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Verify if your keyboard buttons are jammed

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Dec 02, 2013

that is a graphic problem, needs to be fix doing a reballing on the graphic chip , that requires a professional intervention .

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Nov 25, 2013

update the drivers

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Sep 13, 2013

Here it is :


HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Apr 18, 2013

HP Support > HP Compaq nx9600 Notebook PC > Main Support page > Manuals > Service and maintenance information,


Under the bold black subheading - Service and maintenance information, click on -

Compaq Presario X6000 and Compaq Presario nx9600 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide

Service Manual

Ignore if you are aware;
This is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.

After you click on the above file name, it may take up to 30 seconds before the first page comes up.

PDF files do not show until fully downloaded.

This is a Temporary download.

There is a method to saving this manual to your computer.
This way you can burn it off to a CD disk, and have it for safekeeping, and anytime you want it.

Instead of having to go back, and download each time you wish to view it.
If you do not know, and wish to; post back in a Comment.

Moving on........

The Base Enclosure (Bottom Cover) does not come off.
You have to completely disassemble the laptop, all the way down to the Base Enclosure; from the Top.

The Processor, and Heatsink/Fan Assembly is on the Bottom of the motherboard.

To wit;

Bottom view of motherboard,


Wear an ESD wrist strap, and have the alligator clip attached to a good ground source.
Average cost is $3 to $6.
(Electro Static Discharge)

Break any of the motherboard ZIF connectors, and this means MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT.

(i.e, Keyboard Cable motherboard connector, Touchpad Cable motherboard connector, etc)

Need step by step guidance in disassembling, post back in a Comment.


HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Mar 26, 2013

Ok, lets start slowly, do you have both a new battery and a new battery charger? If both attempt to use your old battery with the new charger. Also could be a bad charger or a shorted out battery...
Good Luck

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Feb 13, 2013


The Compaq NX 9600 is rather a complicated and somewhat notorious problem child. One of HP's better ideas, and a good one when it is working.

Disconnect Power adapter from PC
Remove Battery
Hold down power on button for 30 seconds
Remove both memory modules, Stot1 and Slot2.
Re-install battery
Re-connect power adapter
Attempt to reboot.
If nothing happens the book says replace the motherboard which is very pricey.

email me @ businessimprovementgroup@msn.com and give me and update as I don't visit this site often.


HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Feb 13, 2013

Hey, the download speed of a file mainly depends on the speed of ur intenet connection.It also depends on the browser u use nad how many add-ons are enabled.Use only safari browser or mozilla firefox and disable all the unnecessary add-ons and then download ur files.
For much faster speed, u can purchase or free download the trial version of Internet Download Manager or Download Accelerator Plus...

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Jan 22, 2013

Try pressing [F11] repeatedly on Start-up, to access the Factory Recovery Partition.....

However, PLEASE note that you will NOT find Windows 7 drivers for your laptop if it is that old. (confirmed, HP only supports XP on that model.)

IOW....*IF* you could manage to get win7 to install on it, it is HIGHLY likely that parts of it would not work....video, network, cardbus slot, audio.....all of these would need windows 7 drivers to work properly.

you would likely be able to see a monitor image, but not be able to change the resolution much (stuck at 800x600) and the others....would be hit and miss. and if your network adapters (LAN and WLAN) did not work, I'm not sure of what use it would be to you.....

This is one of the pit-falls in Laptop/Notebook ownership. Although some models have lasted through more than one OS, they are a tiny minority.

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Sep 04, 2012

Your laptop uses Integrated Graphics.
Another term used for Integrated Graphics is OnBoard Graphics.

ON the motherBOARD.

This means the graphics chipset is soldered directly to the motherboard.
(Via a BGA surface mount)

It is either an ATI Mobility Radeon X300 with 64MB of video memory, or an ATI Mobility Radeon X600 with 128MegaByte of video memory.


As such, replacing the graphics chipset is more feasibly done, by replacing the motherboard.

A) What makes you think the graphics chipset is bad?
You plugged in an external VGA monitor, (Laptop OFF, monitor OFF), and the graphics are distorted on the external VGA monitor?

[ Turn the external VGA monitor on. IF a CRT type, (Looks like a small TV), allow it to warm up.
Turn the laptop on.

If graphics do not show up on the external VGA monitor, press, and hold down on the Fn key, and simultaneously tap on the F4 key.

You may have to perform this procedure more than once, as there are several display options ]

B) Video Cable:
Loose connections of the Video Cable TO the motherboard, and/or TO the back of the LCD screen, can cause a bad display.

B1) A damaged Video Cable can also cause a bad display.
Just from the usual opening, and closing of the laptop, may damage the Video Cable. It runs across the motherboard, and under the left Hinge Cover.

Laptop partially disassembled, look at the Video Cable on the motherboard side, and see if there are obvious signs of damage to the Video Cable's sheath.

There may be damage to the tiny wires inside the cable, also.

The best method is to remove the Video Cable, and with an economical multimeter perform a continuity test of all the wires inside the cable.
(Multimeter set to Ohms)

Chip and Chipset are slang terms for I.C.
Integrated Circuit,


The I.C. for graphics is a graphics chipset, or G.P.U.,


The GPU for your laptop is mounted to the motherboard with a BGA surface mount,


To explain the BGA surface mount, compare to an older Intel Pentium 4 processor, that uses a Socket 478 processor socket.

The bottom of the Processor has contact pins. (478 of 'em)
The processor socket has matching socket holes. (478)

With a BGA surface mount, the chipset has Solder Balls on the bottom.
The motherboard has matching Copper Pads. (Usually coated with a thin gold plating)

The chipset is set into place over the motherboard, with the Solder Balls lining up with the matching Copper Pads.
Heat is then applied at a specific temperature, and length of time.

The Solder Balls melt which solders the chipset to the Copper Pads.
(Which in turn solders the chipset to the motherboard)

The Processor and graphics chipset are the two hardware components, that give of the most heat.
IF, the laptop is kept dirty inside on a constant basis, the graphics chipset will overheat.

Constant overheating may partially melt those solder connections (Joints), and cause a bad contact of the graphics chipset to the motherboard.

To repair?
IF the graphics chipset is bad, you will need to find another one.
(Ummm, good luck)
Then a BGA Rework machine should be used to remove the bad graphics chipset, and solder in a new one.

OR, if the mounting of the graphics chipset is bad, (Solder connections), a BGA Rework Machine can resolder the connections.

This is why I state it is more economical, and feasible, to just replace the motherboard.

[ Laptops that DO indeed have a dedicated removable graphics card, base it off of the MXM technology,


Laptop manufacturers use the term 'Graphics Card' too loosely.
They state it, to make the consumer believe the laptop has a removable graphics card, when it doesn't.

Better for sales, and also helps the consumer understand about their laptop's graphics devices; but is used wrong.

They are stating Graphics Card, when it is really just a graphics chipset, soldered to the motherboard.

Kind of like people referring to a computer as a CPU.
It isn't.
CPU = Central Processing Unit. Another term used is Microprocessor, or simply Processor for short.
The 'Brain' of the computer ]

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


[ Service Manual,


Scroll down to the bold heading - Service and maintenance information
Click on the file listed underneath -

Compaq Presario X6000 and HP Compaq NX9600 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide

This is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.
After you click on the file name it may take up to 30 seconds, before the first page comes up.

This is a temporary download. You can save a copy to your computer, and not have to download again.
This way you can burn it off to CD disk, and have the manual at your fingertips anytime you want.

You can also check the file out first to see that it works OK, then delete it from the computer you downloaded it on, and save harddrive space.
If you do not know how, and wish to, post in a Comment ]

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Jun 28, 2012

Not sure on that model but most laptops have just 1 screw underneath the laptop that secures the drive in place. If you eject the tray first then remove the screw you can usually see a small tab in the screw hole, you can slide it outwards towards the edge of the laptop with the end of the screwdriver and carefully slide the drive out by holding the sides of the tray. Install new drive and replace screw.

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on May 06, 2012

Hi roebair2...
Go to this website to see what they will charge you for the mother board...

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Sep 15, 2011

I know some methods to reset bios password.
1. The best and easiest method: Close OS and shut down the electricity power of computer. Open your computer box, take out the cmos battery from the mainboard. Then the bios password will be reset to blank. Put it back after a few minutes.
2. Follow some tutorials. For example the tutorials:
Reset HP / Dell BIOS Password.

Top 3 methods to crack bios password!

So I would suggest you the 1st method. Hope it helps.

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on May 25, 2011


Have you tried this

firstly make sure that the wireless has been enabled
have a look on or around the keyboard there is normally a wireless key with a picture beside it that
looks a little like a small satellite it will be either a push or slide key and sometimes you have to press the FN+the wireless key

then go down to the bottom right of your screen and there should be a little box or something saying wireless connections available or with a red cross through it if you are not connected please hover your mouse over it or click on it

then open that connections box and look for your routers name
then click on that name and go down and click connect
then if it is security enabled it will ask you for the password that you may of set up
or sometimes it will ask for a serial which could be written under the router

good luck hope you get sorted

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Mar 12, 2011

information. hpweb_1-2_plus.gifhpweb_1-2_minus.gifRun a Microsoft system restore
    hpweb_1-2_plus.gifhpweb_1-2_minus.gif In Windows XP Click Start , All Programs , Accessories , System Tools , System Restore . Select a windows restore point from a time when the computer operated properly, and then restart the computer. hpweb_1-2_plus.gifhpweb_1-2_minus.gif In Windows Vista or Windows 7 Click Start, type restore in the search field, and select System Restore from the list. Select a windows restore point from a time when the computer operated properly, and then restart the computer.
If the computer does not boot into Windows, you can restore the computer settings to an earlier point in time. Turn on the power and press f8 . On the Windows Advanced Boot Option screen, select Safe Mode and boot into Windows. hpweb_1-2_plus.gifhpweb_1-2_minus.gifUpdate Windows, the BIOS, and HP device drivers

HP Compaq nx9600... | Answered on Nov 12, 2010

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