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The most common cause is that the unit has become calcified. Follow your owner manual for descale the machine, lacking that, pour a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water (because your machine is clogged, you could consider using 100% vinegar) into the the machine, run so that some (get as much as possible) of the weak acid mixture has been pulled into the internal water path and then shut off and leave sit. because of the large degree of scale buildup, I would leave at least overnight, if not longer. It will take a considerable amount of time for the vinegar to dissolve the hardened calcium. After allowing the vinegar to work, restart the coffee maker and allow the remainder to pass through the machine.

After cleaning, run a full pot of plain water through the machine, one full cycle, no coffee) to clean out the residue.

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Try unplugging it for 30 sec. and plug back in. Give it time to reset. Hope this helps

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Hello Rightorl...

Everythig made by man is repairable... and to
MERCILESSLY drive the point home... even
AMAZON carries part for your "B70"... (eBay too).

Just the slightest amount of conductivity
is enough to trip a GROUND FAULT... So
you are not necessarily looking for NAIGRA Falls.

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I believe if you search online
You can even find a KEURIG Company PART supplier:
Keurig Parts Keurig Coffee Maker Replacement Parts

- Frankly...
I love coffee ... (excessively strong)
((life is short... and I am old))... Not withstanding
my POT- FILLER... CHEMEX... smart-home daily
automatic brewing capability...

I have reverted to the camp-fire brewing method...
BOILING water, removed from heat, IMMEDIATELY
gets a mega dose of freshly/finely ground PETE's
(never to see heat again it is COLD filtered through
a Melitta #6 and stored in the refrigerator...

Drained into a three quart carafe...

Grounds are immediately distributed to the redwoods...

When my sisty wants hot coffee... Microwave 90 seconds
(taste is ALWAYS AWESOME)...

Else the BOSS (she who must be obeyed) & I enjoy
our iced LATTE Coffees in the morning...

If it is too cold... we build a FIRE first.

Life is good (12 cups at a time).

Carnac the Magnificent

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They advised me to stop using it and buy a new one. and why do you not listen to them

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(read the manual)

Personally I prefer the French press for small batches...
That way the GOUNDS can make it to the garden...
(where they belong).


Carnac the Magnificent

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In Uk i would take it back to shop as faulty and get either replacement or full refund as it is not fit for purpose. Depends where you live and what consumer rights you have.

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there may be something blocking it at the hinge spring...

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the word prime means that you have to fill the unit first so that all air is removed

check for some sort of bleed valve /screw at the top

fill the unit first then connect it all up

all these sort of instructions will be in the user manual for you to follow

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You are not supposed to remove it. You can only wash it while in place with sanitized water.

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You don't, Keurig uses air pressure to move liquid.

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We had a similar problem at work with priming after replacing the water jug. We used to loosen the water line in the back of the unit to purge the air. This was messy, water all over the place. Next we tried brewing a cup without the K-cup in it. this worked well. Sometimes it takes 2 cycles but at least it is not as messy.

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Hello if you have tried everything and it is still not working the way it should check to see what the warranty is if you still have the instructions if not call Keurig 1-800-361-5628 and give them your model number..
Hope this helps. Good luck ,All the best!

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Keurig has a good warranty program. I would return it and get a new one.

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Can you jam something plastic under the float so that it is up as high as it will go and try again. If that doesn't fix it then the problem is likely to be the sensor behind the housing in line with the float.

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throw away and buy a bunn coffee maker

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When everything else that you tried fails... like descaling with vinegar and leave it for 15-24 hrs 2-3x before brew rinsing), or the paper clip on both top and bottom punchers cleaning, or turning it upside down and giving it a shake, or cleaning the water reservoir entrance. then, for the last resort, before deciding on replacing the diaphragm pump... open the bottom metal part, inspect for any visible drip of water (accumulation of white hard water stains, or discoloration on the metal) visualize where it's coming from. Mine is on 2 spots, from the diaphragm pump (where there's 3 black screws) and where the connection of the main pump to the reservoir. This good news, it means nothing wrong with the pumps. it's been leaking water so the connection is the only problem (must be air tight). The common sense FIX: depress the metal clamp and pull the plastic tube out, clean the inside and the connection and re-attach it back making sure the little leak will stop. Replace the other one with a new tie wrap and make sure it's air tight.

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probly needs serviced seals

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i have a small wire device that we run thru the water tube when it brews slower than 3 minutes

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if the unit is built for 110 bolts and it is plugged into 220 volts, either the unit or the outlet circuit breaker is the problem. Circuit breaker can be reset - not so much for the coffee maker.

Check the circuit breaker and then see if another appliance will work. If not, the circuit needs troubleshooting. If the circuit works, then have the coffee maker serviced.

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