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Use Clonezilla to backup your drive

In my previous few tips I alluded to using a program called Clonezilla to save an image of your harddrive as a backup. This tip goes through the process for you.

I made a video at the end of this tip that goes through the process step by step. Note that some of your stuff will be different (obviously), but mostly because I am using a virtual machine to do the capture. It's not important if you don't know what that is, just know that I don't actually FINISH the process, because I don't need to. The video gives you a good idea of how to do everything.

First, download clonezilla. You can find the download for the .iso file here. Get the stable release, then on the next page you should see a link to download the latest release. Download the .iso and burn it to a disk using the native windows disk burning app (in win7 and maybe vista), or using a free image burning program such as imgburn or a similar program. Now, insert the disk you just burnt into the computer to be backed up, and boot from it by restarting, then pressing the button to enter the bios boot menu (it should say on the screen as it's booting. If not, try Esc, Del, F1, F2, F7, F11, F12, etc). This will boot to clonezilla. Then, just follow along with the video.

Select disk-image to say you're cloning FROM a disk TO an image. When it asks for a USB disk, plug it in (if you have any problems like I did, you can always go back). Select the disk you are NOT backing up as /partimage...In other words, use your USB disk for /partimage, not your internal disk.

Then, you should be able to just accept the defaults and it will most likely complete without any issues. If you have any problems, there is fairly extensive support available in the clonezilla forum, as well as many other places online.

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1 Answer

how clone a hdd

I have use a free and open source program in the past called Clonezilla (just search for clonezilla in any search engine). The clonezilla site contains complete instruction on how to use the software and how to clone your drive. For cloning a single drive I would use the live version.

Hope this helps

Apr 12, 2012 | Computers & Internet

2 Answers

how backup to backup hard disk to hard disk

you can use programs like clonezilla, easeus, drive image xml or xxclone

Jul 08, 2011 | Microsoft Windows XP Professional

1 Answer

I want to be able to Mirror or RAID-1 on 2 different drives, then break the mirror and mark the second drive as an active boot drive. After looking around online, I realize that this process is more complicated than pushing a few buttons. The way I am doing it is through the Windows Computer Management Console beucase I will be doing this on several different computers, with different versions of Windows, and this is the only program that will be on all of them. Yes, I know I can use norton ghost to achieve the same goal, but if I can figure this out, it will save me a huge amount of time in the long run. I have already set up the mirror and broke it without any problems. All the files are in tact. The only bit of information I am missing is how to set the 2nd drive as the boot drive(create the boot.ini, mark as active, etc.), and what else I need to do to make sure this will be a stable boot drive. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I understand now, and appreciate your taking the time to clarify.

1.Make a backup disk of the current harddrives contents. This is a Restoration Disk.
Has the basic needed files for the Windows O/S, (Repair), but will also allow for a Full Installation.

2.Desktop, not laptop:
Install two harddrives, put them in a RAID1 configuration. Forget about the 'mirror' image program. Leave them both in there in case of a harddrive failure.

3.Laptop, not desktop:

A.There are some laptops that you press a key, or certain keys, when installing a new harddrive, when the old one has hardware issues, or viruses render it unusable. These key/s are pressed, BEFORE the old harddrive is removed. Allows replacement of that harddrive.

There are some laptops that Do Not! There is a workaround.

The above is to replace that harddrive, and may be used to upgrade to a larger harddrive, IF, certain criteria is met.

B.Use an external enclosure, insert the new 2.5" harddrive. Connect the external enclosure to the laptop via the USB port.
Now use an image 'mirror' program such as DriveImage XML, (Free), to copy over the image of the old harddrive to the new one.

Insert the new harddrive into the laptop. You can use the old harddrive in the external enclosure as a Slave drive.
Still only allows THOSE harddrives, to be used on THAT laptop.
Don't be surprised if you have to Re-Activate the O/S on that harddrive. (New one)

C.RAID configuration on a laptop = No
You only have one interface connection for a harddrive, Generally.
(Some gamer laptops use two hardrives internally. These are already configured in a RAID 0 configuration. More storage space. However, if one harddrive goes kaput, all information is lost. I do not believe you are referring to one of these)


The above is only for reference. I have no working knowledge of this program, just know of it's existence.

Sep 23, 2009 | Microsoft Windows XP Professional

1 Answer

backup of hard drive

I use Norton Ghost 9 and I love it. Initially, it makes a complete image of your harddrive. I would purchase a good sized external harddrive and attach it via USB and use it as your backup drive.

Norton will allow you to schedule "incremental backups" as often as you like. I have mine set for every night at 1AM.

The biggest reason to use this system is if your C: drive fails, you can use Norton Ghost to completely restore your system from the backup image on a new harddrive and be up and running as if nothing happened within a few hours. No installing applcations, settings or anything. It's wonderful!

Aug 12, 2009 | Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop Computer...

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