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notebooks, battery out first, just take it out the leds mean zero.
there is no LED that can tell you a battery is ok,

did you?
if that fails.
next is what, BIOS
get the BIOS screens up. (my guess its DEAD) not even text or HP logo.
if not the pull hdd,dvd and all ram but 1 stick.
and all usb jacks empty , unload it.
fails now. then the Power pack is bad
you do know packs can be, good, bad or weak right
19vdc is good, 10 not.

the GOAL on ALL PC's get BIOS UP.
take no hdd , no dvd to do that. ever
once it works we can move to booting any OS>
we can boot to 5 things on my laptop, even SD,mem.
try to think this way
if the Power pack is 65w+ and 19v
then remove all possible shorted devices from the PC.
strip it down. if it runs now, (means BIOS wakes up an screen)
test 2 on all LT
is the rear VGA jack will run a external screen if the internal is suspected.

black screens only can be CCFL dead.
if it has that.
i cant hear you hdd spin/
nor see the eject work work on the dvd
if the PC self shuts off, that means the power supply has issues
the Power pack bad , the MOBO regulators are in overload
and shut it down (called shorts on devices)
this is normal action on any regulator..... normal for shorts./

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Jul 20, 2017

I insert the Operating System CD
im sorry, i cant see its label , lots of CD sold are wrong..
the manual is online at HP. read page 2.

the HP disk is marked HP, Restore Plus!CD
but fails to tell you in that book how to use it
that means hp has other books, on this.

we do this only if F11 fails. below
hp deleted the XP file but is same as w7
disc inserted this here
step 7 , pick cd.
id bet xp has less choices
but all have factory reset.


XP way? is here. deep searches at HP finds it.
step 7 here too.

Step 1, not using CDs at all...
read how to restore the original OS
F10 and F11 keys are the 2 keys used, last 20 years
F11 is the modern key
power off, power on, hit F11 like tap tap tap
see HP OS restore pages pop up. (magic)
if the HDD was replaced this fails. in all cases
if the HDD was slammed with a MS CD, then the original
HP setups are now all gone. (whisper thanks Gill Bates)
in that case use the HP media kit.


what is slammed?

where is my kit, well at HP, not here we are NOT HP


HP Pavilion... | Answered on Jul 14, 2017

is this a question or are you answering others, on other forums.
i cant tell which?
the first word KEEP, (you meant keeps?)
in any case, that is a dead PC.
int his case old dv6000z , laptop
the BIOS seems ok, and screen is ok ,leaving what in the boot up
sequince of logic, the HDD.
the hard disk then boots, but don't
the 2 top cause (there are more) are hdd bad, or OS is corrupted.
putting VISTA CD (how's CD, MS or HP?) or???? be clear
but this step is last not now.
the next step on all HP PC is to press F11, to fix the startup.
(or f10 used on older XP PCs)
This is the magic HP restore key.
you press it and do a startup repair first
if that key is dead, that means the restore partitions are dead
or the HDD is dead.

the next step is run BIOS and see the HDD test. there.
see that? run it, if it fails the HDD is DEAD. end story
if that passes, hope can happen
use the HP install CDs now.
if you use non HP install media, the story goes why longer
(all missing drivers, all missing HP apps, and more)
that is the full story ,lean.

seems you are on the wrong forum to me, or thought,
answering a question is to start a new post. fail. best i can tell

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Jul 07, 2017

ok ,its old laptop, DV6 is now retired at HP. officially.
f11 is the HP restore partition
if someone used non HP DISKS to upgrade this kills dead this feature
you never said, what OS is there now?
nor what it was new. (some version had 3 OS choices new)
only asking HP what yours had new, can answer this .
HP will look up the model and serial and tell you.
reading reviews is see it was XP or Vista then,
is it that now? or what? (control panel hit system read the top words)_


HP Pavilion... | Answered on Jul 05, 2017

windows, 7, 2010 PC it is. (first)
no, songs names, length , type, ex cetera have nothing to do with this.
the answer is many , ill try to show you why.
seen every way, I have, for sure.
(the cause is a slow pc, but has more base reasons, bad)

1: speakers where, inside or outside this Notebook, ?
1a: guess inside, so do earbuds work plugged in to the jack? 3.5mm hear phone jack? yes. no
If yes, speakers actual may be bad.
if not , the the sound chip is faulting, easy no? use the jack there and test it.
what cause the chip to fail (even new chips, most never do fail)
but are caused
Top causes :
1: VIRUS INFECTED. Running AV software , is W7 have all updates?
2:malfware infected. run malwarebytes, free.
3: to many things in the startup box in windows 7.
click start, then run box type MSCONFIG , click it there.
see that startup folder, shut the ones down that are not AV related.
mine has 2, allowed here, windows defender and malwarebytes.
others will slow the system even HP stuff here can.
and for sure lots more. seen some with 25 useless things there.

4: worn driver for w7 used, only the HP drivers work seen here.


5: using new USB head phones, that will conflict with the HP chips
HP nor MS support USB headphones, so unplug all USB devices
does the stock speakers work now, BINGO.\
it can be made to work if you disable the sound chip not being used. and I dont teach that. here. Yes USB has a sound chip in the head phone muffs.

run CCleaner, google it.

you can also go to the link about and run all w7 HP drivers
or do a HP full system restore to make it like new.
you have many choices,. and more. ask

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Jun 01, 2017

only Microsoft and answer this, call them and ask?
they owned hotmail for many years now.

only they can fix this....
next time?
use a very long complex password
then nobody can ever hack it.

then wright it down, for sure.

or use the 1s letter of a long poem.
then write it down
or this story repeats
if you google this, its like 1billion hits.
you are in same boat.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on May 09, 2017

if it dont already have a administrator password. reboot desktop and keep pushing f8 until you see safemode option.try clicking on the administrator. if not password protected then login go to user accounts and click on change an account, then go to the account with the password then remove password. if it does have a password either have to format it or remove hard drive and instal into another deskot as the secondary and take over user rights for that drive to retrieve all your important info then reinstall in desktop and reinstall windows. or if recovery partition do a recovery during boot

HP Pavilion... | Answered on May 03, 2017

You can try the computer without Windows by booting from a Linux Mint USB drive. Look on ebay.

If it works fine with this then Windows has a problem.

If it locks up on Mint then the computer hardware has a problem.

The usual problem with laptops is overheating due to a blocked fan.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Apr 28, 2017

join the linux forum, get help at opensuse, form.
the key here is getting the linux boot to give you the many choices.
my guess is its GRUB2 ,boot menu...

here are the steps for Ubuntu,


for windows to do that it be BCDedit.
I'd use Grub2.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Apr 24, 2017

Hi, it may be happening due loose wire of laptop screen or any other hardware issue, you can't do it by own either you go at local repair center or call remote tech support provider.

I know one of them is:

For any Tech Query, Dial: +1-800-620-8060 (toll-free)

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Apr 17, 2017

1. Identify where RAM resides:
- On the front (you will either need to access the RAM memory by removing the front parts of the laptop (Keyboard, Touchpad etc)
- On the back ( usually a RAM memory door to unscrew)
2. After accessing RAM sockets, hold both metal prongs to the side. The RAM memory card will release from the motherboard.
3. Gently hold the ram card on a 45-degree angle and remove the card.
4. Install your new replacement RAM memory.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Apr 13, 2017

I had a similar problem for over a week .... I wanted to smash my computer but I searched and searched and nothing that solved my problem, but I saw something about a bug where putting your computer on hibernation can cause a bug that makes the computer to not be able to recognize batteries, then I remember that before my problem came I put my laptop on Hibernation ...

So what I did to fix this problem was:

1 Unplug your battery
2 Start your computer with only AC power
3 Put your computer on Hibernation
4 Wait until is on Hibernation and Close the lid
5 Put the battery on
6 If the charging led is not blinking after a minute then is working, just turn on your computer to get out Hibernation
7 ???
8 Profit

Sorry for the bad English
Hope this might help for some people

Please bump this if it worked for you

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Mar 19, 2017

The Options tab in Bluetooth Devices provides options that control how devices discover and connect to your computer. The main option is Turn discovery on. This option lets devices discover your computer so that you can make a connection.

Other options on this tab include the following:

· Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer
This check box controls whether any devices can connect to your computer. If this check box is cleared,
no devices can connect to your computer.
· Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect
This option controls whether you receive notification when a device tries to connect to your computer. If this check box is cleared, you do not receive notification.

Other options on the Options tab let you turn on or turn off the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and restore default settings.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 26, 2016

hi there.

maybe your mouse is not comaptibel with the system of your laptop or you need the disk driver to install the mouse to work properly?
or your mouse is already damage and need to replace try to change it with a new one.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Dec 20, 2016

I would contact Best Buy directly and let them know your situation. Usually they will honor stuff like this within the first 30 days of purchase.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Oct 18, 2016

Download Quick play if you can i havent tride this before so i dont know if it will work hope this helps. =]

HP Pavilion... | Answered on Aug 26, 2016

there is also the site http://www.Genuinewindowkey.com/ that simply sell licenses only, Windows 8.1 activation key is 35.
I bought my Windows 8.1 activation key license on earlier this year and I have not had an activating problem.
should just find the iso operating system (I have downloaded from the Microsoft site, I do not know if is also easy for Windows 8.1 activation key), the site provides links but I think probably not in French.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on May 05, 2016

Try a new charger first.

HP Pavilion... | Answered on May 01, 2016

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