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Where polarized sunglasses and look into the water. There should be round 'sinkholes', these are sunfish nests. The fish usually protect these nests and are almost always there.

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How to kill yellow jackets

wait till winter and the you can get rid of them...if it's in a car...

Yellow jackets are notorious stinging insects that belong to the wasp family. They are identified by their black and yellow stripes and they are usually 3/4-1 inch in length. Yellow jackets are social insects and they protect their nests fiercely. These insects will sting at the slightest provocation and they sting repeatedly. Reactions to the sting from yellow jackets can range from irritating welts to death. If you have a yellow jacket nest in your yard and you want to exterminate them, here are some suggestions on how this can be safely done.

A yellow jacket nest can measure up to six inches across. The nests are usually built in piles of leaves, in trees, under eaves, on the ceilings of outdoor buildings or in the ground. If you live in a region that experiences cold climate conditions during winter, you can safely remove the yellow jacket nest without being harmed. During cold weather the colonies die when the temperature falls below freezing and only the hibernating fertilized queens survive. Remove the nest and destroy the hibernating queen.

Underground yellow jacket nests are usually discovered by accident, i.e., when a lawnmower or other vehicle runs over them. If you discover an underground nest, you can either have a pest control representative destroy it or kill the yellow jackets yourself. Before you begin the job, ask a friend to assist you with the task. Both of you should wear protective clothing. This includes rubber gloves, and a bee veiled hat or bug baffler. Ensure that your entire body is covered. Pull your pant legs over your boots, tie them in place and tie your jacket cuffs to your gloves. If possible wear clothing that is not easily penetrated by yellow jackets. You will need a half gallon wide-mouthed glass jar with kerosene or diesel fuel (never use gasoline), a shovel-full of dirt, and a large non-porous cloth that is big enough to cover the opening of the nest.

When you have collected everything you need to destroy the nest, approach the colony either very early in the morning or just after sunset. During these times the yellow jackets are not as active and are easily caught off guard. Walk to the nest cautiously and quietly, pour the fuel into the nest opening and immediately cover the hole with the cloth. Ask your friend to place the shovel-full of dirt over the cloth. Do not ignite the nest, the fumes you poured in the opening will kill the yellow jackets almost immediately. After you have covered the hole with dirt, leave the area quickly. Never try to destroy any yellow jacket nest if you have had allergic reactions or are unsure about your reaction to stings; call a pest control company instead.

If the yellow jackets have made a nest above ground, i.e., in trees, eaves etc. destroy them with a commercial grade pesticide. Wear protective clothing and follow the manufacture's directions carefully. Always stand at the suggested distance (usually eight to ten feet) away from the nest and aim for the nest opening. If you cannot pinpoint the opening, soak the entire nest to kill the colony.

Another way that yellow jackets can be killed is to construct a trap for them. Fill a large tub or bucket with water and laundry detergent. Secure three poles of similar length in a teepee style fashion above the bucket. Tie the poles securely together with rope. Leave one foot of the rope length hanging from the middle of the poles. Attach a raw fish to the rope and let it dangle about two inches from the water's surface. **** the sides of the fish so that it is easily accessible to the yellow jackets. When they arrive to take pieces of the fish, the slices will be too heavy for them to carry, causing them to fall and drown in the detergent water. Cover the trap with chicken wire to ensure that large animals do not eat the fish.

Yellow jackets can also be killed with lure traps. Most of these traps are devices that use heat, moisture, chemical attraction, and color to lure the yellow jackets. Once they get inside the device they are trapped and eventually die. Before you purchase any of these devices, research their reliability and performance level.

There are also many chemical pesticides available but you should buy only those that are specifically designed for yellow jackets. Although pesticides are quick and easy to use, they can also be harmful to pets, lawns, and people. Read the labels carefully, follow all recommendations and adhere to all warnings. If you use pesticides to kill yellow jackets wear protective clothing that is nonflammable. Launder them after using the pesticide and wash any part of your skin that has been exposed.

Yellow jackets can be safely exterminated if you follow the suggestions given in this article. Whatever method you choose, remember that with careful planning you will be able to eliminate these aggressive pests from your home and yard.

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Tip on polarized sunglasses.Polarized sunglasses are a tool you have to fight the effects of sun glare. The design for these sunglasses was first developed and implemented more than 60 years ago. When they were first developed they were used mainly by those in sports, as a way to help protect the player's eyes from sun glare. While they are still heavily used as sports sunglasses, they are now used by anyone, anywhere. Their benefit is in providing you with the ability to see well even in the harshest of sun glare conditions. How Polarization Works Understanding polarization can help you to see why you need to use polarized sunglasses in any situation in which, there is a lot of sun glare. When sunlight hits a surface, the photons in it are vibrating in one direction, which means it is polarized. When this happens, the light travels away from that place, called the pole-to-pole movement, on that plane. When does it make sense to have polarized sunglasses? * Light reflects off water with glaring effects (if you have ever been fishing and been unable to see the water, this is why) * Light reflects off wet pavement in the same matter, which means having them while driving is highly effective * The snow can also reflect very brightly and polarized lens sunglasses can be helpful at seeing through this * Sun glares off the car's bumper in front of you in traffic, polarized sunglasses can help * Light beams off the baseball bat at the game you are pitching, polarized sunglasses can help minimize this Using Polarized Sunglasses Appropriately Because polarization can be blinding in some situations, it is essential to use polarized sunglasses whenever you could be exposed to this light. One thing is unique, though. The color of the lens used in polarized sunglasses can be important, as different types of reflective surfaces are dealt with better with different colored sunglasses. * Use gray sunglasses for an all purpose type of protection, it provides true color perception, too * Yellow sunglasses are a good option for blue light, such as driving on a cloudy day * Red is a good option for virtually all sports activities as it works well when there is a lot of bright sunlight * Blue polarized sunglasses are an option to use when playing tennis and golfing, especially on a day that is partly cloudy * Choose brown polarized sunglasses for driving and fishing, as it is a good option for improving the contrast you see * Go with copper polarized sunglasses when you need good contrast (it provides the maximum amount) Polarized sunglasses are an ideal investment when it comes to protecting

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Which Features I need to look for when purchasing a pair of tennis sunglasses?

Here are some important features: 1.Competivision is a term created by Bolle Eyewear, one of the best manufacturers of sports sunglasses. Competivision is the first lens technology created specifically for tennis. The concept behind this type of lens technology is simple muting all light except optic yellow allows the ball to pop out of the background so you can see it more clearly. This is a must-have feature for all tennis players. 2.Polycarbonate Lenses-Tennis sunglasses, like other types of sports sunglasses, require polycarbonate lenses for impact and scratch resistance. Tennis players need these types of lenses more for impact and shatter resistance than anything else. 3.Polarized Lenses-Polarized lenses are extremely important in most sports - tennis is no exception. This type of lens technology is important to reduce glare. Glare from the rackets, the net or the court can hinder your performance so its important to choose sunglasses with polarized lenses. 4.Tight-Fitting-You're going to want to choose a pair of sunglasses that fit snug to your face. A huge part of your performance as a tennis player is agility. You can't stop between every hit to stabilize your sunglasses or pick them up if theyve fallen off. You need a pair that's going to move with you, fitting tight and comfortably on your face.
5. UV Protection-UV protection is a very important element in any outdoor sport. It's not enough to simply have UV protection anymore, you have to make sure the sunglasses you choose provide 100 percent UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

esigner-sunglasses/oakley.aspx">Oakley is the original designer of specific sports-related sunglass models and the first company to release a line of sunglasses designed specifically for biking. Their tight-fitting, comfortable sunglasses have been worn by cyclists in the Tour de France. Highly effective but highly expensive, Oakley offers top-of-the-line sunglasses for sports enthusiasts.

Nov 07, 2010 | Clothing Accessories

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I'm participating in many sport types..i feel like certain sunglasses does not fit for all sport types. Can you recommend me on a special sunglass that will suite each sport type individually?

The following sunglasses selection guide will help you identify the best sun glasses for specific outdoor activities. Every sport and activity requires an appropriate sunglass frame and lens features that will help optimize your experience. Selecting the correct sunglases will help to deliver cutting edge technology that works to ensure the highest level of protection and performance for an active lifestyle. We at OpticsPlanet.com offer you the latest models of designer sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, goggles by Bolle, Body Specs, Serengeti, H2Optix, AO Eyewear, Wiley-X, ESS, Bobster, SportRX and Revision. OpticsPlanet.com is an Authorized US Dealer or Distributor for all sun-glasses we sell, and all of our products are Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic! In addition you will receive FREE SHIPPING buying most sunglasses on OpticsPlanet.net!

The first step in selecting your eyewear is to decide on the primary use of it. Will you be wearing your sunglasses for protection while participating in a specific sport or several sports? Will you be playing a contact sport or a non-contact sport? We have the widest collection of sport sunglasses! Will you be watching events from the stands? Cool sunglasses are waiting for you! Will your sport be centered around water? We can offer you the latest models of water sports sunglasses including boaters sunglasses, fishing sunglasses and swimming goggles (we even sell prescription swimming goggles). Will you be in direct sunlight for extended periods of time? Have a look at our best polarized sunglasses and photochromic sunglasses! Will your sport use a ball, like golf? Here you go - golf sunglasses and tennis sunglasses from OpticsPlanet.com! These specific questions will determine what sunglass frame to select as well as what lens and lens features will optimize your experience. OpticsPlanet hopes that you will have a better understanding of the specific frame and lens selection criteria required to purchase the best sunglasses for your needs after reading this article.

Nov 07, 2010 | Clothing Accessories

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