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try a new plug first .

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Check the vent.

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you take a screw driver and put it in between the flywheel fan teeth then unbolt the fan bolt for the inpeller

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Hi whitedee

Make sure you are getting spark at the spark plug, to do this:
Remove your spark plug and check to be sure you are getting a bright blue spark at the spark plug.
You do this by grounding the plug on the head of the engine and pulling the crank rope...watching the plug for spark.
If you are getting a nice blue spark then skip A below and go to B.
A...If you do not get a nice blue spark then you may need to replace the electronic module.
Note: If you have to replace the module be sure to measure the position it is in, it is critical to starting.
B...Also take some fine grit sandpaper (not emery) and lightly sand the flywheel where the magnet is located to clean any rust or corrosion from the magnet area.
Then follow the procedure below:
Sounds like you have dirt/debris in your caburetor jets,fuel passages or a diaphgram that is becoming non-flexible.
Check/Clean/Replace your Air Filter, a dirty air filter can make your engine run to rich with fuel.
Note:Before you disassemble the carburetor:
Write down on a piece of paper or take a picture of how the linkage attaches to your carburetor for later reference when you go to reinstall your carburetor.
Mark each piece with a awl, or some kind of instrument that will make an alignment scratch before you disassemble the carburetor into separate pieces.
That way you will know which way it goes back together when you reassemble it.
Sometimes you can get by with priming the carburetor or by using a very small shot of starting fluid and letting it run a few times like that, and it will flush the gunk out of the jets,but most of the time you will need to rebuild the carburetor.
Be sure to check your fuel tank for water and dirt/debris, if there is water/debris then you need to clean your tank.
Check you fuel line condition after a while they will degrade and need replacment.
Check/Clean/Replace your fuel filter if you have one, normally they are located in the fuel tank of chainsaws and weedeaters.
When you remove your fuel lines from the carburetor be sure to make a drawing to how the lines are connected to the carburetor or take a pictue for later reference.
Normally the big line will be the line the fuel filter is connected to inside of the tank.The smaller of the two lines is the return to the fuel tank from the carburetor after it is pumped thru the carburetor by the primer bulb.
Make sure you are using fresh fuel...and oil if your using a two cycle chainsaw or weedeater with the oil to the right mixture...too much oil as it can cause hard starting and excessive smoking.
If the chainsaw/trimmer is over a couple of years old, then I recommend that you buy and install a new carburetor repair kit,because the diaphragm will get hard and that will cause it to be hard to crank.
The diaphgram may look good and flexible, but it can be deceiving and not act as a fuel pump as it should because it has become too hard and will cause hard starting,start and run and shut off, etc.
When you clean your carburetor, I recommend that you use a laquer thinner type cleaner to clean and dissolve the laquer build-up in the float and needle jet passages.
Be sure to remove all plastic and rubber parts before using the laquer thinner because it can dissolve the plastic parts and render them unuseable.
Be sure to use COMPRESSED AIR to blow out all the fuel and air passages.The higher air pressure is needed to blow some of the trash/debris from the fuel or air passages.
Be careful when blowing out the passages, because there are sometimes small rubber type seats in the bottom of some of the passages.
Keep in mind that the float (if you have one) for the carburetor must be level when you go to reassemble the carburetor or follow the instructions you get with the carburetor kit, or you could also ask the parts man that you get your kit from.
When you clean your carburetor and remove the jet screws, you will first need to lightly seat the jet screws.
But before you lightly seat the jet screws count the number of turns it takes to seat the jet screws from their original position.
Be sure to mark the turns down on a piece of paper.
That way when you put the jets back in, you know to lightly seat them first and then turn them back out to their original position before you started.
The little spring inside of the carburetor goes under the float arm.
That is where your fuel inlet needle/float valve is located...on the arm at the end.
Normally there is a small indention in the carburetor base and a small protrusion on the underneath of the float arm where the spring will be in the right postion for installation.
The spring will set in the indention and you will install the float arm with the needle/float valve and float rod into position over top of the spring,you will push down until it is in position and then you can tighten the screw that holds the float arm assembly in position.
Once you have your carburetor cleaned/rebuilt that should solve your problem.
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Sounds like a fuel problem I would look at getting a new fuel filter. You have the carb set right. That's what I have mine set at.. Good luck

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your mixture screws probibly have to be adjusted.i have a homelite weed whacker and homelite leaf blower.
both had to be adjusted after i used them 6 or 7 times.theres a tool you can buy to move the screws.or you can be cheap like me and use a dremal tool with a cutting wheel on it and cut slots in to be able to adjust with a flat head.
turn the screws clockwise til there just seated,not too tight.then turn each one out counter clockwise to 2.5 turns and start adjusting from there.the first screw is the low setting and the second is the highs. i usally start with the highs.but u can do what you want. u can also youtube on how to adjust.

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I was working on a neighbor's homelite chainsaw and I replaced the primer bulb, it was not intuitive, and I hooked up the lines backwards. Also if you are replacing the primer bulb, maybe you have old fuel lines that are deteriorating and need replaced. Did you check the in tank fuel filter? If it looks dark, it may be time to change it.

I hope this helps get you going again.

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remove your carb and clean it and replace diaphram's and needle , they tend to swell up from ethanol that is used in the gas now a days, and the diaphrams turn stiff and won't pump fuel. then put fresh gas in when you are done and also replace fuel lines and filter too., probably primer to because once it is hit with carb clean it just crumbles, good luck

Homelite... | Answered on Jul 31, 2011 | 310 views

The parts inside the carburetor need to be replaced (gasket and diaphragm kit) and/or the L and H screws need to be adjusted on the carb. Try grasping and turning the L mixture screw on the carburetor (one closest to engine) about 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn counterclockwise.

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First you will have to get a carburetor kit ,it consists of diaprams and inlet needle,you then remove the two srews that hold carburetor on the engine and remove gas lines,also the throttle cable remove screws that hold ends of carburetor on under these you will find the diaphrams and needle remove these be carefull not to loose the little spring under the needle lever.
!get you a can of carburetor cleaner and spray carburetor the blow it out with air you will notice little jets in carburetor that have to be clean use a wire from a bread tie to clean them out install new gaskets and diaprams in same position you took old ones off.you can also look at carburetor to see what kind it is walbor,zama,tilloson? type the name in google search and can get a diagram of carburetor if you loose your place,or just ask me.

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This time of year, the ethanol in the fuel and winter set-up take their toll. Try this to entice it to run. Get an aerosol can of carburetor/choke cleaner spray at the auto parts store. Remove the air filter. Open the choke on the carburetor. Open the throttle all the way on the carburetor. Spray a couple of shots of the cleaner in through the carburetor throat. Immediately try to start the machine with it cold-choked the conventional manner with air cleaner still off. If it "pops" or acts like it wants to start, repeat the above procedure. If it fails to start, pull the spark plug and check for flooding and/or fouling of the plug. Clean and replace and repeat procedure. If it doesn't attempt to start, you will probably have to remove and service the carburetor, A good cleaning and/or gasket with diaphragms rebuild kit may need to be installed. These carbs have to be rebuilt with these fuel sensitive parts periodically anyway. Post back if needed. We are here to help.

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Your manual states that you use 2 stroke oil (I recommend synthetic) mixed with gasoline at the ratio of 50:1. That is 2.6 ounces/US gallon or 1.3 ounces/ 1/2 US Gallon. You can view your manual here but will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to do so. The above information is stated on page 11 of the manual.

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There should at least be a metal guard on the muffler. If there was any kind of pad, it probably would have to be made of asbestos (a highly banned material) to withstand the high heat. I don't know if the exhaust is the culprit here of is the muffler itself has contacted the user. Maybe the muffler has been removed (for carbon removal) and reinstalled incorrectly, thus the exhaust trail is contacting the user. See if the muffler has the small cover on it removed where the exhaust comes out. If this cover is missing, a new muffler with the correct cover on it is recommended.

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This is as close as I could come to your model. Several iof the carburetor items for Homelites have been updated or discontinued. In addition to this, Ebay has several Zama carburetors for sale that may fit your machine. This site is pricey but will give you a good idea;
Here is a listing of Zama Homelite carburetors currently on Ebay:

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Modern Homelite equipment uses a 50;1 fuel mixture. That is 2.6 ounces of 2 cycle mix to 1 gallon (U.S.) of gasoline. I highly recommend to use a quality 2 cycle oil that is designed for lawn equipment. I also recommend to use a mix that contains fuel stabilizer. This will usually be in a 3.2 ounce bottle.
Always use fresh fuel, it prevents problems in your equipment.

Good luck!

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2.6 oz. of 2-cycle oil to 1 gallon of gas. This is 50:1 ratio.


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Start from the bottom and work your way up. This is not an easy repair. You have to almost completely dissassemble the entire blower to replace the cord. You will need a T20 and T25 torx tool, a 9/16' wrench or socket, 40" of #3.5 rope and about an hour. A repair shop will typically charge $20 to $40 in labor for this repair.

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This is somewhat common in the the "zip start" machines. The recoil pulley is 2 plastic housings with a round coil spring between them. It is designed to need less effort to pull and start the machine. When pulled on with great effort/frustration, the middle spring bends and damages the upper housing. The only semi-permanent solution is to replace the pulley assembly. The part is relatively cheap thru Homelite.com. If you can do it yourself, go for it. A repair shop will most likely charge you $20 to $40 in labor to do this.

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Carb needs adjusting. Turn low side out half turn. If that doesn't do it, time to rebuild or replace carb.

Homelite... | Answered on Aug 20, 2010 | 207 views

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