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Ethanol enriched gas and small engine

Ethanol has inherent properties that can cause corrosion of metal parts, including carburetors, degradation of plastic and rubber components, harder starting, and reduced engine life. But with that said during the winter is it better to run your engine and drain the carburetor. The answer is no the best thing you can do for all your small engine equipment is to leave the gas in there and start it once every week or at minimum every two week this is because the rubber gaskets in the carburetors are lubricated by the gas and if you drain it they become brittle faster causing you to need a carb rebuild every year.

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engine will not start by pull rope

Is there any chance that this generator sat with fuel older than sixty days in it?

All gasolines, including non-ethanol, are organic. They will encounter chain phase separation if not treated with a reputable stabilizer. They fuel simply breaks down over time, and it has a very short shelf life.

Fuel that contains ethanol is even worst when untreated. The alcohol in the fuel will draw moisture from the air. Over time, it will accumulate water in the gas storage can, fuel tank, and carburetor, causing corrosion inside carburetor components. This is what I suspect from the symptoms you describe.

This carburetor needs to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. The float is probably stuck, and there is a chance that the mixture screw (if equipped) is clogged with corrosion or foreign matter.

If it is possible to remove the mixture screw (sometimes the plastic limiter caps can be easily pried away), be sure to notate the orientation of the screw. Then close the screw until it barely seats, carefully counting the turns. Add this number to the notes, and it can be replaced later to the exact position.

I used a thin piece of wire to clean a badly corroded Honda carburetor once the mixture screw was removed. The wire was used to scrape back and forth through the hole at the end of the seat (it could be seen protruding into the carburetor bore). The screw was lightly scrubbed with a wire brush. The entire carburetor was cleaned with non-flammable brake cleaner, focusing on the float and inlet needle to be sure they moved freely, It started in 4-5 pulls.

Mar 30, 2014 | Garden

1 Answer

Snowblower carburetor primer not pushing any fuel

Did you replace the fuel lines as well?; the rule of thumb is, when changing out the fuel lines- you should replace the primer bulb since they are a barometer of each others condition and wear.

If you did not remove the primer bulb from the carburetor when you were cleaning the component parts (and predicated that the primer bulb is mounted on the carburetor, as opposed to being mounted remotely from it)- the solvents used to clean the carburetor could have broken down the plastic or rubber material that makes up the primer bulb- hence suction leaks or complete failure.

If you did remove the bulb assembly, make sure you snugged everything up and there's a tight seal. I would still replace it anyway- they're inexpensive.

BTW, you mentioned you are using "fresh high grade fuel"- are you using premium grade gas? If so, save your money and use an 87 regular octane gas.

What you should be concerned with is- the use of ethanol. In many mid-western states, gasoline is blended with 10-15% ethanol- which can absorb water from the atmosphere and cause corrosion in the fuel system.

The money you save from buying regular unleaded could be used to buy a fuel stabilizer, which I highly recommend you use. Gas is only good for about 30 days and then the volatile compounds in it begin to evaporate- leaving brown gummy deposits that will eventually harden like varnish- which can plug up the fuel lines and carburetor.

Please let me know how you make out. Best wishes on your project.

Dec 06, 2013 | Tecumseh Snowblower Snow Blower Starter...

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murray lawn mower will not start. pour fuel in carbuter start till it burn out

Your carburetor needs to be cleaned. The main jet is clogged. You may get lucky and just have to pull the bolt that holds the bowl in place and clean the holes. If you are lucky that will do it, other wise you will have to remove the carburetor and clean it thoroughly. If you remove the carburetor, I recommend that you take a picture of the linkage before you remove it so that you can hook it up properly when you go to put it back on. A lot of people forget how to hook it up and consequently have trouble.

I hope this helps.

Aug 18, 2011 | Briggs & Stratton Garden

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I have purchsed a used riding lawn mower which I believe may have a carburation problem as it will start and run fine for a few minutes only. Although I don't know the age, it is a B & S 18 horse Model 422707, Type 1510-01, Code 91102432. It is an UFA Ag-Trac if that helps. It states it's a MTD Mower from Clevalnad, Ohio. Lot/Model 132-809H016/C09281 with numbers under it stating 3469-21. Can you please provide a maunual to rder parts from you or advise where i can order parts. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta

First do a complete carb cleaning, clean all jets and small places. Get new fuel, change fuel filter and try again. For parts and manual info go to ( psep.biz or jackssmallengines.com you will find all that you are looking for ! ) Good Luck Mate... If its an OHV engine adjust rockers before starting if needed got to smalleng.com and watch video

Aug 16, 2011 | Garden

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If it will run on starting fluid, then the engine is not getting gas to the carburetor. Take the carburetor apart and clean and adjust it. If it has an inline fuel filter change it , too. It will not run at all on starting fluid if the plug, points, or condenser was bad.

Aug 16, 2011 | Garden

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