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How to remove flywheel

To remove a stuck flywheel quickly and with minimum tools you need a 3/8" or larger steel ball bearing and duct tape, and really big hammer with pry bar.

NOT as bad as it sounds- First remove the nut and duct tape the ball bearing to the divit in the middle of the crankshaft. This protects the threads and shaft from mushrooming.

Next support the flywheel from the edge opposite the keyway slot. Do not bend it over. Only supply enough wedge to hold it level. This will help protect the top bearing of the crank.

Now- with that big hammer just lightly tap the ball bearing. This will shake the crank and loosen the flywheel. If increased hammering and frequency don't work, you may have a sheared keyway and time for a by the book solution.

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1 Answer

2007 Big Bear. Where can I find a video showing removal of the flywheel?

You need a Yamaha special tool to remove the flywheel.. the local dealer should pull it for you..maybe a minimum charge or buy the guy a beer or coke,,(I charge a 20oz. coke)

May 24, 2015 | Yamaha 2007 Big Bear 400 IRS 5-Speed 4X4...

1 Answer

I have an older 4 cycle Briggs and Stratton engine that needs points replaced. How do I remove the flywheel in order to get at the points? Thanks

You must remove recoil housing and flywheel retaining nut or nut assembly. a flywheel puller is recommended however a two person team will do; using two prybar system pry flywheel up or out away from engine block prying from opposite sides of flywheel just enough to remove flywheel end play but not ever enough to pop off flywheel. It is very important to not pry so hard as to ever break any component under or around bottom of flywheel. Now with the use of a brass punch or aluminum shaft equal to or larger that diameter of shaft where retaining nut was removed; person # 2 should us a small ball pin hammer or equivalent to strike brass punch or aluminum shaft to break tapered shaft from flywheel. Never us a large hammer as engine damage is likely. Usually one or two good solid strikes is all it takes so good luck.

Mar 25, 2011 | Mtd Garden

1 Answer

what tools do i need to remove a 1996 lexus es 300 cv axle from the transmission

You will need a lug wrench for the wheel, a jack, a jack stand, 14mm socket and ratchet for disconnecting the lower ball joint, a 32mm socket and impact wrench for the axle nut, a dead-blow (no-bounce) hammer to tap axle from steering knuckle, and then there are two options.

Left (driver) side: a pry bar to pop the axle from the differential (pry between diff. housing and axle knuckle. This can be really stuck so don't be afraid to put some power to it!)

Right (pass.) side: snap ring pliers to remove snap ring from carrier mount (rear engine mount houses this carrier bearing), and i think a 14mm socket or wrench to loosen the jam bolt that keeps the bearing outer race from spinning.

Good luck and be safe!!


Feb 12, 2011 | 1996 Lexus ES 300

1 Answer

how to replace 1996 dodge neon cv joints

Remove the wheel and the lower ball joint from the spindle. It will also make it easier if you remove the tie rod end. There is a large hut at the tire end of the axel. Remove that nut and washer. Take a rubber or brass Hammer and hit the end of the axel to push it through the bearing assembly. If it is really stuck, put the nut back on so that the nut is even with the end of the axel and uses a heavier hamer to break it loose. Once you break it loose, pull back on the rotor while pushing the axel to remove it from the hole it passes through. (Becarefull with the brake hose. If it is pulling too tight it might be best to remove the caliper and use a hanger to suspend it until you are done.) You will need a really BIG screw driver or a pry bar. Put the pry bar between the case and the hub of the axel and push in quickly and firmly to pop it out of the trans axel. It might take a few tries. If it resists look for a ridge and put a big screw drive on the ridge and use a hammer to pop it out.

Once it is out, reverse directions. Do not use the hammer on the new axel any where.put the end into the trans axel as far as it will go and then put the other end through the wheel bearing. Use the leverage you have with the rotor and bearing side to push the axel into the trans. You should hear it snap into place. Before you put the ball joint back on go to the trans axel side and use that pry bar and gently try to remove. if it resists it is seated, if it slides out, you need to seat it again. ONce you are sure it is firmly seated back into the trans, you can bump the ball joint and tie rod back together.

Good luck and be careful

Aug 18, 2009 | 1996 Dodge Neon

1 Answer

what tools do i need to replace front wheel bearing hub assembly

Floor jack- jack car up and put a jack stand under it. A tire lug to remove tire. A 36 mm socket to unbolt axle shaft sticking through bearing hub. Next a Brass hammer with a block of wood. Next center wood on axle shaft sticking through bearing hub and hit with a 4lb brass or steel hammer with a wood block on shaft. Next you need a 10mm or 12mm socket on back side of bearing hub should have 3 bolts holding it unbolt. Last use a pry bar and gradually pry bearing out and no there not pressed in like a lot of people think.
(Socket sizes maybe different)
If you take it somewhere it would cost about $800 and up.

May 03, 2009 | 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

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