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Distinguishing between walking and running shoes

Walking and running shoes while they may look very similar to you when you first see them are not designed to function in the same way. They were each made with a specific motion in mind. For running there is more padding in the heel of the shoe because this is the part of the foot that takes the most impact when you run, walking shoes are made to be more flexible. Walking shoes are made to support the rolling motion that your foot makes while you walk, this is a different motion from the stride of a runner.

Along with the different stride running shoes are designed to stabalize and propel the runner forward so the shoes have a very slight angle. If you are looking for walking shoes you don't need this angle because you roll through the step using your whole foot.

If you ever have seen a pair of running and walking shoes next to each other the one most distinguishing feature is that of the heel shape. Running shoes are designed to give the runner more stability so the heels will be flaired. Since a walker's foot hits the ground heel first the flaired heel will be in the way of the smooth rolling motion of the foot. When looking for a running shoe make sure that the heels are straight or undercut not flaired.

Running shoes are also made with considerable more mesh materials to ventalate the foot because of the amount of sweat that is produced while running.

Finally you can check the flexability of the shoe. Walking shoes should bend at more towards the front of your foot because walkers push off with their toes. Running shoes will have a bend closer the middle of the foot because runners push off with the balls of their feet.

Like all sports you have to make sure that you are using the right equipment to prevent injury. Even though the shoes may look very similar using walking shoes for running or walking shoes for running can cause injury to your feet, legs and knees. So be careful!

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Clarks has changed their line of shoes. If you go to a Clark's store, they should be able to help you find a shoe that is similar to this one. The shoe has a good toe spring to it and the clarks wave may be an acceptable shoe.

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What are stability walking shoes?

Stability walking shoes are a type of shoe that balances the rigidity of the motion controlled shoe with the support and flexibility of neutral shoes.

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What are motion control shoes?

Motion controlled shoes are deliberately inflexible. They are designed to limit over-pronation (which is where the ankle rolls too much inward during each step). Motion controlled shoes are often good for people who are flat footed.

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I love walking and last year bought some great walking shoes. They still seem in a good condition. When do I need to replace them?

Ideally, walking shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles which for an average committed walker would be between 3 and 6 months. Don't judge it by how the shoe looks as the inner support could be worn away but the shoe still look great. You will feel the difference between an old and a new shoe.

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What is the difference between walking and running shoes?

When you run your foot is in contact with the ground a lot less than when you walk. For this reason the shoes are built differently but even within walking shoes there are many different categories such as long distance walking.

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