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The Benefits of a Hot Bath

Showers might be more practical, but there's nothing more relaxing than a hot bath at the end of a long hard day.
Here are some of the benefits that emersing yourself in a long slow bath can give you.

Try esssential oils, added to your bath water to relax both your body and your mind. Get advice from someone who understand essential oils so that you use the right one for you. Something like eucalyptus oil is great for helping with colds and congestion.

It's not just a myth. Scientists have proved that having a hot bath will help you get a better night's sleep with less interuptions.
Insomniacs sometimes say that taking hot baths before bedtime is the only way they can fall asleep.

This is especially true for mothers and busy working parents. All day we have demands on our time. The phone never stops ringing or we have work pressure. But soaking in a hot bath is a great way not only to switch off the world around you but to find a space to be alone. Some people like to put music on but many just enjoy the rare silence and peacefulness that comes with lying under hot water in the bath.

Stress Reduction:
Apparently, taking baths can actually lower your blood pressure and stress levels. Possibly it's related to the way that your mind can really switch off and wander as you lay back in the bath.

Give it a try - you've got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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what are the advantages of fixed showerheads ?

Everyone knows that a relaxing can fill out a whole day stress. A comfortable and soothing shower depends on the shower head or shower system .
To ensure a relaxing shower, you need choose wisely. Most of the American have seen a tend to take more showers than bath, when a bath usually for relaxation purposes. Where in America most people hot water tanks that hold about 40 gallons of water. Here people are more concerned about consuming less water.
Here in United States, it's usually most common to do one or the other, simply to get clean rather than soak in the bathtubs.
That's for why I found Static or Fixed shower head is mostly used at here. A suitable fixed shower head is critical to the safe performance of your shower .

Lets have look on the advantages of
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As we know there is a difference in bathroom size is also can be a reason that people are more likely go for shower. There is a issue about time which is also another reason.

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Should I replace my only bathtub with a shower?

that is up to you
but consider this
Age or physical problems makes baths difficult and dangerous
so a shower stall with a seat is a better properisition
next showering last for around 7 minutes and that amount of water is less than 1/2 tub unless you stand under the shower until the hot water runs out
lastly , I have never considered it hygienic to wash you face in the same water that you wash your rear in

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It is good to take baths every day?

Some people prefer to take baths rather than shower as a hot bath can be very relaxing, particularly if you have any stress that you want to relieve.
Many people prefer to shower rather than take a bath if they are washing after exercise, but it's really a matter of personal choice and wont do you any harm to bathe regularly.

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How to quit smoking

Well you can use a lot of stuff like electronic cigarette, or nicotine patch.But in my opinion (i am a smoker too) if you have no will you will never succeed to quit.But if you really want to, i gues the first step is to ending spending time near people that smoke.Find out what relaxes you, helps you release stress, and makes you calm. Maybe it's soothing music, a hot bath, meditation, prayer, reading a book, or a combination of more than one. Do these things often, especially if you feel a nicotine craving coming on.Practice deep breathing techniques. When an urge arises, count slowly to ten while taking deep, full breathes of air. Concentrate on a comforting image in your mind and let yourself work through the craving.Wish you good luck

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