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You need to remember, heat rises. If something is out of whack in your refrigerator and it's not able to remove heat properly, the heat it can't remove will rise to the top. I'll list a few things to look at.

1. Do you have ice build up that you can see on the back panel inside your refrigerator? If you do, you'll need to check your defrost cycle and circulation fan.

2. Check the fan by putting your hand by the upper holes on your back panel in the refrigerator. This can be problematic because depending on the age of the refrigerator, the fan might turn off when you open the doors.

3. Check the door seal for breaks, tears, or any leaks. Phycometric laws dictate that warm transfers to cold. So if you have any gap In the seal, warm air will migrate to cold air.

One definitive way to check if it is a defrost issue is to take everything out that might spoil and put in ice chests, unplug the unit, and open the doors for 8 hours to let any ice melt. Plug it back in and if it works properly, you have a defrost issue

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Do the old 'KISS" thing first (keep it simple ......thing). Chances are that there are tiny calcium deposits in the ice tray which makes an ice cube stick in the tray. If one ice cube sticks, the water will overflow as it needs all the trays empty for the filling. The water will drip down into the freezer area causing chunky ice and stalagmites. The calcium deposits are very teeny in size but will hang up an ice cube from dropping. If more than one ice cube (basically all the ice cubes) didn't drop then the heater in that unit that initially gets the ice cubes to drop could be bad.

I've taken the ice cube assembly out and used vinegar with baking soda to dissolve the calcium and that worked. I left it in for a couple of days. "Do NOT" use anything like a knife or whatever to scrape the bottom of the tray as it will destroy the finish and keep the ice cubes sticking.

When I had the warranty service come out, the technician explained what happened to the tray (calcium). He replaced the tray but the next time it happened I used the vinegar and baking soda. I eventually bought a new tray for 1/2 the price on the internet when the problem happened later on in life.

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Replace ice maker. Heater is bad.

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Clean condenser coils, remove anything around refrigerator that might prevent air flow on coils. Make sure freezer and fresh food area door are completely closed.

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Change the water filter.Here's how to do it How to Change Water Filter in Kenmore Refrigerator

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Have you put a few boxes of baking soda in the fridge to absorb the pungent odors? Do that.

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yes , when you measure in series with a load in an electrical circuit , you will measure the voltage loss the device causes by exerting its load on the supply power , this is what I suspect your seeing , if the optical sensor looks ok on the bucket thing , I suspect your having the old whirlpool water inlet solenoid problem , id ck that
try adding a small amount of water to ice form tray , if it makes ice in 24 hrs then yep you need a solenoid , also those tiny little sensors they use to sense where ice level is at , can be seen with the use of a simple home video camera (not your phone) , seems home vid cams are extra sensitive too IR light so you can view the light source with it to check it !!

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On the bottom rear of the refrigerator as you are looking at it from behind the left side where the water is feeding into there should be a double valve. 1 is for the water and the other to the icemaker. Many times that valve won't shut off, however the switch that dispenses the water is evidentially bad and needs to be checked if it is stuck open.

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All Whirlpool and sears bottom mount freezer you need to take black ducks bill off of back of ref. And take freezer apart and remove ice completely from evap.drainpan

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The compressor may be locked up or the start capacitor has failed. Another reason may be a defrost heat strip has shorted to the cabinet which will blow the fuse.

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The model numbers for a Kenmore are like this example=> 106.12345678

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Sounds like where the Ice comes out of the ice maker sometimes gets clogged with ice look inside that little Hopper the goes into the door and see if it has Cube's jammed in it

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It often requires more of a pry than a snap but it can be done.

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Hello Chris;
My name is Peter. I am a retired field service refrigeration technician.
First, The 253 model is an LG. Stay away from LG and Samsung refrigerators. 70% of my service calls were for either LG or Samsung. A common problem; LG would have compressor overload failures caused by the compressor. I would have to change both the overload and the compressor. This was a $650 - $900.00 repair. The Samsung has the best looking unit on the market, with the highest component failure rate. Their televisions are great, but appliances!
Ok, your dimensions.
1.) You need to take a tape measure and measure the space. You need 3/4" on the top and sides for proper air flow. You also require 2-1/2" in the back. Take this information to where you purchase a new unit.
2.) Consider going to a Sears Outlet Store (Scratch & Dent). You save a couple hundred dollars and have a one year warrantee.
3.) Consider a Habit Store for a used appliance.
Ok, What brand do I buy:
1.) If you can afford it: Kitchen Aid, Amanda or Hot Point (Fewest service calls).
2.) GE, Kenmore (Model number 110.---).
I hope I have helped;

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I had this problem. There may be a leak from your drain plug that catches condensation from your freezer when the unit shuts down/takes a break. Try and see if you can trace where the leak is coming from and fix it by replacing the part. Check with Kenmore if this a manufacturer defect and they may send a tech for free or discounted.

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Sounds like a defrost problem on your model what is the model number

n Appliance 911 Sea Breeze

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r134a gas is r134a gas and it is used in a variety of applications
because it is a extreme high pressure gas , it is unlikely that you will get a small can of it
It will be cheaper to have a fridge technician come and use the right amount as it normally comes in a 9 kg bottle and cost plenty
a fridge may use 100 grms if lucky

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Your fridge has a dual valve and you have no problem with the water supply. Likely a bad water valve on the fresh water side. Replace valve and should be ok

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