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use the restore disks and restart computer and follow instructions.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Feb 28, 2016

Try these steps.
If Power supply light does not turn on (or no power supply LED)
Perform the following steps, in order, until power is restored or it is determined that there is a hardware failure:
NOTE: If the Power Supply fan spins when the PC is turned on but the light does not come on, it is possible the LED is defective. If this is the case, use the section Power supply light comes on or flashes .
1. Disconnect everything from the PC, including the power cord.
2. With the power cord disconnected, press the power button on the front of the computer. Plug in the power cord and test to see if the computer can turn on. If not, continue using these steps.
3. Replace the power cord with another power cord, like the one used by the monitor.
Test to see if the computer can turn on. If not, continue using these steps.
4. Ensure that the voltage selector switch is on the correct setting, 115V for North America.
5. With the power cord removed, flip the red voltage selector switch to the opposite position, wait about five seconds, and then switch the red voltage selector switch back to its original location.
This ensures that the voltage switch is engaged and set correctly for your country/region.
6. Plug in the power cord and test to see if the computer can turn on. If not, continue using these steps.
7. Plug a lamp into the same outlet to see if the wall outlet has power. Try the computer in a different outlet in order to eliminate the outlet as a possible source of the issue. Test both to see if the wall outlets have power.
8. Remove all extension cords, power strips, surge protectors and any converters that remove ground. Plug the power cable directly to the wall outlet. Test for power. If this fixes the issue, find the device that is causing the issue and do not use it.
9. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the build-up of dust from the power supply fan vent holes. Make sure that the PC is turned off and that the power cord is plugged into a grounded outlet. Only use the end of the vacuum hose near the outside of the fan entrance.
Plug in the power cord and test to see if the computer can turn on. If not, continue using these steps.
10. If all of the above steps have been tried and the power supply light remains off, use the steps in the next section, use the next section Power supply light comes on or flashes , to reseat the cables and check the power switch connector.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Nov 20, 2013

There should be a phono jack for the speakers to work. 1 lead from the back of you computer to the Normally back of the monitor but sometimes in the side. Check that also some monitors have separate power for the speakers check you have that.

Hope this is some help.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Aug 06, 2013

Were there signs?

Motherboard wasn't eating right?

Seemed lethargic, and depressed?

Leave any notes behind, or talked to anyone before leaving?


1) Look at the Electrolytic Capacitors on the motherboard,
(Specifically, they are Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors)



2) However, I bet the computer is dirty inside, and the Power Supply is bad.

Motherboards get blamed all the time, when the problem is a Power Supply with a weak voltage power rail.

( I just saw a line of motherboards go down the street yesterday, with protest signs. "Unfair to Motherboards"

NO, you gonna' believe that? )

Know this;
1) If ALL of the LED lights were on at once, they would use less than 1 Watt of power.

2) EACH fan uses 2 to 3 Watts of power.

3) A typical Processor (CPU) can use 51 to 125 Watts of power.
Just depends on what Processor it is.

Compaq Presario SR1000T?




Up To 89 Watts. (TDP)

This is why you may see LED lights, light; and possibly fans spin; but no computer working;
Not enough power to turn the Processor on.

You can test the voltages coming out of the Power Supply, with a multimeter; or temporarily use a KNOWN to be good, Compatible power supply, from a working computer.

The Dangerous voltages are kept within the metal case, of the Power Supply.
The 100 to 240 Volts AC.

Your Power Supply is a converter.
It converts the 100 ~ 240 Volts AC, down to three low DC Voltages;
3.3 Volts
5 Volts
12 Volts

In comparison two D cell flashlight batteries produce 3 Volts DC.


For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Compaq Presario... | Answered on Mar 18, 2013

Hi jerry is right, you have to make sure the pc is wireless capable. if not get a wireless card installed then try to install from the cd again

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Oct 17, 2012

There are many reasons of this as:
1. Check your power connections
2. Check if your monitor is on or off
3. Check your monitor is working or not by switching it on
4. Check the connection of your monitor from your big box/CPU

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Compaq Presario... | Answered on May 17, 2012

Power Source? Are you talking about a Power Supply?

If so, when you open the case just take note of where it has things connected. You will have a lot of connections that will go nowhere because they are there for future expansions. It's not hard to do, because some things will only fit in a certain place, so just take note of where things are before you remove the old power supply. A digital camera might help you.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on May 02, 2012

Hi carmendar282
Try these solutions to your problem

Start your computer in the Safe Mode.
To start in Safe Mode.
Turn your computer on.
Keep tapping F1, F2 or F8 (depending on your computer) while the computer is starting up
When the computer starts select Safe Mode
1. Uninstall any softwear you may have put on the computer before the problem started.
2. Do a complete System Restore: Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore.
This will bring your system back to a time before you installed the softwear or Microsoft installed drivers,etc.
Note: Just be sure to use a date in a darkened box, that is before your trouble start date.
When you have done the above, restart the computer and if your still having the problem, then the installed drivers,updates,softwear,etc might have
corrupted the Operating System.
If that happened then that means either repair or reinstall the operating system.
You will need to do the following:
1...Repairing the Operating System...
A...You will have to have the Operating Dics that came with the computer.If you did not make any or none has been made since you have had your computer, then you may be able to make the CD/DVD's for your computer.
Check in the Programs and see if there is a program that will allow you to make a back-up CD/DVD's for your system.
Note...If you do not have the disks that came with your computer or the ones you should have made when you first got your computer...then you will have to go to the manufacture's webpage and see if they have a recovery disk available for your computer, if they do not a recovery disks available then you can also try ebay to locate the recovery disks.
The original disks will have your product key number that came with the computer, you can also find it on the tower, or under the bottom of your laptop, or maybe the piece of paper that the CD orginally came in may have the number on it.
You can also download a small program and it will tell you your product key number.
Go to the following webpage to download your FREE key finder.
B...You will now insert the disc into the CD/DVD player
C...Restart the computer
D...When the window opens that tells you to press "Any" key, you will press any key you want to press.
E...If you do not receive a message that says "press any key to boot from CD", then then the computer is not ready to boot from a cd.
To correct this problem you will have to go into your computer's Bios and change the computer to boot from a CD.
To get into the Bios, shut the computer off,restart, while the computer is starting up keep tapping F1 as the computer is starting up.
When you are in the Bios, select to boot by CD by moving the cursor with the direction arrows on the keyboard.
Once you have selected to boot by cd the exit and restart the computer...the disc is already in the cd/dvd player.
Your system will then boot from the cd.
F...After a minute or less it should ask you if you want to Quit Repair, or Continue.
You will select Repair this time, but you may have to come back here and select Install if the repair does not work.
It will ok the agreement document if it asks you too.
Tap F8 on your keyboard to pass it when ready.
It will ask you if you want to Install, Repair, Delete Partition, or Quit.
Select Repair
Inside the box there will be one or two partitions.
Choose the largest partition.
After you have chosen the largest partition, you will then press the "r" key to start the repair
After the repair is complete, then you will need to restart your computer.
G...Computer Restart
After the repair is complete, shut the computer down (the computer will shut down a few times during the installation of the operating system
that is normal).
Then restart your computer, when the computer restarts it will have a box to put your product key...put the product key in the box and click.
The computer should start up and run as if it was a new computer.
You do not need to re-register
You can now remove the disc.
If this fails to clear your problem then you may have a hardware problem.
It could be faulty ram
If you still have the same problem, then you have two choices.
1.Reinstall the entire Operating System and you may have to update some drivers.
This will require you to go back to the start of the repair info and select Install instead of Repair.
2..Take your machine in to have the hardware tested.
Keep in mind that if you do a complete reinstall of the Operating System you will lose all the information on the computer,such as pictures, programs, videos, everything you installed will be gone.
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Compaq Presario... | Answered on Sep 24, 2011

Hi knightmichea...

If your graphics card and sound card is faulty on your motherboard then replace them with one off the shelf and use the pci slots to put it in on your computer.

Sound problem:
Look for the speaker icon on your desktop in the right bottom portion of the sceen.
Also when you find it, RIGHT click on it, you will have two choices to make, choose and check each one of the choices to make sure that NONE of the boxes on each
choice has a checkmark in Mute,if there is a check mark then uncheck it.
NOTE:In "Open Volume control: you will find slider to adjust for volume,Wave,CD Player,etc.
After that is down, then LEFT click on the speaker icon and make sure that the slider is all the way to the top and that the Mute does not have a check mark,if it does remove the check.
If that does not work the re-install the audio driver for your computer.
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Specs for your computer...

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Sep 15, 2011

Please Clean Processor Fan By removing dust from the cooling went ( make sure the air should be transfer through the cooling went from the fan) Then Apply the Good heat sink Paste on the processor then try
In this process please don't touch the processor fan while the sys is powered on or running

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Jul 25, 2011

install audio drivers

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Jul 25, 2011

Try to re install the driver of your Video card and Also I recommend you to download a good codecs so you may be able to play different video files you may install either codecs or the driver its up to you what do you want to install first...Here's the link for the codecs since I dont know what video card are you using..Just click this link for the video codecs.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Jul 13, 2011

you can go to any best buy office max office depot home depot lowes ok

Compaq Presario... | Answered on May 23, 2011

First, the simplest item is to make sure it is plugged in. (this includes making sure if you have it plugged into a power strip, that the power strip is powered on)
Second, some power supplies can actually have an On/Off switch in the back. If your PC has one of these, make sure it was not accidentally bumped off.
In very rare cases you could have an excess of dust in the fan and the power supply (you can try compressed air into the back vent to blow out dust in the power supply)
Once you verify those, another thing you can try, is to remove the front face plate (if there is one on the model you have) and try pressing the small button that is directly behind the power button.
The power button on the faceplate is typically just a piece of plastic that extends back and presses this button behind it. It makes it look pretty.
Beyond that, further troubleshooting requires opening the case to your computer. Typically, the power button has small wires that connect back to the motherboard or power supply, which could be re-seated (unplugging and re-attaching the cable on either end, to verify that it's connected properly) Also, the power supply has a connector that plugs into the motherboard, verify that this is connected properly and reseat it.
If all that fails, it is very likely you have a bad power supply. If the machine is under warranty, contact the manufacturer, and they may replace it for free. Otherwise you may need to order a new power supply from them (I believe Compaq uses proprietary power supplies and therefore you would most likely not be able to buy one from a retailer and replace)
If you are uncomfortable cracking the case on your computer, you may want to find a local techie to assist you.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Mar 08, 2011

unplug vga CORD & if it shws "no signal" replace vga card ,clean ram
read here


Compaq Presario... | Answered on Feb 20, 2011

Go to www.crucial.com and run their SCAN MY COMPUTER option and it will tell you how much memory you currently have (and what type), how many empty slots you have, and exactly how much more memory you can add to your computer.

Good luck and please post back with how you make out.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Jan 24, 2011

Hold down the ON/OFF button for 10 seconds, to see if that makes anything happen.

The disk-drive could be in a "cage" -- remove the screws holding the cage in place, and the whole cage can be removed. Then, unscrew the disk-drive from its cage.

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Oct 24, 2010

change your power supply

Compaq Presario... | Answered on Oct 23, 2010

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