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Key Features
Full Product Name Yahoo Mail
Storage Unlimited Storage
Description Yahoo Mail is a Web based email (web mail) service from Yahoo! that offers unlimited mail storage.
Additional Yahoo mail domains &
Supported client
Mobile Wireless Devices
Email (for Yahoo Mail Plus) Microsoft Outlook 98 and higher, Microsoft Outlook Express for Macintosh, Eudora 5.1 or higher, Netscape Mail All Versions, IncrediMail build 618 and higher, Microsoft Entourage 2001 and higher.
POP3 Automatic forwarding - Yahoo! Plus feature.
Security Anti spam, viruses and phishing.
Supported browsers
Browsers IE 5.5 and higher (for Windows), Firefox 1.0 (for Mac and Windows), Mozilla Suite 1.7, Netscape 7.2, Safari 3.
Find & Organize
Search Find messeages from the same Sender or on the same subject.
Folders Organize all of your mail in folders.
Contact Information
Phone 408 349 3300

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