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Fix Model 3105 also Model 3612

The small plastic piece falls out when cleaning the head. It goes back in the left side of the removable piece. Hold it with the screen closest to your body and upside down. The small piece fits in the upper left with the square edge to the left in the small recess. It just sort of snaps in.
Mine is actually the 3612 cordless but they look identical from the photo. I have been trying to fix it for 6 months. When a new head had the same problem with the piece falling out, I decided it might be repairable. After I pushed the piece back in, it stayed. You can tell where it goes by looking at the taken apart shaver (With the head removed for cleaning). The shaver has a plastic pin sticking up on the left side. This pin is what lowers the trimmer when the shaver is assembled.
Hope it works for you.

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screen repair manual

Basically you start by removing the rubber bumpers located at the 4 corners and along side the plastic strip that goes around the lcd screen. One they are removed you can remove the screws that hold the plastic strip. Use your finger to pry the plastic strip off.

Next you start removing the screws that hold the lcd screen on the sides. Then tilt the lid forward and the screen will fall into your hand. Don't let it fall down on the keyboard because there is a cable in the back of the lcd screen that you will need to remove. The cable might have a piece of tape at the connections to make it secure.

If the screen does not fall down then you might have screws at the 4 corners that are holding it, so remove them.

Below is a link to a video on how to do it.


May 15, 2012 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

how much it will cost to replace a lcd screen with the short damage

Looks like you can do it yourself by purchasing a lcd screen on ebay brand new for $66.00 You can go to Acer's website and get your exact screen model (it probably doesn't matter, but if you want to get the exact same then just the model by using your serial number to get the original specifications). Or you can take the lcd screen apart and get the model off the back of the lcd screen.

Get online and got to www.google.com In the google search box type: "Acer Support" (without the quotes and put your manufacturer name before Support). Look for downloads and drivers. Enter your model number and operating system when requested. Look for a place to enter your serial number for specifications. You might have to start with the Warranty area to find it.

To take the lcd screen apart is fairly simple. You would start by removing the plastic or rubber bumpers that are located on the plastic strip that goes around the lcd screen. Remove them with a real small flat head screw driver or an pin and then you will see the screws that hold it in place. remove the screws, remove the plastic strip by prying it apart with a little force and it will snap out. Then start removing the screws that hold the lcd screen to the brackets on the sides. Once you remove them, tilt the lcd screen forward and the screen will fall out into your hand. Use your hand to catch it because you don't want it to fall down on the keyboard or fall out too far because there is a cable on the back of it that you don't want to damage. You can remove the cable from the back of the lcd. Sometimes it might be secured with a piece of tape, so remove the tape to remove the cable.

If the lcd does not come out once you remove the screws from the side brackets then you might have to remove screws from the 4 corners that is holding it.

Below are some links to the screens.



May 12, 2012 | Acer Aspire Notebook

2 Answers

Water will not drain. Motor is working. Drain does not appear to be clogged.

GE has equipped many of their dishwashers with a crappy anti-syphon ball. The problem with this is that they often relocate and clog the drain. To fix it, syphon all the water out of the basin of the diswasher and remove the kick plate. Open the dishwasher and remove the 1/4" hex head screw behind the food screen and remove the spray arm by prying the plastic clip on the back side (be careful not to break it). Then remove the two 1/4" hex head screws in the plastic basket and remove it. Remove the two screws that hold the dishwasher to the countertop and slide the dishwasher out. There is a large manilla colored hose with a huge hose clamp on it. Have plenty of rags on hand because this part gets messy. Remove the hose clamp and pull this area open. A small white plastic ball should roll out. Replace the hose clamp and slide the dishwasher back into place (clean up all the water that escaped first, and make sure you have turned off the power to the dishwasher before beginning). Drop the ball into the small tube on the left side under where the plastic basket goes. Installation is reverse of removal.

Aug 03, 2009 | GE Tritonr XL GSD6260JCC Dishwasher

1 Answer

I disassembled to clean and can't put it together again. Please help

I will describe how to re-assemble a 5886xl, it should be similar...but maybe not. If you mean just the shaving head, not the whole shaver, skip to the bottom here.
There are 2 circuit boards within the 5886xl, the bottom one with display snaps into the top board's multi pin connector, but before, there is a nylon spacer that goes between the boards, alignment is simple, note the cutout for the beeper. If replacing the batteries, you can solder new leads onto the old areas, either by poking wires through, or if having broken off the old battery, onto the flat thin areas left. These may break or come loose during soldering however, so the through-way may be better. Now you can reassemble. There are 2 screws holding the head on, the black plastic piece with the motor attached and the 3 rotating driver sections. The bottom circuit board should fit into the display containing side piece fairly easily. Snap the plug connector into the hole. Screw the 2 screws that hold the motor/head assembly to the display side. There is a retaining piece for the battery in this model, which has a snap that goes into the 2nd circuit board, and the v-wedge holds the battery in place.If using a prebound pack, you can leave this out, and use the small piece of neoprene foam that prevents shaking, that will work. Ok, there are 2 more pieces in this model here...you place a piece that has a hole in the middle (to accept a screw) and 2 clasps...this goes right behind the motor, and over the battery posts. Should snap in. There is another piece that goes over the charge connector, it has 2 holes middle, and 2 to the sides, those at the sides get 2 more silver screws. In this model, there are 2 black pieces, slide them into the sides appropriately. Now place the top section into the shaving head assembly, drop it down onto the back with the connector...should line up just right. There is a screw hidden in the popup shaver section, open that, apply a brown/black screw. The last screw goes at bottom. Attach the head, and you are done.
Now if you removed the retaining clip that holds the individual heads on...place the head assembly on a desk, shaving side down, with any cutout for release button at bottom. You will have 3 screen pieces (which apply to your face)...each has a blade inside. So, if re-assembling, place the screens inside the head assembly. Then insert a blade into each. Apply the tri-circular blade retaining clip piece into the assembly, push gently, and rotate the little round gear piece in the middle while doing so, clockwise to set. Pop the head back onto the razor. The heads should auto-seat once you turn it on. Voila? :)

Jul 14, 2009 | Norelco 7610X Electric Shaver

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AOC lm929 monitor

AOC LM929 or Envision EN-7100 removal instructions:

DANGER!!! UNPLUG and allow the monitor to discharge before servicing.

with a small flat head screwdriver, insert into the edge and pop open the small plastic

pieces that surround where the stand connects to the monitor. put plastic pieces aside.

lay monitor on soft flat surface front side DOWN. with a phillips head screwdriver,

remove 4 screws in the center that hold on the stand. put stand and screws aside.

lay monitor on soft flat surface front side UP. insert flat head screwdriver into the

side edge of the grey plastic and turn screw driver so the plastic surrounding the

screen edge pops up exposing an area surrounding the screen. put plastic rectangle

piece aside.

slide out plastic buttons piece from the side and put aside.

with a phillips head screwdriver, remove 8 screws (4 on top and 4 on bottom) that hold

the screen assembly to the back housing. now lift screen assembly out of the plastic

housing. put back plastic housing and screws aside AND lay the monitor screen with the

FRONT side down on a flat soft surface.

with a phillips head screwdriver, remove 2 screws that hold on the metal electronics

cover. slide the cover down and remove. put the cover and screws aside.

USE CAUTION!!! Some components may still contain a charge.

check fuse... whatever...

Aug 29, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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