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It is because that is when the softener is added to the wash.

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this fault code ind a door lock problem ,hence this is why it wont start , it thinks the door is not closed , id say the door latch mech. needs service

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If the suds error starts happening suddenly even though you used the same HE detergent and amount that you always have in the past, you probably don't have a excessive sudsing problem, caused by the soap. The most common problem relates to the pump. Some foreign item blocking the inlet of the pump. Foreign objects can make their way down to the pump and either clog the entrance or enter and damage the pump impeller. It is rare for the drain hose to plug up. To diag the problem you have to take off the rear panel,two screws, and the pump is right there. Always unplug the power first.The pump is held down by 3 bolts, 12mm head. Unplug the electrical connector from the pump. Take the squeeze clamps off the hoses at the pump. Have a towell incase of water still in hose. Remove the pump and inspect the pump looking in the inlet pipe you can see the impeller. Look for foreign objects in the pump. A quarter will fit perfectly in the inlet pipe and block the hole almost entirely. I found one in mine. Make sure the impeller is not damaged. Run faucet water in the inlet pipe of the pump, it should freely pore out the exit pipe of the pump. There is a check valve in the exit pipe so you cannot see in there. Take the drain hose outside and run water thru it with the garden hose. Also look in the big rubber pipe the connects to the pump inlet for something stuck in there. That pipe is fat to allow a lot of water to pass out of the drum but it is still possible for something like a tooth pick to start a dam catching other stuff. Reassamble everything carefully, don't forget to plug back in the electrical connector at the pump. Add a small load of clothes and give it a try. This is a simple check and requires a small amount of mechanical ability, so if you don't feel comfortable doing this procedure then call a maytag repairman.

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Close the door firmly and make sure the machine is turned on. Press and hold the Chime and Extra Rinse keys until the control beeps to enter Service Mode. All indicator lights will turn off except the "Door Lock' indicator signifying the door is locked.

Press the Rinse & Spin key then rotate the cycle selector knob in either direction to display the most recent error codes if there's any. Press and hold the cycle selector to display the number of cycles since the error occurred. List down at least five most recent codes and post it here for us to determine what the problem could be. Press and hold the Delay and Chime keys for three seconds to clear the list. Press the Rinse & Spin key again to exit diagnostic codes list.

Press the Spin Only key while in the Service Mode to begin the Board Input Test. Set the rotary cycle selector to Super Wash then press it to display the position of the door switch. "OP" will be displayed if the door switch is open or "CL" if it is close. Replace the door lock/switch assembly (part #34001265) when "OP" is displayed even the door is close. Press the Spin Only key again to exit the Board Input Test.

Press the Spin Speed key while in the Service Mode to begin the Board Output Test. If water is present in the tub, set the rotary cycle selector to Quick Wash then press it to turn on the drain pump and drain the water. Press the rotary cycle selector again when the water is fully drained to turn off the drain pump.

Press the Delay button to turn on the motor and the Delay indicator light. The machine should tumble clockwise then counterclockwise with 5 second durations each and 2 second intervals. Press the Spin Speed key again to exit the Board Output Test.

Press Off or press and hold Chime and Extra Rinse keys for three seconds to exit Service Mode. Unplugging the washer will also exit Service Mode.

Perform the tests above and let us know the results for us to determine the cause of the problem or the necessary action to undertake and give you the specific and detailed instructions on how to fix it.

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From the top. Lid off reach down to the unit two bolts and a wiring block.

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not always because when you press buttons it will click but if it clicks more then once you may have a problem with the board.

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If the door will not unlock, try to disconnect the power for a few minutes.

It should unlock after being disconnected.

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Control lock prevents any functions on your control. ( this is like a child lock).

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

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This was taken from the MAH8700A 27" washer service manual, I'll look for the 8700 if I have one, since Samsung made both of these models, I think the failure codes are the same. Pleazer Appliance...



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Check to make sure the rubber boot doesn't have a cut in it.

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That code is telling you that the unit is draining to slow. After 15 minutes it is not below the low water level and will not spin out. The best repair for this is to replaced the pump on your unit.

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you will have a flap on the bottom right hand side flip it down and get your self a towel and a bowl and a saucer put the saucer just under the pump you will need to start to unscrew the pump screw slowly and close it so you can keep emptying the saucer in to the bowl ok onece all water is out of the pump you can open the door ok please make sure the machine is swicth off be for doing any thing ok

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I had the exact same problem. nd code (no-drain) at the end of the cycle and when I opened the door the machine was still full of water. I took the back panel off the washer and disconnected the drain hose from the pump. (You're going to get quite a bit of water gushing out at you so be prepared with towels or a shop vac.) At this point you should see a little rubber disc over the end of the section you just exposed on the pump. This is a little drain flap. Just lift it up and you should be able to see into the pump a little bit. At this point I poked around in there with my finger and found a hair pin stuck in the pump! I wasn't able to get it out from this end of the pump so I disconnected the big rubber boot which connects the wash drum to the pump. Then I was able to twist the pump (counter clock-wise) and release it from the washer base. I didn't have to disconnect any wires and was then able to see into the other side of the pump and pull the hairpin out. Put everything back together and it's worked fine ever since. I've never even looked inside a washing machine before but it really was really fairly simple. Now my husband really does think I'm a domestic Goddess. I said he should take me out to dinner with the money we saved on a service call!!

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All you need to do is to remove the mains plug and check the leads to the main controller unit. If there is power to the panel but there is no life on the board then the controller unit is faulty and needs to be checked for the fuse if not the fault is within the board which might need a consensus to confirm.

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,

I would gently suggest as a first step that you clean the drain motor/pump lint tray/filter. So many 'faults' are caused by blocked filters and many machines will not even go to rinse or spin or release the door lock if there is any water still left inside.
Following are my complete and hopefully 'coverall' pre-typed guidance notes for checking both the drain motor filter and the drain motor ;-0)
If you are unsure where the filter is, it is often behind the front lower (kick) panel (or in some machines at the rear in an awkward position!). These panels are either held on by (plasic) screws or will just pull off. Most filters are held in by a round cover/knob. Sometimes the filter will not come out with the cover and you will have to persuade it to come out to play.
It's surprising what people have found in theirs! It is always worthwhile checking it on a regular basis.
Now- whilst the filter is removed it is normally possible to see the drain motor and ensure it is not jammed by a foreign object such as a needle or a toothpick. It should be able to be turned by hand/finger- the power IS OFF!
At this point it is also possible to test if the motor works. No clothes or water in the machine, select a spin cycle and put the power back on. You should be able to see the motor turning at some point, possibly straight away. Using something suitable like a glove see if it is easy to briefly slow the motor down. If it is easy then the motor is malfunctioning.

If this has assisted you please consider a 4 thumbs up for the rating.
Thanks and good luck!
John C

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There is a problem with the water level switch. Either the tube is kinked or the water level sensor is bad.

If you remove the top you can check it; the top is held on with two screws at the back, and the water level sensor is attached to the right side of the cabinet. Check the tube and wire connection. Remember previously unplug the machine.

Hope this helps.

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