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Dell Blinking Power Light

I have a Dell 17" LCD E173FP, that has a blinking power light on the power button. When I plug in the LCD, no other lights come on, and the power button starts blinking. The screen also stays black. Any Ideas anyone? Thx guys and gals.

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Just wanted to say Thank You for the info on this site. I had the same problem as previously posted. When powered up, the monitor showed a fast flash of the desktop and then went black, with the power indicator flashing green. I read the posts, purchased the capacitors and the 4 - 2sc5707 transistors through ebay. I ordered them on the 6th and rec'd them today. I only had one bad capacitor and one transistor that checked bad, but I ordered 5 caps and 4 transistors. When ordering the caps be careful of the height of the caps. I found this to be a problem because I ordered the 50v, 105 degree Panasonic caps that didn't fit with the enclosure attached, so I used the 4 good caps removed previously and replaced the bad one with a 470uf, 50v. 85 degree cap from Rubycon I found among my spare parts. Installed the parts and the monitor is working properly (for the last two hours) so I'm happy for as long as the repair lasts. Thanks again for the info.

Posted on Jan 09, 2009


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problem in monitor

Hi, Whenever I turn on my monitor it displays the computers output briefly (~half a second) before going blank. I have tried the monitor on two other computers with the same result so it is definetaly not a computer problem. The power light on the front of the monitor stays green when the screen goes blank. Whenever I turn the power off and back on again the exact same thing happens. Help please!!

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Sounds like the inverter board or lamps are bad

Posted on Mar 17, 2007


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Dell E173FPc 17" LCD Monitor Problem:

Hello i have a Dell E173FPc that will not power up at all dead, does this model have a common fault.

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Although similar, this monitor and the associated repair is different than the "b" version. The link above is good to follow for finding out how to open your case but the actual repair is different. If you have minor soldering skills (really the de-soldering is the hard part) and can use a phillips screw driver you can make this repair.

I contacted Tom at a link I found on the "b" site and he sent me the typical components to fail for the "c" monitor. $20 and $1.35 for shipping. The site looks to be down now so I'm not sure if this is temporary or he's stopped selling parts. He is also willing to fix the board if you send it to him. Here's what you need to do:
Replace C922 and C923 with 1000uF 35V caps
Replace c924 and C925 with 470uF 25V caps
Re-solder L201 and L202 with fresh solder.

I did all of the above and the monitor works perfectly. When you take the monitor apart make sure you note where the blue and pink wires go (you'll know what I mean when you get to that stage). The connectors are identical and it would be easy to forget which way they were installed.

Posted on Aug 09, 2008


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Dell E173FP stuck in power save mode

When I turn the monitor on I get a message "In power save mode press any key on keyboard or move mouse" I press keys and move the mouse but nothing happens.  I turned the monitor removed the cables checked the pins and they were fine.  I turn the monitor back on but did not reconnect the cable and I get the floating test screen.  When I plug the cable back in I again get the same error message

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Just had the same problem... what worked for me was simple. Unplug the cable from the monitor, hit the power button a few times until Dell screen poped up with a few color bars because it knew it was no longer connected to a PC. Then plugged the cable back in and all was fixed.

Posted on Dec 23, 2008


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Dell E173FP Monitor Problem

After starting computer the monitor's screen will come on only momentarily then shut off.  The computer continues to run but no monitor activity.

When I try turning the monitor off then on again, it will go through this identical cycle of coming on for just a few seconds then shutting off.

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I think it is the inverter board on your monitor. If you can dimly see the display wheh holding a flashlight to it, then that is
your problem. The invertor is not back lighting the screen and that is why you cannot see the image.

Posted on Dec 17, 2007


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tried to fix dell e172fpb

hi replaced the transistors x4 now the screen comes on for 3 seconds and goes offf again and if iturn the switch off and on again it does the same can anyone help thanks

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is the transistor the exact match?? checkif it is overheating??
let me know..

Posted on Dec 15, 2007


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c5707 transistor

whew its so hard to find this transistor. its only available for shipping. does anyone know any replacement for this transistor? tnx and god bless

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There is a guy on ebay that sell these, that is your best solution

Posted on Apr 13, 2008


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Dell E173FP Screen blinking red, green, blue, white

Ever since an unexpected power outage, my Dell E173FP monitor screen blinks red, green, blue & white until the computer is turned on. Then it is fine. But it goes back to the same blinking after the screensaver ends. The monitor normally goes black after the screensaver ends and remains that way until it is in use again. But now it starts blinking again after the screensaver ends and blinks continuously until the computer is in use again. It now never goes to black.

This happened once before and I don't remember how I corrected it in the past. Help please, and thank you.

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The monitor is probably on protection.

To start unplug monitor from power and from computer and test computer with different monitor to find out if it is monitor or computer fault.

If it is computer fault and no video signal , then test:

  • Video cable.
  • Video adapter on PC (sometimes integrated on motherboard)
  • Motherboard.

If it is monitor fault , then the monitor is on protection.

When on protection you keep having a flashing led on front of the monitor , and monitor turning off by itself after a while, that indicates a fault condition.

The flashing light indicates a diagnostic state called protection.
When the Monitor goes on protection there are only two possible causes.

1The internal circuits are jammed because of electrostatic charges accumulating on capacitors, or because of a wrong voltage read by the main chip on your monitor controller board. this started the protection circuit.

2 The protection circuit detected a wrong voltage or a broken contact, identified an internal fault and kicked in , starting the flashing light.

If you are in situation one, then the monitor will reset just unplugging power cord for one or two hours,sometimes even minutes.

If you are in situation 2 , then there is an internal fault.

Common faults that can occur are a blown capacitor on power board, faulty inverter board, faulty input board, or a fault on LCD Digital Controller board.

Check also the video cable or any external connection cable, if the cable is shorting, or the connector is bad, you can get same flashing state because of the video cable.

Try moving the video cable, and if the cable is not built in, then also try a replacement cable.

If under warranty contact the manufacturer ringing the number on the user manual

If you want to repair at your own expenses, just locate any good qualified repairer.

Posted on May 04, 2009


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how do i turn off power save mode using the screen...

How do i turn off power save mode using the screen buttons

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I don't know if there is a monitor with a function button to turn off the power save mode.
As far as I know the power save mode of the monitor can be found in the display setting of the windows..

Anyway... If you want to turn off the power save mode of the monitor via windows display setting then here is what you need to do:

On control panel, double click display settings.. click the screen saver tab... on the lower portion Press the "power" button.. Select power schemes tab.. Change the settings of" turn the monitor off" to "never"
Click apply and then OK..

Hope it gave you an idea..
Much appreciated if you rate this help...thanks..

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Posted on May 22, 2010


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My Dell Monitor E198FPf didn't

My Dell Monitor E198FPf didn't display anymore, the power button is keep on blinking. Is there anybody can tell me what's the reason and solution to my problem. Thanks.

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I was given the same monitor by a friend which was displaying the same symptoms, upon disassembling the case and examining the power board (the larger of the 2 boards inside the case) it was apparent that the problem was 2 defective capacitors located on the upper right hand corner of the board (a capacitor is the barrel shaped components that have an X indentation in the top of them), when these components fail they swell and the X indentation will split allowing the internal pressure to be released safely. specifically it was theC862 cap which is a 25V 1000uF & the C869 cap which is a 25V 470uF. Both components cost less than $1.00 each and after replacement the monitor is working fine.

Posted on Sep 17, 2011

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