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It would be helpful if you could provide some pictures so I could see what it is doing. Generally the belt will be thrown off if it is badly worn and hence it is loose, so a replacement might fix the problem. You should also make sure that it runs correctly around all the pulleys as it is easy to get one wrong, finally make sure that all the grass has been cleaned from the tensioner and around the pulley guides, and that the pulleys are not badly worn. If they are badly worn, the belt will sit in the bottom of the pulley instead of on the sides, and will throw off really easily. A damaged belt will also cause it to be thrown off.

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The screws are fuel screws so unscrewing them will ritchen the mixture, start with the L screw, this will be the closest to the cylinder, start the engine and warm up, gently screw the jet in, the revs will start to increase as it leans off, at the point where it then starts to die because its too lean, turn the screw out 1/4 turn, now start with the H screw, open the throttle fully, if the engine struggles to accelerate unscrew the jet 1/4 turn and try again.

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check cable to lever if ok check belt

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This shaft runs into the gearbox selector, it may be an issue with the selector and not the shaft, if so it would need the gearbox splitting, either way it may still need splitting,so you may as well douse with penetrating oil and try to move the shaft with a pair of grips, always worth a try.

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The rose joints on the ends of the shaft are pressed in and crimped so cannot be re installed if they have come out, so it would require a new shaft.

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If your running hydro drive check the level, friction drive ( check the adjustment or return springs depending on what you have)

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Most common cause is the passageways are plugged up allowing the oil to flow to the chain.
Should take nothing more than a really good cleaning.
God bless your efforts.

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charge system not generating enough power to run the engine with the clutch engaged continuity only suggests a complete circuit but unless you read the resistance then it could be a dead short between windings that is drawing excessive power and stopping the engine power
so have the charging system checked and get the resistance reading for the clutch and compare to specifications

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These machines are set up for the best emissions and not the best running, you need to acquire the special tool to adjust the carb correctly, once you have the tool ( you can get this off e bay ) turn the H screw out about 10 minutes on a clock face and try again.

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Compression testing a two stroke is a little hit and miss, if there is a lot of fuel oil in the crankcase or in and around the cylinder you will not get an accurate figure, however 130/ 140psi should be achievable

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Possibly someone has put the hydro in bypass ( push mode ) or drive belt broken or slipping.

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If the bar bolt has actually pulled through the case i fear there is no simple way to repair it, the stud has a square on the back and is pressed in from the back just behind the muffler, the best i can suggest is to manufacture a plate that will sit behind the muffler with a bolt welded to it that comes through the crankcase.

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The correct procedure is to get both wheels off the ground ( all four wheels if it is a 4 wheel drive ) run the engine at half speed, put the hydro in bypass ( push mode ) push lever ( or pedal ) slowly into forward motion and back to neutral, then into reverse and back to neutral, do this five to six times, now put the hydro back into drive and repeat the process, you should do this as many times as it takes to get good non judder movement of the wheels, if the machine has a separate reservoir then until there are no bubbles or air visible.

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If the belt has come off a few times then it has probably stretched and now is shot and needs replacing, you may need to cut it to get it off from under the pulley, there is normally a keeper around the back of the pulley to stop this happening, it may need to be adjusted closer to the pulley to stop this happening again, the operators manual should show the correct routing of the belt.

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  • you do not add 2 stroke oil for the mix. you mix gas and oil in your gas can and add it. what you think is the 2 stoke oil is the chain oil. i suggest you actually read your manual before you blow the thing up

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a broken ring will show as very low or no compression
normally rings do not break but a lack of oil in the fuel will allow a section of the ring lands to melt and be dragged down over the ring jamming them in position
Get a normal compression gauge and remove the plug
open the throttle wide , put the gauge in place and pull the cord hard ,2 or 3 times
you should get a compression reading of over 60psi and around 100 psi is a good indication of an ok engine
remember that engine compression is dependent not on only good rings but good crank shaft seals being on good order as well and the suspect seal is the one next to the drive sprocket as saw dust will get under the lip and drop the compression
to replace rings and seals the engine has to be stripped down

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Request the wiring diagram directly from Husqvarna.

Husqvarna Garden | Answered on Mar 24, 2018 | 248 views

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