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Creative Vision: M Won't Power Up

My battery died a day ago. So I took it home to charge and it would not work. The light will blink but that's the most I can get out of it. I tried charging it overnight and tried resetting it because it wouldn't even power on... My computer wouldn't even recognize it and it's NEVER had that problem in the past.... Any suggestions? (I can't find the receipt, just the shipping summary so I think getting help is out of the question) I would really appreciate any help This one is actually a replacement that I bought because my Creative Zen Touch malfunctioned after two years of using it... Thanks!

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I had a similar problem with my Zen Vision: M. I had let it sit for awhile and the battery lost all power. It wouldn't charge or connect to the computer. After fighting with customer support for a long time they agreed to have it shipped in for service. I also was not able to find my receipt to send them. But I bought it at Circuit City and they are able to pull up any receipt for any purchase made with them. I suppose you could always try to try that with the retailer you purchased the device from. Before you go to all that trouble though try these steps: 1. Connect the device to the wall charger. 2. Hold the power switch to ON. 3. Put a paper clip into the reset hole. 4. Continue holding the power switch on until the Creative logo appears. 5. Select Format All from the Recovery Mode menu. (Note: THIS WILL ERASE ALL DATA FROM YOUR DEVICE! - but it's better than buying a new device) 6. When the reformatting is done, select Reboot from the Recovery Mode menu. Let me know what the results are from this.

Posted on Jul 27, 2007


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Zen is not connected

Computer not recognize my Vision M 30 GB Zen.
When I connected the Zen; this is the message:
Your player is not connected.

Please help me, I need to download lot info to my PC.


Aldemar Garces

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I found a solution at a Creative dealer site in the worked for me when nothing else did.

This unit comes with a "hidden" recovery careful in this area if you do not know what you are doing.

Hold the power switch to the left and at the same time use a paperclip to push the Rest button on the bottom of the unit....remove the paperclip and as soon as the Creative logo appears on the screen, release the power switch. A recovery menu will appear. I selected "Clean" from the screen and waited about 5 minutes for process to complete. When that was finished I selected "Reboot"....after it rebooted, my computer recognized the unit. I was afraid that my files (music, pics etc) would be lost, but it was all there in perfect condition.

Hope it helps

Posted on Feb 19, 2009


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user manual for Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Digital Multimedia mp3

How can I get copy of the instruction manual for Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Digital Multimedia

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Posted on Sep 15, 2008


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cannot reload firmware

i hit reload on my recovery mode screen and now my computer cannot read my zen vision m. it only reads a 50mb drive. i cannot reload the latest firmware because my computer will not recognize my player. help please!!!

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I had the Exact same problem and no one had a good solution, i only found one that finally worked after spending 4 freakin hours tryin to fix it. anyway here is the solution.

you need to use a computer that has Windows XP, then if the computer is running any version of Windows media player other than 10, roll back or upgrade to Media player 10. restart the computer.

Now, you need to download and run honestly i have no idea what it does. my guess is it reinstalles the USB ports but thats only a guess. but i was so frusterated by the time i found this solution that i was willing to try anything. so download this file, unpack it and run it. then it will ask you to restart. when your computer is restarted run the new firmware file ( i used and it works.

Why? i have no idea, but it i was pumped. the origional site i got this solution from is

Posted on Oct 15, 2008


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Creative Zen Vision 30G not Turning On

Hey, I have a 30G Zen and it has stopped turning it self on, what should i do? i am Sydney and want to recover all the music and pictures on it! Help

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Alright guys, I think I've figured it out.

I got mine working again, and it's been down with the same problem since the 29th.

So I tried to do the "Hold power for 30 seconds while plugged into your computer" thing. Didn't do anything, but thing is, I didn't unplug it from my computer afterwards, I just went to bed, and when I woke up, my creative was working again.

This, coupled with Oddu's solution have pretty much made me positive that for the problem we are having (only a blinking blue LED when connected to the PC or when you hold the power button) is just caused by an over-dead battery.

Plug your Creative Zen: Vision M into your USB 2.0 port, and just leave it overnight, mine was plugged in about 7 hours, I reccomend leaving it in at least that long, if not longer if it's still not working.

The situation that lead to mine becoming this way, was my Creative froze, and I didn't have a mechanicle pencil with me to hit the small reset button on the bottom so I just let it stay powered on until the battery died. I guess that kind of completly dead battery screws it over.

For prevention in the future, I reccomend not letting your creative get down to 0% battery. Keep it charged.

Posted on Mar 11, 2008


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Creative zen vision won't turn on

Okay, so my creative zen vision:m was working fine until today.

I hadn't used it in a month because I was just too busy with a lot of other things to have time to download new music and stuff to the player.

So when I plugged it into my USB port to charge, the usual creative logo did not turn up and only the blue light flashes. It flashes consistently, but when I open my creative zen media explorer, it tells me my device is not connected.

Resetting won't work obviously since the player is dead...although the blue light flashes?

I really really hope that nothing too serious is wrong with my player since its no longer under warranty, and I'd appreciate any help! Please?!


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Q. Zen V is dead
"If your Zen V is dead, wont respond to anything, try this, plug it in to the computer, hold the power switch in the on position, THEN trigger the reset button, worked like a charm for mine, I had thought it a lost cause."

Q. How to reset Zen v +

also try this if above doesnt work

Posted on Feb 04, 2008


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computer won't recognize zen when it's connected

My zen vision:M charges on my computer but my computer won't recognize it so I can't transfer songs or do anything with my zen on my computer

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Mine did this too, and I have the exact reason why.
If the first solution didn't work for you (as it didn't with me), follow these instructions

Connect your Zen to the computer
-On your computer, click start, then control panel
-Click on Add Hardware
-Go through this until it shows you a list of things recently added, Creative Zen should be up top somewhere (mine was) with a yellow question mark as the icon
-Click it and have it install it
-When a list pops up asking you if you want to have it do it just this once, or everytime without asking CLICK ON EVERYTIME. Tis is what stopped it from connecting to your computer.
The drivers were not installed.

Posted on Mar 10, 2009


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Zen vision m firmware problem

Hey my zen vision m started freezing and it went to the recovery mode i formatted it cleaned it up then tried to reload firmware it erased the old firmware but did not put the new one in when i turn it on it says firmware problem and goes to recovery mode
So i went to and got the firmware upgrade but now my vision m said it is docked but my computer just cant detect it so now it wont let me put the new firmware on it plz help i am goin crazy

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Dear All this problem is caused if the computer has windows media player 11 installed. I googled this for days trying to fix it - & was relieved when i finally sorted it - it's very easy. Just do the following.
Use a computer that has XP (either pro or home edition) (forget about vista....). go to add/remove programs - uninstall windows medi player - on my PC it does a roll back to WMP version 9. There's also a program called "Windows media format runtime 11" which comes with WMP11 & you need to uninstall this too - otherwise it still won't recognise the player.

Then restart your PC. Then make sure you have downloaded the lastest firmware version - just google it - trying to find the right one on the creative website is not easy - their website is poor - there are quite a few other places you can download it from.

Then I clicked the "reload firmware" option in the recovery mode (I had already deleted it 4 days ago). Then when your PC has restarted plug in your Zen, it should come up something like "MTP device recognised". Now when you double click on the firmware downloaded to install - it it will recognise the player & you can click the upgrade button. It does the upgrade & puts the firmware back on the ZEN. I got a message saying "firmware upgrade failed" at the end although when I started the player - it booted up as normal & I was able to reload & play my music.

This sure beats the "send it back to John Lewis, pay 60 quid & wait 6 weeks for it to come back " option - if like mine it's out of warranty

Posted on Jul 22, 2008


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I have a Gigaware 4GB MP3 GX400 4-420

how do i make this MP3 player work. I can't even see it on my computer.

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Download the drivers from Creative Labs, or with the disk included with the MP3 player.

Posted on Dec 27, 2008


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my zen won't turn on. only the blue light flashes when its plugge

my zen won't turn on. only the blue light flashes when its plugged in. the screen doesnt turn on. what does this mean


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Well you can try this if you still got the zen, press the reste button, dont hold just press it then hold down the power button and it will start up but mine just kept on going black fter a while so i had to put it into recovery mode by doing the following.
Hold down play untill the end
Press the reset button
Hold down the power button
Makes sure you releas the play button last
after that do Reload Firmware i think
then it will delete the firmware make sure you have this downloaded on your computer
its the newest firmware
when you downloaded this plug in your zen into the computer and it should turn on your zen and then say Firmware problem and if it doesnt just put it into recovery mode then plug it in.
Then make sure all application are turned off like Mozzila or the Internet Explorer, then just double click on the firmware and it should fix

Posted on Jun 25, 2009

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