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There are 2 possible cause of that noise 1 is coming from your fan motor and the 2 is the compressor stand is broken. Or water that never comes out on the pan of the air condition try to drain it first before proceeding the 1 and 2 tips.

LG Goldstar... | Answered on May 19, 2015

What you will need to do is reposition the window unit to where it is slightly tilted downwards in the rear so that the water flows out the backside.

If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/dan_73bbd84fe1d95b61

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Because you used a common plug that already has 5 or more amps of current on it it would be bound to trip easily. Many modern homes that are put together fast have the wires pushed in the back of them and hence can't take a huge load like that. One of the plugs in the system likely failed to pass the power to the next one in the chain. That is why an informed consumer calls an electrician when they get a new appliance like an air conditioner and have a designated plug installed with a wire size and a breaker that can handle it. Sometimes they put in a high quality commercial plug.

LG Goldstar... | Answered on Nov 29, 2013

When you get a new air-conditioner it should be standard practice to call an electrician and have a designated plug installed with its own breaker that has been calculated with the correct wire size and amperage for the breaker. When you use a common plug that may already have 5 or 10 amps being used on that circuit and you add a 12 or 14 amp appliance to the system you are going to have troubles.

LG Goldstar... | Answered on Nov 29, 2013

No water is needed for this model, you can refer to user manual.

LG Goldstar... | Answered on Oct 22, 2013


if its an air conditioner not humidifier etc, then no!

it will create condensation which can mislead people into thinking it has a leak, this is normal. it is only moisture taken from the air we are cooling


LG Goldstar... | Answered on Oct 22, 2013

Hi, first you will need to know, what type refrigerant,(freon) your a/c used, if you need to add freon, there's a leak in your a/c. you will have to find and repair leak, before you can charge/ add refrigerant(freon) . automobile a/c can be easily recharge (add) to system, but your window a/c unit, has the same principles but different approach, if you don't have experience, you will have to call mechanic, make sure you have a freon leak, before calling mechanic, plug a/c on let it work, put hands close to a/c, feel or check temperature of air blowing out from a/c, make sure compressor is working/running, fans could be working/ but compressor not, also put a/c thermostat to max, your model no. GWHD5000. means your unit is 5000 b.t.u, (british thermal unit) measurement of heat transfer, am wondering if a/c is to small for your space/room. making you think it needs freon, 5000. b.t.u. is for a small space,like a room 10' by 10' like a storage area or small bedroom, keep bedroom door/windows shut. measure you room/space/area , the bigger space/area needed to be cooled, has a chart, maybe you can find it on internet, any way a 10.000 or 12.000 b.t.u a/c is better buy, for normal room/space etc. so check compressor especially to make sure working, a/c could be to small for space/room, check it at night to see if it's colder. don't try to put gas/ freon yourself, could be very dangerous. but before calling mechanic, check those thing, mention before, could be your a/c are to small, for space/room etc. remember before attempting any repairs, disconnect power. good luck.

LG Goldstar... | Answered on Jun 07, 2013

most window units do not have service valves they do make quick taps that clamp on lines and pierce sor serviceing these units

LG Goldstar... | Answered on Jul 13, 2012


Download this illustration and then using a good multimeter start basic troubleshooting.

All residential window air conditioners have a cooling system made up of four primary components, a compressor, an evaporator fan, a control or switch, capacitor.When the thermostat is calling for a colder room temperature the compressor is energized. It is normally very quiet. The evaporator is always located on the front of the air conditioner. It also has silver fins. Be sure it is clean. Use a foaming type cleaner and rinse with plain water. Because the evaporator is absorbing heat, it is very cold to the touch. The temperature drop causes any humidity in the air to collect on the evaporator - sometimes called sweat. There is a fan inside the air conditioner that circulates the air for the evaporator and condenser coils. The circulating fan and compressor are running simultaneously. The fan motor has two fan blades attached to it on either end. The fan blade on the inside part of the unit continually draws room air over the evaporator coils, which are cold. The fan blade on the outside part of the unit continually draws fresh outside air over the condenser coils, which are warm. Because the evaporator coils are cold, they cause moisture in the room to collect on them, much like a cup of ice water on a warm, humid day. When the amount of moisture increases, it begins to drip down off of the coils into the bottom pan of the air conditioner.
If the compressor fails to start or the fan you may need to replace the capacitor.
You may need a hard start kit.

Thermostat control The thermostat on a window air conditioner works by sensing the air temperature entering the air conditioner. As the air entering the unit reaches the set temperature it will cause the compressor to turn off. The blower may continue to run depending on the selection chosen on the control panel. Digital thermostats work on a similar principle but display a more precise temperature.
Test for continuity with the multimeter between the two terminals . Warm you should read continuity (contacts closed). If not change it.
Selector switches The air conditioner selector switches allow the user to choose the fan speed. The compressor always runs at the same speed regardless of the settings. If low cool is chosen, for example, the fan runs at a slower speed but the compressor still offers the same cooling capacity. There are other switches to control louver operation and other features on some units.

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Check your drain port, it may be plugged up

LG Goldstar... | Answered on Jun 09, 2011

Is the AC cooling properly?
If it is I would not bother it.
Your amp draw while somewhat high is not significantly high and would not worry me from a trouble-shooting angle, especially if it's cooling well.
Did you read the amp draw with the cover off the AC? If you did that would account for a slightly high reading. Even if you read it with the cover on - I would not worry about it, as I said above, it's just not that significant.
As far as 'low oil level.' -- I would not even be thinking about "oil" or whether or not it was low or whatever. This is just not an issue in such a small unit.

LG Goldstar... | Answered on Jun 07, 2011

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