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Precor Error 16, AC Input Voltage Too Low Probable Cause 1. AC input voltage is incorrect.
2. Treadmill operating on undersized AC wiring and/or is drawing high current.
Corrective Action
  1. Verify AC feed into the building's circuit breaker is correct and connected to the proper transformer tap.
  2. The AC wiring must be sized to handle 20 amps of current over the loop length of the AC wiring. Voltage drop across the AC input wiring is a result of the length of the wire run multiplied by the amount of current being demanded by the treadmill. The longer the run and the higher the current the large the wire must be.Verify the unit is connected to an isolated and dedicated 20 amp circuit.
Precor Error 16

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Jul 30, 2014

Precor Error 30, 31, 32 and 33, Communications Error Probable Cause 1. Bad interconnect cable between upper PCA and lower PCA.
2. Interconnect cable is mistakenly plugged into the CSAFE connector at the upper PCA.
3. Elliptical 5.17 equipped with old software version 1.01 in upper and lower PCA.
4. Upper and lower PCAs have mismatched software.
5. Another component plugged onto the PCA is overloading the +5VDC power supply.
6. Bad lower PCA.
7. Bad upper PCA.
Corrective Action
  1. Test unit with a know good interconnect cable or test the interconnect cable for continuity. Replace interconnect cable if necessary.
  2. Disconnect the interconnect cable from the CSAFE connector and attach to the proper position on the upper PCA.3.
  3. Replace the upper and lower software of the 5.17 elliptical with the most current versions.4.
  4. If one of the PCAs is found to have software version 1.01, replace it with the most current software version.
  5. Disconnect all components from the upper and lower PCA leaving the data cable connecting between the upper and lower PCAs and the AC power going to the lower PCA. If the unit shows any error other than the error 3x, reconnect components one at a time. Reset power between each newly connected component until the error 3x reappears. Whichever component was last connected when the error 3x reappears, is the cause for the error. Replace the faulty component.
  6. Test unit with a known good lower PCA. Replace the lower PCA if necessary.
  7. Test unit with a known good upper PCA. Replace the upper PCA if necessary.
Precor Error Code 30 31 32 33

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Precor Exercise... | Answered on Jul 28, 2014

Usual cause is roller bearings. Try to oil them they are probably rusty at worst you will have to replace roller. But this is as very good machine. Good luck

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Jul 22, 2014

Usually wax build up on rollers. Check for lumps on track at rollers.

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Jul 19, 2014

Precor Error 45, Lift Moving in Wrong Direction Probable Cause 1. Lift motor hysteresis.
2. Lower PCA is bad.
Corrective Action 1. The error would usually occur when the lift was already in motion (usually downward) when a lift command in the opposite direction (upward) was made. Some lift motors used in production exhibited a very long turnaround time and the lift motor would still be moving in the original commanded direction while the control system was trying to move the lift in the opposite commanded direction. If the error continues to re-occur, replace the lift motor.
2. It is a rare condition, however if the lift moves in the opposite direction commanded, replace the lower PCA.
Precor Error Code 45

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Jul 17, 2014

Precor Error LS, Speed Sensor Signal Missing Probable Cause 1. Intermittent or open connection of the speed sensor (reed switch) wiring.
2. Reed switch is defective or has intermittent connection.
3. Drive motor brushes are bad.
4. Lower PCA is bad.
Corrective Action
  1. Inspect the speed sensor (reed switch) wiring for damage or poor connection to the lower PCA. Replace damaged wiring or reset connection as necessary.
  2. Using an ohm meter, test the reed switch while rotating the drive pulley. The reed switch will close when the magnet passes in front of it.
  3. Inspect the drive motor brushes and replace if necessary.
  4. Test unit with a known good lower PCA. Replace lower PCA if necessary.

Precor Error Code LS

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Jun 04, 2014

Be careful! I had that same problem before. The bolt came loose and I heard rubbing then the entire right arm broke off dumping me to the floor. Make sure the bolt is not broken inside the housing.

Precor Exercise... | Answered on May 18, 2014

Precor Error Code 22 Error Code: 22 Manufacturer: Precor
Model: All Models
Error Description: Error 22, No Motor Pulses at Start Up - Error indicates that the display has sent a command for the drive motor to start, however, the speed sensor has not returned the signal acknowledging that the drive motor has started. Possible Reason:
  1. The line of sight between the speed sensor and the speed sensor target is obstructed.
  2. Badly worn drive motor brushes.
  3. Incorrect gap between the speed sensor and the speed sensor target.
  4. Incorrect adjustment of the speed sensor potentiometer (when equipped).
  5. Inoperative speed sensor.
  6. Faulty lower PCA.
  7. Faulty interconnect cable between upper and lower PCA.
  8. Faulty upper PCA.
Recommended Action:
  1. Using a static safe vacuum cleaner, carefully vacuum out the drive motor compartment. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area between the speed sensor and the speed sensor target.
  2. Bady worn drive motor brushes cannot make proper contact with the motor commutator, therefore the drive motor will not start when voltage is applied. Inspect and replace drive motor brushes if necessary.
  3. Inspect the gap of the speed sensor to the speed sensor target. Proper gap is 3/16" and the speed sensor photo eye should be aimed at the larger portion of the targets wedge shaped section. If unit has a magnetic speed sensor, the gap between the end of the sensor and the flywheel tooth needs to be 3/16".
  4. Locate the speed sensor potentiometer (when equipped) on the lower PCA. Set the speed sensor potentiometer to mid-range. Start the treadmill and increase speed to 6 mph. Carefully adjust the speed sensor potentiometer until the treadmill is operating the smoothest. Increase the speed to full speed and again adjust the speed sensor potentiometer until the treadmill is operating the smoothest. These two adjustments are typically small and are generally only a matter of fine tuning.
  5. An inoperative speed sensor will allow the drive motor to start and run briefly before the error appears. If able to access the speed sensor wiring, measure the DC voltage between the speed sensor leads. Two of the leads will always read about 5 VDC. Two will toggle between 0 and 5 VDC as you slowly turn the speed sensor target. If both measurements are not seen, the speed sensor needs replaced. Some units have the speed sensor mounted on the lower PCA and the lower PCA needs replaced.
  6. Determine if the lower PCA is bad by swapping with a known good lower PCA.
  7. Determine if the interconnect cable is bad by swapping with a know good cable.
  8. Determine if the upper PCA is bad by swapping with a know good upper PCA.

Precor Error Code 22

Precor Exercise... | Answered on May 15, 2014

Try lubricating between the deck and belt. This video will show you how to do this procedure.

Precor Exercise... | Answered on May 15, 2014

Lift motor is bad and needs to be replaced

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Apr 12, 2014

The tuner inside the unit has most likely gone bad. I've seen a lot of these units do this in the last year or so. Precor use to refurbish these on site but they discontinued the program. If a tuner goes bad in one of these they want you to replace the whole viewing system now

Precor Exercise... | Answered on Apr 12, 2014

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