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put the disc in your computer and run the program,then plug it into the computer and wall outlet

HP LaserJet... | Answered on May 15, 2015

Knocking usually means the gears are not turning the cartridge rollers properly. This would be why it probably doesn't knock with the door open when you run a motor test.
Take the Cartridge out, close the door, and and let the motors turn and see if it knocks still. While you close the door look to see if there is a gear that protrudes from one side as the door closes. If the gear does not come out when the door is closed then it will not turn the cartridge rollers and would cause the knock. Also, if the gear does come out but does not link up to the cartridge fully it can cause the same kind of sound. You would also get a similar result if the gear's teeth are stripped out on the drive side of the gear.
Many models do not have that type of drive gear. They may have a drive gear on the left side of the cartridge compartment. Look at that to see if it show wear and tear.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on May 12, 2015

There could be several solutions to your problem. You could start with the easier solutions.

You can try to turning your printer off then on.

If the printer cartridge is a new HP cartridge, try taking it out and put it back on and see if this works. try it a few times. Make sure that you take the protective cartridge printer film off.

If not, try rebooting your computer.

If not, try deleting the printer's software, rebooting your computer and reinstall the printer's software if you have the CD install disk.

You can always try to disconnect your printer from your computer, connect it again and see if it works.

You can try to use a combination of the solutions mentioned above.

If none of this solutions work, contact me.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Apr 18, 2015

I'm having a problem with my Fuji Xerox printer model CM115w. The screen is showing cartridge detached 093-973 printer
Black Cartridge

Please help.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Apr 09, 2015

Is this unit plugged into a direct wall outlet? If not, then try plugging the unit into a direct wall outlet.

The Officejet Pro 8600 has a built in surge protector and doubling this feature up can cause some issues.

As well, try hard resetting the printer:
* Unplug unit while the printer is turned on
* Unplug the other end of the power cable from the direct wall outlet
* Wait 30 seconds
* Plug unit back up

Let me know if this helps.

-- some people report having to wait 5 minutes with the unit unplugged --

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Apr 07, 2015

Perform Tap 41 PRINTHEAD Health Diagnostics Test, along with supporting service level/diagnostic tests (service menu access procedures do vary by HP printer model, refer to HP printer diagnostics document, pages 45-47, to view normal display messages, http://inkjet411.com/?page_id=1813 )
Tap 41 PRINTHEAD Health Diagnostics (NOTE: applies to touchscreen printer models only):
1.Press 'Return' button (lower left side) four (4) times until 'Support' menu is displayed.
2.At 'Support' Menu, using the arrow key, navigate to the 'Service Menu', press Ok.
3.Use arrow keys to advance to the 'Special Reports' Menu. Select OK.
4.Use arrow keys to advance to the 'print mech button tap' menu. Select Ok.
5.'code = 0' will be displayed. Use arrows keys to change value to '41' (i.e. press and hold right arrow key).
6.When 'Code = 41', select 'OK'. The diagnostic test pattern will print.
7.Check the 4th line at the top of the printed report; an electrically good/stable PRINTHEAD will state "Pen Status: Pen OK".........if any other message is displayed then the PRINTHEAD may have failed and may need to be replaced. Re-seat PRINTHEAD and/or clean rear electrical contacts and repeat 'Tap 41' test to verify connectivity is not the issue.

Nozzle test (use to determine if all ink cartridge nozzles/printhead is firing all colors properly)
Press return arrow 4 times
2.Press support menu
3.Press right arrow 5 times to print diagnostic menu and press ok
4.At nozzle test press ok
Self test/printer status (use to print internal printer settings)
Press return arrow 4 times
2.Press support menu
3.Press right hand arrow 7 times to reports menu and press ok
4.At self test report press ok
Extended self test (use to evaluate color performance and obtain total page count)
Press return arrow 4 times
2.Press support menu
3.Press right hand arrow 7 times to reports menu and press ok
4.Press right hand arrow 1 time to extended self-test and press ok
Print Quality Diagnostic Page (use to determine if printing alignment is correct)
Press return arrow 4 times
2.Press support menu
3.Press right hand arrow 7 times to reports menu and press ok
4.Press right hand arrow 2 times to Print Quality diagnostic report and press ok
Print head recovery (runs 'intensive' printhead service cleaning routines, i.e. for a clogged printhead)
1.Press home key twice
2.Then return key
3.Then home key twice
4.Then return key
5.Then home key twice...............this will gain access to the Engineering Menu
6.Press the 'service menu'
7.Press right arrow 4 times to 'service test' and press ok
8.Press right arrow:
a.16 times to 'print head rec level 1' (basic recovery)
b.17 times to 'print head rec level 2' (medium recovery)
c.18 times to 'print head rec level 3' (thorough recovery)....suggested for severe streaking
9.Press 'ok' to activate either of the 3 selections above.
Semi full reset (can be used to help address intermittent or incorrect printer behavior issues)
1.Press return arrow 4 times
2.Press support menu
3.Press right hand arrow 2 times to Resets menu and press ok
4.Press right hand arrow 2 times to semi full reset and press ok (Note: this will return printer to factory default condition; regional setup will be required following this action)

* Failure of the PRINTHEAD has nothing to do with refilled ink cartridges; the PRINTHEAD assembly is a separate electronic unit in which the cartridges plug into and feed ink into. Refer to NOTE below.

4) To rule out printer/cartridge connectivity (assembly interface/connection) issues please ensure you have followed all steps on HP's support page - this includes PRINTHEAD removal and thorough cleaning of the electrical surfaces on the PRINTHEAD and on the CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY:

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Apr 07, 2015

Try to make a full calibration from menus.
Best Regards,

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 28, 2015

? How do you print a DVD?

For all the effort and generation you are putting in to fix the unit, given that HP does not support it anymore, and it appears no manual can be found, your time might be better spent identifying and purchasing a new printer that fits your budget, provides the same type of features that your old one did, will have current MFG support, and will come with a manual. Today' printer prices are very cost affordable.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 25, 2015

not sure ,how to "instill"

but if you want to install it , insert the cd , follow steps and once the software tells you to connect the printer then connect it , not before!

software should be available on any HP website

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 20, 2015

I recently had a troubleshooting appointment for an hp printer that could not be set as the default printer. When I tried to make it the default, a message box came up saying "operation could not be completed error (0x00000709)". Other than that, it seemed to work fine. I even removed all the printer software through "Programs And Features"in the Windows control panel followed up by a Windows system registry scan. I then performed a clean install of the hp printer still no joy.
Next, I began to research the "operation could not be completed error (0x00000709)" error message on the internet. I came across a variety of solutions, which I tried in succession with no luck. I finally discovered the one that worked. It was a simple fix to the Windows system registry. This is what I did to solve the annoying little problem:
I. Type "regedit" followed by the enter key in the "search program and files" text box in the pop up menu that appears after clicking the Windows"start button" in the lower left hand corner of the Windows desktop screen.
II. Next, click "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" in the left hand pane of the Windows registry editor.
III. Then click "Software" followed by "Microsoft" and next "Windows NT".
IV. While under the "Windows NT" entry, click "CurrentVersion" and then "Windows".
V. Now, one of the entries you should see in the right hand pane is"Device". If the value for "Device" as noted under the "Data" area is anything other than the printer you are using, then highlight "Device" in the right hand pane with the mouse and press the delete key to remove it.
VI. Restart the computer so it starts with the altered Windows system registry.
After the Windows desktop appears again, you should be able to go into the"Printers" area and designate your printer as the default without receiving the "operation could not be completed error (0x00000709)" message.
Being able to designate the default printer can save you a fair amount of work over the long run. This is because you won't have to specify your destination printer in the printer dialog box - it is already selected since it's been set as the default.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 19, 2015

Try >> http://www.fazendomedia.com/pz29913f6-cz1096e20-compatible-hp-4200-4200n-4200l-toner-cartridge-chip-reset-q1338a.html Cheers Greg.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 16, 2015

Most likely the formatter in my opinion.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 06, 2015

Depending on the model, I have seen issues (2200/2300 laserjets) where either the shaft that drives the pickup roller gets broken or the tabs on the pickup roller that lock onto the drive shaft get broken.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 06, 2015

Most likely the sensor in the back of the paper tray slot is damaged. You can try and find a replacement part or possibly a damaged printer that you can salvage that part off of. However, most of the time HP considers small inkjet printers to be "throw away" type and don't offer much in the way of parts or troubleshooting.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 03, 2015

Not all printers can print on all photo paper stock. Check with HP and see if your printer can usethat paper. Sounds like it is too heavy/thick.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 02, 2015

With a few exceptions, most laser printers will not print edge to edge and there has to be some border on each size. Print on a larger sheet of paper and cut it down.

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 01, 2015

You do not state model. But you can find most HP LaserJet manuals here. Service Manuals

HP LaserJet... | Answered on Mar 01, 2015

Remove left cover.....



HP LaserJet... | Answered on Feb 27, 2015

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