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Try pushing down lightly on the lid and see if the spin cycle starts back up. On mine, the same thing happened because the small plastic pin attached to the lid was just barely long enough to push the switch that tells the washer that the lid is closed. The spin cycle will only run when that switch is pushed, i.e., when the washer thinks the lid is closed.

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A faulty water inlet valve usually.

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I work for an appliance company in the service department, and what this really means is that you could have a suds build up in your machine, or that you used too much soap on this particular cycle. If starting over does not work, you can buy a product called washer magic at almost any store and it will clean your machine out. Also, running vinegar through the machine will make any suds dissapate.

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pull back off washer and check your waterpump

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Did you set the back feet before leveling? On most units to set and lock the back feet you need to pull the top towards you so that the back is raised off the floor, then set it down again, this will release the feet and lock then down. The you level the two front feet. After this is done you must make sure your load is balanced. Distribute the items as evenly as you can in the tub. Once it gets to the spin cycle if its walking or shaking a lot, stop it and redistribute the items more evenly in the tub. Also try not to overload the unit or combining many heavy items with few light ones. If this is a new machine, did you remove the shipping locks from the back before using it? They have plastic strips attached to them, make sure they have all been removed, as well as any shipping bolts.

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Yes there is a plastic lead inside front of soap powder dispenser. Sometimes you have to remove screws from dispenser to gain access to it. JUST PULL IT & THE DOOR WILL OPEN.

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Remove the top to look at the belt. Here is the belt to order in case you need it.

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You will need a new touch-pad counsel you have a couple of stuck keys that cannot be repaired,I'm sorry to say. Here is a link to the replacement part.

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It is a common fault that the drain fails to work in most machines in a period of time and is the most problematic fault in a washing machine. In all occasions it is important that your observation is most important and so is vital to the identification /rectification and solution. If you have noticed that water has leaked then as the drain hose pump/valve and fittings are located on the underside of the machine it is important that you look for possible leaks here. In some cases the drain hose would be clogged at the drain end to outlet of the house and so there will be back flushing resulting in overflow to the outside. Also the drain pump/valve can be clogged. Now remove the drain hose clamps and remove the drain pump/valve, clean the drain pump/valve, use back flushing to clear off all dirt. Now test using power to see if this works and can be simulated. When refitting, the hose must be tightened properly. If the pump/valve does not work even with power then it must be replaced. If there is intermittent power to the drain valve/pump then the program controller unit is a suspect.

Cleaning a pump:

Finally the washer must be placed with a tilt- use a spirit level- so that all water will drain to the outlet port and thereby there is no residual water remaining.

Replacing the pump on a Bosch machine, please check this link for tips:

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Does the machine only leak on start up? or during the whole cycle? when machine not operating does it still leak?

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We had this problem and found that the Printed Circuit Board will burn out very easily. On ours the light bulb inside the door blew causing the PCB to fail. (no joke)
I was quoted $315 for a new PCB. If you look on the internet you will find that a class action suit resulted in a cash settlement for Neptune owners in Canada.
We also had problems with a Maytag side by side refrigerator. Same thing,
a Printed Curcuit Board blew. Whirlpool now own Maytag, they are no longer reliable. We replaced the Neptune washer and the refrigerator. Look on the internet for comments about different appliances from consumers. Don't
waste money on Neptune repairs, a new machine will cost less in the long

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Need to know how old your machine is and if it is on a pedestal. What type of floor is the machine sitting on ?

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,
I would strongly advise carrying out the 2 actions detailed below- might save you problems later!
Remove the complete drawer. To do this you will have to do one of the following-
  • Top catch- push down the lip/catch at the middle rear and pull the drawer out (that's how our Bosch one is removed)
  • release the catches underneath (our daughter's Indesit) or
  • lift upwards on the tray as it is coming out to clear the lip underneath.
1) Once out give the chute in the machine down which the water + powder/softener runs a really good clean. It is possibly blocked.
2) At the same time identify which tray in the dispenser is for the conditioner- the others are simply 'chutes' and open-ended.
It will normally have some sort of cover over it which you must remove to expose the little stuck up pipe/tube. On some models there is just a small individual cap over the tube. The tube is down which the conditioner and water should siphon. It is likely to be blocked by 'gunge'- a mix of powder and conditioner. The whole of the tray, particularly this pipe and the bit which fits over it, must be completely clean and clear for it to operate correctly. It is worthwhile checking fairly regularly.

If these have assisted you please consider a 4 thumbs up for the rating.
Thanks and good luck!
John C

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Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,
Certainly have!
Although you say it's level I would recommend you try my method to make absolutely certain!
It is necessary to ensure absolutely that the machine has all 4 feet very firmly on the floor, and I mean firmly ;-0)
Doesn't matter whether it is empty or not but switch it off then-
very firmly push one front corner diagonally into the centre of the machine and see if the machine moves or rocks AT ALL, even the slightest. If it does you will need the open-ended spanner which came with the (new) machine........which of course went missing a long time ago?!! An adjustable spanner will suffice.
Adjust the foot under that corner downwards until it is very firmly- almost pushing- against the floor but not so far that the corner lifts up!
If this corner did not rock do the same to the other.
Once you cannot rock the machine the slightest little bit, screw the locking nuts up tight to the underside of the machine so that they will not move. Ideally the rear feet should also be locked.

(If this has not cured the problem it is possible that the internal suspension is malfunctioning.)

If this has assisted you please consider a 4 thumbs up for the rating.
Thanks and good luck!
John C

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Sears Parts Direct carries parts for your washer. click HERE for parts breakdown and price list

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Hello,This unit will not spin if it cant drain.Check to make sure there is nothing stuck in the drain pump. you can access it from the back.Pull the hose off and check that nothing is in the pump...

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Hello, If you remove the rear panel you can check the condition of the belt. The belt may be breaking apart and wrapping around the motor or pulley. I would start there. If you find a damaged belt the part number is 34001411.. Hope this helps and please dont forget to rate me if this helps :)

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It should be making a whirling sound as it speeds up in the spin cycle. But if it getting to the point where it is so loud that you can't have a normal conversation, then the problem is that the bearings are gone and need to be replaced. It is an expensive repair since the mfg does not sell you just the bearings and you must buy a new rear tub. Get a few estimates if this is the case before deciding to repair or replace.

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When my washer did that, I found that the shocks that hold the tub were bad...

Check out this tip I wrote about the noise and vibration that front load washers can make..

Washer Problems Washer noise when spinning


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