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I have always had an easy time of building muscles, and that is a genetic gift from my parents. Now that I have gotten older, the workout is more difficult to achieve the same outcome that I could at a much younger age. This information is for men and women from 18 up. It is not for any adult past age 60. It's not that the Creatine will hurt old people, it's just not as effective on most older muscles. Stay hydrated while working out, it is crucial to muscle development with or without Creatine, but Creatine will not help you if you do not stay hydrated.
You could do your own research on Creatine, but I take one teaspoon of Creatine before my workout. It will give your muscles a boost to help with the workout. The workout you will need to build muscles, big muscles, is low rep's with maximum weight. Start your first set with a medium weight, and always warm up before you start any workout. Do 4 to 6 rep's, and no more than that for each set. Take a break between sets to allow your muscles to regain their full energy. keep increasing the weight by one increment until you reach the last set at the most weight you can do a full set at. Get help if you don't know the proper way to lift weights. The way I do it is to raise the weight slowly, and then bring it down slowly, use smooth steady motion. The return works a different part of the same muscles as it takes to raise the weight. If you had an effective workout, you will know. You should not have pain, but a little muscle soreness is a sign of a good workout. The Creatine will make you gain weight in muscle mass, it will not make you fat. Take it 30 minutes before you start your workout. It is used by the Olympic team, pro sport athletes, and lots of other things. Do your own Wikipedia search on Creatine. I buy mine from Bodybuilders.com.
To reduce the fat on your body, and get well defined muscles, you must change what you eat. How many times have you heard the words "Diet and Exercise" ? The fastest way to get fit is to change what you eat, and do an effective workout. Remove, or lower the fat you eat, remove or lower the sugar, and bread. Do not drink Soda, None, Zero, switch to a high protein diet, but not be eating a whole lot of meat. Your can get protein in lots of other foods, such as yogurt, low fat cheese, protein sports powders that you mix with water or milk. I suggest mixing it with Almond, or Soy Milk. Almonds are a great way to lose weight. Most all nuts are good for you. Do your own research now that I put you on the path. Stay determined. if you slip and have pizza and beer one night, no harm, just get back to your diet the next day. How hard, or how easy this will be is all about genetics. You should strive to be the best you can be, do not judge yourself by how others look.

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