Canon PowerShot A630 Digital Camera - Answered Questions & Fixed issues

CR2 files appear to be in the RAW format, so you will need software that can open them. Try Irfanview or Faststone (both free).

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hi, press the disp button till you get the live view, if the batteries are more than 3 years old they may have depleted , hope this helps

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Would increasing the ISO rating help ?

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Go to manufacturer web site for download.

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One idea: Can you connect to a computer over USB? Trying connecting it and turning it on to whatever setting you use to download photos. If your computer can still see the camera there's hope.

I checked the Canon website and there's no new firmware update available, so that's not an option.

I read the manual and the only reset option requires using the menu on the LCD, so that's out as an option too.

One last thought: Does it have an power adapter option? Perhaps you could plug it into wall power in order to completely eliminate the batteries from the circuit. If that works you know it's the battery.

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Make sure your lens is clean and free of any smudges or debris.

Ensure that you are far enough away from your subject that the minimum focusing distance has been achieved

Most auto-focus systems use contrast to detect what needs to be sharp. If you are shooting something that is all the same color, the camera will probably not be able to focus.

Make sure there is plenty of light on the subject; even if to the naked eye it looks like there is light, the camera focus system will have a hard time detecting your subject if it is not extremely well lit.

Hope that helps!

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Hi, would you be able to post a picture of the error that you are receiving?

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These point and shoot cameras are known for such problems. I have purchased many off ebay and worked on them. Some I wish I had never touched and some were easy fixes. When you dont use them for a long time they seem to go bad, the batteries are a big problem. Contacts in these get crusted with acids and just one flake of that will get on other parts and cause all sorts of problems. Black screen is huge problem with all makers. My advice is look for another camera unless you have soem very small tools and take it apart. I fixed on just by readjusting the ribbon cable just a fraction and the screen came back alive. Good luck

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at the back of the camera there is a Display button (mark as DISP)
press it a few times until all symbols will dissapear on the screen

good luck
image from:

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Refer this inquiry directly to Canon.

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What size card are you using?

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Take no more pics until you've recovered the photos, take the card out of the camera. Here's some freeware photo recovery software that should be what you're looking for.

You will need to use a flash card reader with this software. If you don't have one, get one, they're inexpensive.

The reason this occurred is that you likely never formatted the card. The card will work fine in the beginning but eventually will corrupt.

AFTER you've recovered the photos, format the card in your camera to prevent this from happening again. Go to the "tools" menu, and select the item stating your memory card's capacity. Then follow the on-screen prompts. But keep in mind formatting will also totally erase your card, so again only do this after you've recovered the photos.

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Although the Canon Powershot A630 is a great camera, it has an age.
It is made for SD cards and since the A630 saw the world there were several changes with SD cards. The cards grew in size and till 4Gbyte they were called SD card. Nowedays you only can get few 4GByte cards called SD. Soon after the 4Gbyte mark was reached they started to make SDHC cards. that is why most 4Gbyte cards now are also SDHC. Till they reached 32 GByte not much changed, only speed was becoming better. After the 32 GByte the SDXC cards came.

For every step up, the equipment that used SD cards had to be changed. The newer apparatus can use old SD or "lesser" SD cards. The old apparatus only are capable of using SDHC card if a software upgrade is done. But only apparatus close to the introduction of a new card could be upgraded with new firmware. So if Canon never offered an upgrade, you only can use normal SD cards and no SDHC cards. Your Trancend 8Gb card is definitely a SDHC card.
If you want a "Big" card for your Canon, try to buy a Platinum 4GB SD card.Please take care the advert does not say SDHC or SDXC

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Do you have the SD card in it ? the computer really doesn;t see the camera it see's the card in the camera, this is if you have windows vista, 7, or 8, because these windows have a driver in windows, that's why if you go to the cannon website and go to support and look for download driver, there is no driver. But you should try some of the software they have for your camera. Image browser for windows is great, if you have windows, you didn't say, you really should post what OS you have when asking this kind of question.

Here is the cannon website, some nice software for you.

Make sure you pick the windows version you have.

One of the best cameras.

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Start here, choose your region of the world, and go from there.

Canon PowerShot... | Answered on Mar 23, 2013 | 33 views

Follow the instructions on pages 27-28 of this manual.

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I was having the same problem...

1. I took off the two screws on side closest to flash
2. Removed side cover
3. Gently wiggled the round silver capacitor at the top that is wrapped with a black film
4. Voila... the flash worked and I put the cover and screws back.

I think over time that little capacitor detaches because of the vibrations. Hope it's of help.

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The date and time (and a lot more) are stored with every picture in its EXIF metadata. Any photo viewing/editing program should be able to display this data. To print this data, please consult the documentation for whatever program you're using to print your pictures. Depending on the program and printer you may print the date on the image, in the margins, or on the back.

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The best way to download pictures from your camera to your computer involves removing the memory card from the camera and plugging it into a card reader (either built-in to the computer or connected via USB or FireWire). This is likely to be faster than connecting the camera to the computer, and won't run down your camera's batteries.

Once the card is plugged in, it will appear to your computer as a removable drive. You can use the operating system's drag&drop facility to copy pictures from the card to the computer's hard drive, the same way you copy any other files.

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