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I have the same problem, it seems the airplay connection is easily lost, it never plays for longer than an hour without itunes losing the receiver, then i have to reset the receiver so that it appears in itunes again, very annoying. I spoke to Yamaha and they are not aware of any issues but clearly there is one. A quick workaround is to bring the receiver up in a browser by typing in its IP address, go to IP Address tab and simply apply without changing anything, this causes the receiver to initialize its network function as you will see the amp resetting and it will then appear in iTunes. This doesn't work through the units setup without changing settings and then changing them back again. Hopefully this is just a glitch that will Yamaha will fix in the next firmware update, I am running 1.14 update.

Yamaha RX-V473... | Answered on Nov 18, 2013

Hello Sandy, for what you say, it is very likely that the system that raises and lowers the arm is hardened or locked
It would have to disarm and clean the mechanism
I do not suggest you do so, contact a specialized technical service
I hope I can solve the problem
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Sandy, por lo que cuentas, es muy probable que se encuentre endurecido o trabado el sistema que sube y baja el brazo
Habria desarmar y hacer una limpieza al mecanismo
No le sugiero que lo haga, pongase en contacto con un servicio tecnico especializado
Espero pueda resolver el problema
Saludos Franco Dosil


Yamaha Audio... | Answered on May 20, 2019

Hello Azhar, for what you comment, your Yamaha is protecting itself, that's why it stops emitting sound and listens that the relay is working, it's not a problem of relay
I recommend that you check the cables and speaker connections, that there is no short circuit, also check that all the speakers are heard, in each speaker
Try disconnecting the baffle from the left channel and check if the sound of the right baffle is cut, then disconnect the right one and reconnect the left one, also check if it cuts
If in some cases it is cut, that is the channel that is wrong or with problems
If you have technical knowledge, disarm the amplifier and do a cleaning and check possible false contacts, which could cause the failure, Just do this, If you have technical knowledge, but approach a specialized technical service
I hope you can solve the problem
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Azhar, por lo que comentas, tu Yamaha se esta protegiendo, por eso deja de emitir sonido y escuchas que el rele esta funcionando, no es un problema de rele
te recomiendo que revises los cables y conexiones de parlantes, que no haya ning?n corto circuito, tambi?n revisa que se escuchen todos los parlantes, en cada bafle
Prueba desconectar el bafle del canal izquierdo y f?jate si se corta el sonido del bafle del derecho, luego desconecta el derecho y reconectas el izquierdo, tambi?n comprueba si se corta
Si en alguno de los casos se corto, ese es el canal que esta mal o con problemas
Si tienes conocimientos t?cnicos, desarma el amplificador y hazle una limpieza y revisa posibles falsos contactos, que pudieran producir la falla, Solo haz esto, Si tienes conocimientos t?cnicos, sino ac?rcate e un servicio t?cnico especializado
Espero puedas resolver el problema
Saludos Franco Dosil



Yamaha Audio... | Answered on May 16, 2019

5 seconds shut down: dc protection triggered. (DC outputted from speaker terminals.)Make sure +B and -B are equal first . The problem also comes from voltage amp circuit board including differential amp and constant current source but power transistors mounted are ok. Remember to download HTR 6130 service manual .

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on May 08, 2019

Hello Claude, try replacing the cable of your laptop, if it still fails, change input on the Yamaha or try another notebook, this way you are discarding fault elements
It would be good if you commented that the brand and model is your portable
I hope you can hear your laptop on your Yamaha
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Claude, prueba reemplazar el cable de tu portatil, si aun falla, cambia de entrada en el Yamaha o prueba con otro portatil, de esta manera vas descartando elementos de falla
Seria bueno que comentes que marca y modelo es tu portatil
Espero que logres escuchar tu portatil en tu Yamaha
Saludos Franco Dosil

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on May 01, 2019

Hello Dianna, check that the cable that goes from the decoder is well connected, if so, change it for another of the same characteristics, if this continues the problem, connect the decoder to another input of the TV, if it still does not work, connect the decoder on another TV and check that you see it, if this is so, you would have to have the TV checked at a specialized technical service
You have not specified which TV model you have
I hope you have served my suggestions
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Dianna, controla que el cable que va desde el decodificador se encuentre bien conectado, si es as?, c?mbialo por otro de iguales caracter?sticas, si as? continua el problema, conecta el decodificador en otra entrada del televisor, si aun as? no funciona, conecta el decodificador en otro televisor y comprueba que lo vea, si esto es as?, tendr?as que hacer revisar el televisor en un servicio t?cnico especializado
No has especificado que modelo de televisor tienes
Espero te haya servido mis sugerencias
Saludos Franco Dosil

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on May 01, 2019

Hello Suzanne, if the system you use with your Yamaha HTR-6063, is compatible with the Yamaha RX-V685
I send you the links to download the user manual of the Yamaha RX-V685 and the Quick Guide of your Yamaha HTR-6063
I hope my comment will serve you
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Suzanne, si el sistema que usas con tu Yamaha HTR-6063, es compatible don el Yamaha RX-V685
Te envio los link para que descargues el manual de usuario del Yamaha RX-V685 y la Guia Rapida de tu Yamaha HTR-6063
Espero que te sirva mi comentario
Saludos Franco Dosil



Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

Hello Garry, ask, have you tried on both AV1 and AV3 fiber optic inputs on your Yamaha?
Because apart from these two inputs of Fiber Optics, the Yamaha, has an Optical Fiber Output, which could lead to a connection error
I sent you the link of the User's Manual so you can download it, on page 5, it shows the back panel of the HTR-6295
I hope my comment has served you
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Garry, pregunta, has probado en las dos entradas de fibra optica AV1 y AV3 de tu Yamaha?
Porque aparte de estas dos entradas de Fibra Optica, el Yamaha, cuenta con una Salida de Fibra Optica, la cual podria llevarte a un error de conexion
Te envio el link del Manual de usuario para que lo descargues, en la pagina 5, muestra el panel trasero del HTR-6295
Espero te haya servido mi comentario
Saludos Franco Dosil

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

Hello Richard, if your Bose Acoutimass 5 Series II, are compatible with your Yamaha RX-V379, using them in the L and R Front outputs of the Yamaha, this set is prepared to work between 10 to 200 watts of power, your Yamaha delivers 70 watts per channel, what is within the range of work of the Bose
I am sending you the link so you can download the Bose guide
I hope you enjoy the Yamaha-Bose convention
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Richard, si tus Bose Acoutimass 5 Series II, son compatibles con tu Yamaha RX-V379, usandolos en las salidasL y R Front del Yamaha, este conjunto esta preparado para funcionar entre 10 a 200 watts de potencia , tu Yamaha entrega 70 watts por canal, lo que esta dentro del rango de trabajo de los Bose
Te estoy enviando el link para que puedas descargar la guia de los Bose
Espero que disfrutes de la convinacion Yamaha-Bose
Saludos Franco Dosil

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

Hi Wendy, it would be very appreciated if you indicate which devices are the ones you are using and from which you ask the question
Discuss brand and model of each one and what do you want to achieve, in order to give yourself a possible solution
I wait your answer
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Wendy, seria muy apreciado que indiques que aparatos son los que estas usando y de los cuales haces la pergunta
Comenta marca y modelo de cada uno y que es lo que quieres lograr, a fin de darte una posiblesolucion
Espero tu respuesta
Saludos Franco Dosil

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

Hello Jody, I do not finish interpreting your need
I am sending you the link to download the DSP-1 user manual
I hope that you manage to solve your concern
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Jody, no termino de interpretar tu necesidad
Te estoy enviando el link para que descargues el manual de usuario del DSP-1
Espero que logres resolver tu inquietud
Saludos Franco Dosil

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 30, 2019

“The radio has set itself to play permanently on zone 2, and I cant turn it off.” Download RXV633(YAMAHA RXV663) service manual to look for how to reset the amp. If reset does not solve the problem, matrix circuit on front panel is a main concern. Bear in mind, both Denon & Yamaha CPUs to control switching (matrix)circuit are multi-tasking, comparing Onkyo & Pioneer. Chance of CPU problem is very very low. Fixing matrix circuit is of paramount important.

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 29, 2019

Hello Rob, to solve your problem you can use an HDMI to component video converter, that way you can continue using your projector without changing the installation
I sent you a link to the product that is sold in my country, you search the Internet and you will find a local store where you can buy it
Another solution, if your projector has an HDMI input, would be to add a UTP network cable to the installation and place an HDMI extender on each end, this device converts the HDMI signal and transports it through the UTP cable to reach the area of the projector where the other climber is that converts the signal back into HDMI and enters it into the projector
I hope you can use the suggestions
Greeting Franco Dosil

Hola Rob, para solucionar tu problema puedes utilizar un conversor de HDMI a v?deo por componentes, de esa manera podr?s seguir utilizando tu proyector sin cambiar la instalaci?n
Te envi? un link del producto que se vende en mi pais, buscas en Internet y encontraras alg?n comercio local donde puedas adquirirlo
Otra soluci?n, si tu proyector tiene entrada HDMI, seria que agregar en la instalaci?n un cable de red UTP y colocar en cada extremo un extensor para HDMI, este dispositivo te convierte la se?al HDMI y la transporta por el cable UTP hasta llegar a la zona del proyector donde esta el otro escalador que vuelve a convertir la se?al en HDMI e la ingresas al proyector
Espero que te sirva las sugerencias
Saludo Franco Dosil


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Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 29, 2019

Posted by Boban Matic on Jan 20, 2019
Hello Boban, for what you describe, when you have the equipment working in ProLogic, you only have sound in the central speaker and in the rear and that in 7.1 they work in total, 5 speakers, ask, work the front speakers left and right? , have you controlled your connection cables ?, have you assigned them to system A and have you enabled them?
If you've done all this, the front speakers should work
otherwise you would have problems in the exit stage of the fronts
I suggest you take it to a specialized technical service
I hope you can solve the problem
Greetings Franco Dosil
Hola Boban, por lo que describes, cuando tienes el equipo funcionando en ProLogic, solo tienes sonido en el parlante central y en los traseros y que en 7,1 funcionan en total, 5 parlantes, pregunta, funcionan los parlantes frontales izquierdo y derecho?, controlaste sus cables de conexi?n?, los has asignado al sistema A y los has habilitado?
Si has hecho todo esto, los parlantes frontales deber?an funcionar
sino tendr?as problemas en la etapa de salida de los frontales
Te sugiero que lo lleves a un servicio t?cnico especializado
espero que puedas resolver el problema
Saludos Franco Dosil

Yamaha Audio... | Answered on Apr 26, 2019

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