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There are times we have all got our cell phones wet. A lot of times we might be brushing are teeth, and were so worried about missing a phone call that we put it by the sink, and before you know it your elbow hits the phone and right in the sink it goes. OR the toilet...ewww

Your heart races, and you can't seem to even grab the phone fast enough to get it out of the sink. It almost becomes that old restaurant saying of the 10 second rule. You know the one that that says, if you drop a piece of food on the floor and pick it up with in 10 seconds that it is alright, because the germs have not got on it yet.
Well, with a phone it is kind of like the same thing, except my idea works with patience and will save you some money and save you those very important phone calls you might be missing .
Like: Wife calling cause your out of bread, or Best friend calling to brag about the Giants should of won, but referee made a bad call. You know those real important calls. Here is where I can help you.
First of after you get your phone wet like drop in shower, sink, puddle, or rained on or even the toilet.
You take it out of course, then first thing is take the battery out set it aside and send card out. Get a blow dryer, turn on med heat, and have it back at least 6 to 8 inches, and dry it in every area you can. Battery compartment included.
Next step. Is get your self a lunch size plastic baggy or plastic container that has a lid. And some regular white rice. Fill bag or container with the rice about 3/4 full.

Put the whole phone in the bag or container, and with the battery after drying off the battery by hand.(do not put send card in, this dry by hand and set aside) make sure phone and battery is completely sum-urged under the rice. then close the plastic bag or lid on container air tight. Set on counter in cool dry area. Let sit overnight or at least 10 to 15 hours.
Then after that, take phone out and battery, dust off rice grains good. I like to use a can of compressed air ( get at any computer section of any store that sells computers) and blow out phone good. Now put battery back in phone and send card and DO NOT TURN ON YET, but put on charger and wait until completely charged and then turn phone on and you should have phone working again.
If not, then is possible might have to repeat or you have damage some circuits that need to be replaced.
This will solve that wet phone problem most the time, so you can get back to those ever so important calls, like friend calling to let you know who the runner up is on american idol..... Hope this helps MIke

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2 Answers

can i get phoned fixed, have resored to factory setting but will not connect to itunes to put apps back on, says there is a problem with phone

the phone is dead you need to replace its main board

if it got wet salts have built up perhaps inside

sell it as spares or repairs and buy another iphone if you like them

perhaps something waterproof next time ???

Apr 23, 2015 | Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone

1 Answer

Repair malfunction Sim c3050

It seems there is some rust or dirt covering the pens of the SIM CARD base. You can clean it with a Paint Remover ...but you have to be carefull while using it and putting it on the SIM CARD pins..

You can use a Teeth Brush for that.
Just sink the Teeth Brush with the paint remover ,then brush the pens of SIMCARD base with .
After you finish you have to wait 5 min untill its dried.
Now insert the SIM CARD on your mobile and check .

Nov 29, 2013 | Samsung C3050 Cell Phone

1 Answer

my phone got really wet and it will turn on but it wont do anything but search for a signal

Hi, when a phone get wets, you will need to service the phone to clean up the wetness out of he phone.

How to service a phone

First remove the battery so that the water will not will not make the phone dead completely.

You will need to service the phone by cleaning the phone.

First you will need a screw driver, to unscrew the phone, a methylated spirit, small brush and a dryer.

First, use the phone screw to unscrew the phone remove the board of the phone, take the brush and the methylated spirit, brush off the water of the board ( water is already dried up on the board), After brushing the phone board, use the dryer to dry off board.

When the board is dried up,you can replace the board back into the phone and screw back necessary screws.

Problem solved.

Hope that helped.

Oct 10, 2010 | Cell Phones

1 Answer

No sound from lg incite

I had this same problem several times. I took a little GUM soft flossing brush (i.e. for teeth) and brushed the inside of the jack in the phone. Then the sound started working properly again.

Jul 07, 2010 | LG Incite Cell Phone

2 Answers

it got wet and wont turn on


problem can be solved.When a phone gets wet and does not turn on, it means that the phone needs to be serviced.

Water are not friendly with phone, cause it will cause a bridge of I C in the board of the phone and can damage a lot of things in the phone.

The water inside the phone has caused the phone to die and it needs to be restored.

Loose the phone, use a soft brush and a methylated spirit to clean up the board of the phone by brushing the board gently, after brushing, leave it under something to heat the board so that the water can dry off.

Leave the board to cool for a while, a couple the phone back. Then you can put it on.It will start working again.

I would advice if you do not have the knowledge of how to loose a phone, you can take it to a mobile engineer around you in other to prevent further damage to the phone.

Have a nice day.

Mar 23, 2010 | LG Neon GT365 Cell Phone

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