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Lobster: Cook it, Clean it, Eat it

Lobsters can be scary. They look tough and dangerous, their claws are all but friendly and the fact that they need to be boiled alive makes the whole process of cooking them even less appealing.

Well, here are a few steps to help you enjoy the lobster\'s tender and tasty meat without too much fuss.

First of all fill a large pot with water up to 3/4 and bring the water to boiling, then add some sea salt.
In the meantime the lobsters should be kept on ice. The ice helps calming them down and relaxes them, and also helps keeping the lobster fresh longer.
It is better to cut the rubber bands on their claws before cooking them.
If you rub the lower part of the lobster\'s back for about a minute the lobster will fall asleep.
You then pick up the lobster and set it in the boiling water, head first.
Let it cook for about 9-10 minutes per pound, until it turns bright red and the meat looks white rather than translucent. You can now pull it out with tongs and set it on the table or on a cutting board or big plate.

A way to know if the cooked lobster has expired is by checking the tail. An expired lobster\'s tail will not fold back on its bottom when pulled up.
If the tail of a cooked lobster is limp and has an ammonia odor, the lobster was dead for too long prior to cooking and the quality of the meat has deteriorated.

And now you can get ready to crack, clean and enjoy your lobster.
For these steps you need:
A nutcracker
Lemon (optional)

Legs are small and hold tender and sweet meat. You can just rip them from the body, get rid of the first piece and then put them in your mouth and enjoy the meat.
Another option is setting the leg on the table and rolling a bottle, or anyting that rolls, on the leg towards the opening, so that the meat comes out.

Claws are also ripped from the body together with the whole arm (or knuckle). You then separate the knuckle from the claw by pulling them apart and cracking them. You remove the knucke and you crack the claw with the nutcracker. When you open the claw you will see the meat. You can pick it up and dip it in the butter before eating it.

The tail has to be snapped from the rest of the body. Then the little hard ends of the tail are ripped out one by one and then you can push the meat out from one side of the tail to the other, with your finger.
Clean it of the sorrounding skin-like layer, by pulling it back, and then either eat it like that or split it in half along the crack and dip it in the butter.
The tail is a taugher meat than the other parts, but it\'s the most celebrated.
Another way to eat the tail is by cutting the top part of the shell with resistant shears so to remove the meat from the top instead of pulling it out with the finger.

Grab the cavity from the hole created by the removal of the tail, and pull the upper and the lower side of the cavity apart, as to open it.
The meat is well hidden in the lower part, near the legs.

You can either eat piece by piece what you pick out of the shell, or gather it all in a plate and enjoy it all together when you are done.
Bon Apetit!

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