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Raw Milk Vs Pasteurized Milk Nutritious Comparison, Facts, Advantages & Disadvantages - [RESEARCH]

If we are drinking pasteurized milk then we at least have to know what does this mean and we are avoiding raw milk then we really need to know why it should be avoid. Here today, in other way, out of syllabus topic is going to discuss but its more important and very close to life topic and most controversy one, is researched and published in simple and sophisticated way.

We know milk and its products provide higher nutrition benefits but the question is do we really know which kind of milk it is?? There are reasons to prefer raw milk but there are much more reasons to go with pasteurized milk. Are you believing that the raw milk is better for you than pasteurized milk then check out this simple and quick hypothesis to find out the answers about raw milk vs pasteurized milk.

Differences between Raw Milk and Pasteurized Milk

Comparison between raw milk Vs pasteurized milk is carried out in simple manner and quick research produced just to elaborate to everyone easily without going in much technical details.

No. Raw Milk Pasteurized Milk
1. This milk is the direct milk from animals like, cow, sheep & goat. Process: Pasteurization [developed by Louis Pasteur in 1864] is a heat treatment which obtained by keeping the milk at a specific temperature of 145F to 150F - High Temp/Short Time [H.T.S.T.] for half an hour, at least, and then decreasing the temperature to not more than 55F. In simple words; it is the process of destruction of certain germs and the prevention of souring milk.
2. This milk is directly served. This raw, unpasteurized milk can carry dangerous bacteria which are responsible for causing numerous food-borne illnesses. Milk is pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria before it served. On high temperature, harmful bacteria are removed by 99.99%.

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Raw Milk Vs Pasteurized Milk Nutritious Comparison Facts Advantages...

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What foods are low in potassium?

Almost all foods have some of it, so the serving size becomes important. For a low-potassium diet avoid LARGE servings of
- whole grain bread, brans, granola
- sports drinks, all milk products, soy milk
- apricots, avocado, bananas, melons, oranges, pears, dried fruits
- baked beans, raw cabbage, raw carrots, olives, potato, pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes, most bean types
- clams, most fish, most beef types
- salt free soups, low-salt and salt substituted foods = avoid these completely
- peanut butter, peanuts, chocolate
Note that this list is NOT exhaustive and can be eaten in smaller quantities, 1/2 cup or so.
Low potassium foods are
- white flour and white breads
= cakes and pies without chocolate or high-K fruits or nuts
- apples, apricots, blackberries, cherries, grapes, mandarins, peaches (drain syrup off), pineapple, plums, strawberries
- asparagus, green beans, cooked cabbage and carrots, cauliflower, corn, eggplant, lettuce, fresh mushrooms (not canned), onions, green peas, zucchini
- chicken, turkey, tuna fish, eggs
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What kind of milk can be stored for emergencies?

The types of milk that can be stored for emergencies are: powdered milks, canned evaporated milks, and nonperishable pasteurized milk.

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Is all milk pasteurized?

Of course! All milk must be pasteurized in order to kill any harmful bacteria. Not to worry, the pasteurizing process does not harm the nutrition value or the taste of the milk.

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What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Raw Foods Juice?

Making juice from raw vegetables can actually give you the dose of daily nutrients that can help you to get more healthy lifestyle. Juicing is nothing but it's just a nutrient with fibers removed.
Here is a number of health benefits that you get from drinking raw foods/vegetables juice -
  • helps to detoxify body
  • provides nutrient dense food
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  • helps with mental alertness
  • facilitates weight loss
  • improves digestion
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Are cats allowed milk?

"They" say that cats are lactose intolerant, but that's not entirely true. The fact is that homogenized and pasteurized milk has been treated and thus all the lactones within have been destroyed. Without these lactones some people and cats can no longer process the milk properly and display signs of lactose intolerance. Watering the milk down does nothing to help, raw milk is the only way to avoid these issues but the world made it illegal to sell raw milk because the mass production, storage, and distribution of the product was trying to sell us the idea that it is raw milk that caused disease outbreak many years ago, when it was the industrialized process itself that was to blame. I hope this helps you to better understand.

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