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No Heat on Dry Cycle - Check Thermos & Resuse Them!!

Once you have established if the problem is the thermostats, remove them from machine. In the centre of the plastic disk on the back of thermostat dead centre between the terminals is a little indentation, this is where the reset button used to be. Use a 1.5mm drill bit and CAREFULLY drill through this indentation through the plastic casing, when you have gone all the way through, place a 1mm dill bit through the hole and press down, you will hear a little click - Congrats - you have just reset your thermo!! Refit and test - Worked like a dream for me.

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2 Answers

it only heats well when were driving if you are stopped at a light or in traffic it starts blowing cool air

Probably needs a new thermostat.

If you replace this yourself, open drain on radiator to remove the current coolant. If you can't find a drain, loosen clamp on the radiator end of the lower hose and drain. Don't forget to re-tighten the clamp!

Be sure to catch the drained coolant for proper disposal. Some types are poisonous to animals, so be sure to protect your pets by following proper disposal procedures.

Once drained, remove bolts on thermostat housing, remove old thermostat (taking care to notice its orientation in housing), clean the gasket mating surfaces, install the new thermostat (taking care to properly orient in housing), put on new gasket and reverse removal steps. Don't overtighten bolts on the thermostat housing, as it's possible to break the housing if too much torque is applied

Be sure to evacuate any trapped air in the systems so as to get proper cooling effect.

A model specific repair manual should show the location of air bleed ports (if any). Older vehicles tend to not be as difficult to properly eliminate any trapped air as newer vehicles. Your '01 Tracker probably has at least 1 bleeder port.

After installation, run engine until thermostat fully opens, then add coolant as required to fill. Once the thermostat opens and coolant starts to circulate, the level previously established in the radiator is likely to drop.

Additionally, it's a good idea to give another coolant level check after the engine has completely cooled down and the expansion effect of heat has ceased. If equipped with a coolant recovery tank, make sure it is filled to the proper level as noted by the fill marking on the plastic tank.

Also be sure that you have adequate antifreeze protection.

Generally a 50 / 50 mixture will provide adequate protection against freezeup. This depends, to some extent, on the general winter temps in your home area. Obviously, if the temperature can routinely go below 0 degrees, you need even greater antifreeze protection.

Hope this helps!

Dec 26, 2010 | 2001 Chevrolet Tracker

2 Answers

hi i have a fault saying f13 what is this

hi f13 is not heating either the element is faulty or the wiring to it to find out which is the case will involve dismantling the machine.if you are unsure or unable to strip the machine yourself contact dyson to repair and test your machine. water and electricity can be a lethal combination don't take any risks

Sep 30, 2009 | Dyson CRO1 Front Load Washer

2 Answers

F 13 fault code

You will be able to fix this, it will take about 2 hours.Buy two thermostats for £10 from a 'local' repair shop.These components look rather like cylindrical bits of plastic wearing tin hats but one is twice the size of the other, the larger being about 2 cm in diameter, and they DON'T look identical. The part numbers (for my WD860) are: HPT 1605 160 and HPT 1604 802.

1. You’ll need to use a combination of finesse and brut force to get the lid off of the machine. It is secured by two screws at the rear but has troublesome plastic hooks inside, half way down either side, that stop the lid from riding up at the front. The process is to remove the screws and then pull back and up to ‘unhook’ the internal brittle plastic hooks. I found this scary and difficult, cracking sounds were off putting and I did break to tips of the plastic hooks a little but they still seem to work ok. Be careful and wiggle it gently from side to side is the only advice I can offer.

2. Once inside it gets a bit easier. You should be able to see a metal snail-shaped object bolted to the top of the drum with various electrical connections – this is the dryer and within it are the two thermostats. What you’ve got to do is remove/unplug all the electrical connections from the top dryer, of course, make a diagram first as you’ll need to put them all back after. You then need to unbolt/unscrew the top half of the dryer and remove this from the machine – this is another fiddley bit and I was lucky again here to have a very small ratchet socket set which made the hard to get to bolts/screws accessible. Note: some of the screws are the Torx type (imagine a more complex Phillips’s type screw). You’ll need to have a Torx type screw driver head that’ll fit the small socket tool to undo these.

3. Once the top of the dryer unit is off, you just need to remove the thermostats – one is fixed in by screws on the outside of the dryer top and the other is fixed in by screws on the inside. Screw in the replacement thermostats, then clean off the fluff and burnt fluff from both halves of the dryer and you’re there – put the machine back together.

Sep 04, 2009 | Hotpoint Aquarius WD640 Front Load...

1 Answer

Thermostat needs replaced

After removing the screws there are two plastic latches hidden on the inside of the plastic ring, with a flat headed screw driver tease these open. located on the inside of the ring and in the centre on both left and right sides.

Feb 22, 2008 | Panasonic SD-YD250 Bread Maker

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