike isnt working properly, like short driving time and wobbly steering. lay it on the side with the screws pointing up, unscrew the 4 philips screws, the body is glued together so be careful, with a small flat screwdriver or a knife, bend the body apart along the crack going through the middle. Be extra careful in the lower front part because this is were the battery is placed. When the body halfes are separated, lay the half containing the elecronics and motors so you can axess the parts. Remove all dust and hair and othe forein matters. Take the rear wheel off and slide the tire off.With a small screwdriver press the three locking notches that holds the wheel togeather and separate the halfes. put a small amount of lubrication oil (thin oil) on the gyro axel inside the wheel and on the drive gear and spinn the gyro wheel so the oil gets in to the "bearings".Press the drive gear so it sits tighter towards the wheel (not too tight, it has to spin freely. Put the other half of the rear wheel back and spin the gyro wheel with your fingers as fast as you can. it should balance itself on a flat surface for atleast 5 - 10 seconds. if not put some more oil on the shaft, and try again. When finished dry of excessive oil and put the tire back. Take the dual gear that's in front of the rear wheel off. there is a small shim between this gear and the one that's still on the shaft. put some oil on the shaft and spin the shim and remaining gear so the oil lubricates the movement. put the dual gear back.Remove the wheelie gear ( the one with a stick lying under the bike) put a drop of oil on the gear axel that's underneath the wheelie gear. Spin all the gears so the oil can get inside and then remove the excessive oil with a tissue or something like that.The wheelie gear has a spring mounted on the backside, be sure to get this back right (the small ring of the spring shoul fit on a plastic pin in the body and the bigger ring on the cnter of the wheelie gear), and then put the wheelie gear back so it sits centered and conected to the second gear.Put the rear wheel back.Take the other body half and put a drop of oil on the gear shaft thats still in there, spin the gear etc.Put the halfes togeaher, be careful so you get all the axels and pins right and no wires between the halfes. squeese the halfes togeather and screw the 4 philips screws back. Put the driver back and charge the battery. Try it!!!

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1 Answer

how do i take out the heater core on a 1997 dodge dakota?

dammm ok make sure you have about 5 hours allowed to do this job.you need to disassemble the under side of dash, both side panels and steering colume panel, remove the colume saddle and let the colume and wheel lay on the seat, all screws across the top of dash and sides
dash must come out , take your time and carefully remove all plugs and gauge attachments, pop the hood un hook your heater lines and either crimp em off or drain and retain coolant now the other bummer,you need to un hook the ac coolant lines you may need a disconnect tool 8 big ones at auto zone now back to the cab remove heater/ac box unscrew the on screw behind the htr core it will slide right out, install new and reverse good luck it isnt to bad
lincolns are even tuffer lol

Jul 30, 2012 | 1997 Dodge Dakota

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I have front end wobble on my motorcyle.The wheel has been balanced a couple of times.I have had a new tyre fitted.No problems with head bearings etc.Still I have the problem around 40.Can you help please?

Hello geoff100lee.... many of the "C's" have a small wobble in the steering at certain speeds...most notable while decelerating... Two considerations that control a front end shimmy are the tightness of the steering head bearing and steering dampers.
Since most bikes don't have steering dampers it's EXTREMELY important that the head bearing is properly adjusted. Your dealer is most likely aware of this problem on the "C", even if he won't admit to it.
There is a fix for it using tapered needle bearings. The bearings are about 40 buxs, but requires pressing and a few special tools to install. If you search VTXcafe.com or VTXOA.com forums you can find instructions.
Good luck...i hope this helps. please rate me a fixya.

Sep 19, 2009 | 2005 Honda VTX 1300 C

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how to service cbr 929

hi budfdy its quite easy to do if you jno what your doing right
1:run the bike till it reaches working temperature
2:unscrew the oil plug located underneith engine and drain into a bucket
3:unscrew the oil filter in the front off the engine near the front wheel
4:get the new oil filter and dab some oil on the black seal and screw on hand tight
5:put the sump plug back in and tghten checkiung seal is ok
6:unscrew filler cap on right side engine casing and fill with oil i reccomend silkolene oils
7:as you fill with oil the sight glass located below the filler plug will begine to fill with oil stop filling when the oil reaches 1/2-3/4 full on the glass also do this with the bike upright then put the plug back in and start the bike rechecking the oil hasnt dropped
8:remove seat
9:unscrew the bolts holding the tank in by the steering and tilt the tank up
10:unscrew the airbox screw holding the lid in on the out side and lift off replacing with new filter and rebuild back together
11:check coolant if dirty change but if is clean leave it
hope this helped buddy

Sep 12, 2009 | 2001 Honda CBR 929 RR Fireblade

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Removing air bags from 2001 Ford Windstar

easy fix.
the drivers airbag comes with the steering wheel. To remove it, snap off the plastic cover at the bottom of the steering wheel. there will be a screw which you need to remove. You will be unscrewing it for quite some time and the wheel will only wobble but eventually it will come off. Disconnect the wires. To replace, put the new steering wheel on trying to align the pin and screw it back in. don't forget to connect the wire. To remove the passenger side, open the glove compartment, squeeze both sides of the back to let the glove compartment fully open. There are 3 nut that you need to remove and a wire. To replace, just do the opposite.
Most likely, you will have to replace the airbag control module also. On this particular year and model, it is located behind the storage compartment below the radio. To remove, unscrew 4 screws (2 on each side of the compartment), disconnect the 12v lighter plug and remove. The computer is located in the very back and has 3 nuts holding it down. There is an arrow on it pointing to the front of the vehicle. Remove the nuts, unplug the wires and get a computer which has the exact same code as yours.
Sometimes, (as was in my case) when the airbag went off, my seatbelts went off and locked in place. To replace, remove the plastic cover off of where the seat belt slides through (near the top of the door post) and unscrew the nut then remove/move aside the plastic trim and unscrew 1 bolt below the seatbelt roll and remove. The last bolt is located between the seat and door. Pick up the carpet and unscrew.

Apr 27, 2009 | 2001 Ford Windstar

1 Answer

in 4 wheel drive front wheels wobble bad

i had the same problem,i endend up changing the hub bearings and ball joints and front u joints the main problem was the hub bearings

Feb 20, 2009 | 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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