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One way to test the problem is get a piece of cardboard and overlay the touchpad while you are typing to see if it stops jumping. There is also a program that you can install that senses when the keys are being used and disables the touchpad.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Dec 19, 2017 | 177 views

Hello there, Kasie!

Hopefully I can help. On laptops, there will *usually* be a "function button" one can press to disable the touchpad in the even that one wishes to use an actual mouse instead of the touchpad. -- This would be in the interest of not accidentally triggering clicks, or mouse movement when typing, etc.

Without knowing the make and model of your laptop, I can't tell you the precise button to press to re-activate your touchpad. On most laptops, you'll need to hold down the "Fn" key (usually at the bottom left or right of the keyboard) and then find the function key (top row of keys... F1, F2, F3, F4 and so-forth)... Look at your function key row. See if there is perhaps a key with a little "drawing on it" that looks like a touchpad.. like a horizontal rectangle with 2 smaller squares under the rectangle, representing the rectangular shape of the touchpad and the two "mouse buttons" beneath it... if you find something like this, it will likely be the one you'll need to press.

However, on some laptops, the button will be just above your touchpad... you'll be able to press it, and some sort of indicator light will either light up in red to let you know it's been deactivated, or white / green to let you know that it's currently activated.

One of my laptops which is an HP has the button at the top left corner of my touchpad.. I have to "double-tap" it to deactivate / reactivate the touchpad; while my Toshiba laptop has a button directly above the touchpad which I only have to press once. -- Both laptops have an indicator light as well. The HP's "double-tap button" will turn red / dark orange to let me know that I've deactivated it... With the Toshiba laptop, there is a light just below the touchpad area which is always lit up as a "bright white light bar" when active and simply not lit up when deactivated.

I wish you the best of luck with this, and hope I've helped you!

Dell F3534... | Answered on Apr 24, 2017 | 221 views

Same thing here, I can not find out how to diable the touch paid. I spent an hour chatting on-line with Dell Tech support and they did nothing to help!! I am starting to think it can not be done on this machine. Please someone tell use how to do this?

Dell F3534... | Answered on Oct 11, 2014 | 4,574 views

you will have to reinstall the drivers and the sofware in your Dell. I think since the touch pad is not working if you use the cursor keys and proceed to the control panel and try to restore the laptop, then if this will reset to an earlier date, then it will solve the issue.
try this out and check to reinstall drivers. hope this helps. Good day

Dell F3534... | Answered on Jul 27, 2013 | 5,848 views

OK, it's not THAT difficult to replace the mouse button. I didn't have the ambition to follow Frumper's suggestion of replacing the little rubber dome with a spring, but there are a number of these available on ebay for under $30. If you're lucky, you'll find the whole top plate with the touchpad and mouse buttons - that saves a little time. But the disassembly/reassembly isn't too bad - there's a pdf of the disassembly process out on the web somewhere; if a google doesn't find it I can send it along. Basically, there are a LOT of little steps, and of course, everything is tiny and fragile. But what it entails is removing all the screws from the bottom of the machine - except for the two under the battery, they're identical. Don't forget the ones under the modem and CPU covers. Remove the 4 screws holding down the heatsink to the cpu. Pop out the hard drive. On the top side, pry off the plate with the power button, GENTLY remove the LCD plug and the 2 backlight connections. Then you can remove the 4 screws that hold the LCD assembly in place - put it somewhere safe! The keyboard will pop right up - be careful with the keyboard connection, the connector hinges, whereas most of the others have a locking key. With the keyboard out of the way, there are a final 4 screws holding the palmrest in place. When they're removed, disconnect the ribbon wires and just pry gently around the edge - starting at the back - and the whole palmrest will come off. If you've got a new palmrest assembly, you're ready to reassemble. If you've just got the mouse buttons, you'll have to remove the (4?) screws holding the front subframe to the palmrest, and a couple more ribbon connectors. Be VERY gentle with all the ribbon wires, and it goes back together very simply. I've done this a few times now; the first one took about 2 hours as I tried real hard not to break anything. Now they go in well under an hour. Like Frumpy said, not for the faint of heart, but not exactly rocket science either. Good luck!

Dell F3534... | Answered on Mar 27, 2013 | 7,132 views

try and download the exact drivers from ho official site,and run these set of hardware drivers you are having problems with....i hope this will be of help to you,,...bye ya

Dell F3534... | Answered on Mar 23, 2013 | 25 views

I have had the same problem.  This may sound strange, but try the following:
Switch off the notebook.  
Remove the battery and keep the on off switch pressed for >5 seconds.  
Replace the battery and start the computer again.  

The problem should then be resolved.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Nov 05, 2012 | 4,215 views

In the notification area (bottom right) there should be an icon called Synaptics Pointing Device. Right click it and make sure tap to click is checked. If it is not, click to check it. If it is already checked, your touch pad may have a glitch.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Aug 21, 2012 | 49 views

Looks like you may have inadvertently pressed the Function (FN) key associated with the touchpad. try re-enabling it by pressing Function(FN) and the corresponding F key. For my computer it's F5...but on others it has been F7...just look for the symbol that looks like a touchpad. This should cover it. (: Good Luck!

Dell F3534... | Answered on Aug 16, 2012 | 3,333 views

If your new adapter is not compatible with your Acer Aspire in voltage and current, your laptop maybe can't work well. Check your new adapter and ensure if it is the same with the original adapter.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Jul 15, 2012 | 525 views

Here is what I did to get the touchpad to start working again. My laptop is Gateway and a couple years old, running Windows Vista.

1. Start>Control Panel
2. Double-click on Mouse icon (or button, depending on how you're systems set up).
3. When a the Mouse Properties window pops up, choose the Device Settings tab.
4. Click on the Settings... button.
5. A new window pops up and on the right side there is a list of options - choose Tapping.
6. Once clicked, there is a check box that allows you to Enable Tapping.
7. Click OK to close out your windows and the tapping option should be enabled on your touchpad.

Hopefully this helps.

Dell F3534... | Answered on May 27, 2012 | 12,007 views

Hi All,
Here is a simple solution for your touchpad related problem.
Just follow the steps.
1) Go to this link

2) You ll Find download Button, click on it.
3) After downloading it (approx 30mb), Run the program (it will be stored in downloads folder)
4) After running the program go to my computer--> c: --> Drivers --> click all folders then you ll find SETUP.EXE file install it say ok, next finish
5) Close all your application and restart your system
Happy Touchpadding
any quires can even contact me

Dell F3534... | Answered on Apr 18, 2012 | 348 views

Well, I'm not able to find your computer model with the info you've provided. What I would suggest is: If there is a keyboard combo (the Fn key plus a special function key with a picture of a mouse or touchpad on it), press that combo to turn on the touchpad. These days it's advantageous to turn the touchpad off to avoid accidently touching it. You can also check in the device manager to see if the touchpad has been disabled.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Nov 14, 2011 | 169 views

install this driver Alps Touch-pad. You can download driver from Dell Driver & Download for inspiron 1564, then select your operating system

Dell F3534... | Answered on Sep 23, 2011 | 332 views

Need more info ... how old the laptop any spillages have you lent it to someone etc

Dell F3534... | Answered on Sep 14, 2011 | 32 views

Hi ,
OK , the best thing to do is press and hold down the fuction key on your keyboard followed by pressing F1 through F12 , one of these should turn it on or off , or it could be the driver is not active Let me know if this works ..................................Good Luck Roy

Dell F3534... | Answered on Aug 19, 2011 | 127 views

Hello, there should be a shortcut key on your keyboard that will do that for you. It should be one of the F# keys. You should be able to hit Fn key and then one of the F# keys that will shut off your touchpad. You can also look for "smartpad" or something like that. You may have an icon next to your clock that controls the touchpad. You can turn it off there.

Thanks for using FixYa!

Dell F3534... | Answered on Jul 12, 2011 | 132 views

Is there a switch just above the touchpad to turn it off? Is there a keyboard combo (Fn key plus a special function key) that turns the touchpad on and off?

If you find neither, you may have to take the computer apart and check the connection. You can find directions for all this at Just enter you service tag number or choose the computer from the list they provide.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Jul 11, 2011 | 58 views

Please try to RESTORE the PC to an earlier set date. If this can resolve SCAN the PC for corrupt files that have crept in to destry files in the OS.
If this has happened you will need to reinstall the OS and the drivers for the optimum performance.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Jul 01, 2011 | 58 views

My dear friend this will usually be a problem with the function keys, you might have de-activated the touch pad. Try to check in the function keys and you may find a key with marking of touch pad usually it would be F4 so to activate it you need to Hold Fn+F4 key and try. It will sure work well and this is not a problem with the machine.

Dell F3534... | Answered on Jun 27, 2011 | 135 views

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