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I need to know a little bit more about your computer. I'd like to know when you try to boot up if it says IDE no hard disk detected. Or does it come on and show you a cursor in the top corner and then go blank? Is your ctrl-alt-delete reboot work and lastly can you get to your bios screen? Thank you,
Steven Would olbright

Toshiba... | Answered on Dec 13, 2018

why not ask toshiba that.?
they made it and almost support it.
they have no forum, the bums.
but why not read your page on that pc.
it came new with w7 , 2011 made

the toshiba web site tells you to go here


i typed miracast for you there and got that.

Toshiba... | Answered on Dec 10, 2018


Toshiba... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

Restore your toshiba DVD:
press and hold to stop button of DVD for 5 sec and Press the button again, after that check your DvD. your DVD has been reset.

Toshiba... | Answered on Dec 05, 2018

what is this device, ok I will google it ....
DVR , and moving you to DVR fails today.
ok not really a computer is it.
so ill move you to TV boxes.
it needs service, and spare parts.
the load noise that I cant hear, is very key to what it was.
even lightening hits in the hood would make a huge noises
ever fix equipment that got hit, I have. (lots)
the HDD can also crash,
ever use stethoscope and listen to a HDD>?
(even with screwdriver handle to ear?)
so bad PSU
bad logic board
bad HDD.
only testing finds the cause, service book,
guessing will fail or be super expensive.
how would you reformat that drive if replaces and no manual.

Toshiba... | Answered on Dec 03, 2018

try posting to top loading dishwashers
you are in COMPUTERS, forum... and is wrong spot
but yeah the Toshiba brand is missing in dishwasher category. sure.
I bet you are not in USA but are posting here
we don't have this product here
but I do see it in this country far far away.
ask them?

cant move you the recat is dead today.

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 29, 2018


WARNING: Some BIOS configurations will lock you out of the system completely if you type in an incorrect password more than 3 times. Read your manufacturers documentation for the BIOS setting before you begin typing in passwords.
aLLY Condo PINT 01322222
ALLY d8on pint 589589
aPAf djonet SER 589721
_award HLT SKY_FOX 595595
AWARD_SW J64 SYXZ 598598
AWARD?SW J256 syxz
AWARD SW J262 shift + syxz


Phoenix BIOS Backdoor Passwords:phoenix PHOENIX CMOS BIOS

Misc. Common PasswordsALFAROME BIOSTAR biostar biosstar
CMOS cmos LKWPETER lkwpeter
setup SETUP Syxz Wodj

Other BIOS Passwords by ManufacturerManufacturer Password

VOBIS & IBM merlin
Dell Dell
Biostar Biostar
Compaq Compaq
Enox xo11nE
Epox central
Freetech Posterie
IWill iwill
Jetway spooml
Packard Bell bell9
Siemens SKY_FOX
Toshiba Toshiba

Toshiba BIOS

Most Toshiba laptops and some desktop systems will bypass the BIOS password if the left shift key is held down during boot

Press both mouse buttons repeatedly during the boot
Using the Motherboard "Clear CMOS" Jumper or Dipswitch settings

Many motherboards feature a set of jumpers or dipswitches that will clear the CMOS and wipe all of the custom settings including BIOS passwords. The locations of these jumpers / dipswitches will vary depending on the motherboard manufacturer and ideally you should always refer to the motherboard or computer manufacturers documentation. If the documentation is unavailable, the jumpers/dipswitches can sometimes be found along the edge of the motherboard, next to the CMOS battery, or near the processor. Some manufacturers may label the jumper / dipswitch CLEAR - CLEAR CMOS - CLR - CLRPWD - PASSWD - PASSWORD - PWD. On laptop computers, the dipswitches are usually found under the keyboard or within a compartment at the bottom of the laptop.

Please remember to unplug your PC and use a grounding strip before reaching into your PC and touching the motherboard. Once you locate and rest the jumper switches, turn the computer on and check if the password has been cleared. If it has, turn the computer off and return the jumpers or dipswitches to its original position.
Removing the CMOS Battery

The CMOS settings on most systems are buffered by a small battery that is attached to the motherboard. (It looks like a small watch battery). If you unplug the PC and remove the battery for 10-15 minutes, the CMOS may reset itself and the password should be blank. (Along with any other machine specific settings, so be sure you are familiar with manually reconfiguring the BIOS settings before you do this.) Some manufacturers backup the power to the CMOS chipset by using a capacitor, so if your first attempt fails, leave the battery out (with the system unplugged) for at least 24 hours. Some batteries are actually soldered onto the motherboard making this task more difficult. Unsoldering the battery incorrectly may damage your motherboard and other components, so please don't attempt this if you are inexperienced. Another option may be to remove the CMOS chip from the motherboard for a period of time.

Note: Removing the battery to reset the CMOS will not work for all PC's, and almost all of the newer laptops store their BIOS passwords in a manner which does not require continuous power, so removing the CMOS battery may not work at all. IBM Thinkpad laptops lock the hard drive as well as the BIOS when the supervisor password is set. If you reset the BIOS password, but cannot reset the hard drive password, you may not be able to access the drive and it will remain locked, even if you place it in a new laptop. IBM Thinkpads have special jumper switches on the motherboard, and these should be used to reset the system.

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 27, 2018

Fred Ayieko wants more answers to this question
hijacked, today?
this PC is 12 years, old and as such uses BIOS PW methods used back then, (there are 3 ways on all PCs made)
1: pull NVRAM/RTC coin cell battery, (see below) or jumpers.
2: stored, in EEPROM (custom PW chip) very heard to reset,
3: stored in TPM modern PCs, and you are doomed lacking direct OEM intervention (by LAW)

so lets pretend your PC, (ever youtube this all day)
it is Generation 1, NVRAM and jumpers.
if it is GEN1 and I'm not saying it is. and there are 12 motherboards used on any A8 world wide and are NOT the same here is the GEN one methods. (and if fails proves its gen2.)
acid test: 101.
GEN1 (the maybe jumpers but IDK)
1:remove the HUGE battery first, leave it out until PC runs right again, 12years old batteries short, and are CHAOS.
2: AC pack unplugged.
3: dismantle the PC as needed to reach RTC/NVRAM battery.
as seen below. this one is Yellow, can be blue or?
we have no manuals at Toshiba (30 manuals there)
that show any jumpers at all.
4: remove the battery some solder down others just unplug
this A8 from Europe just unplugges.
5: once you are 100% sure this battery (niiMh) and is recharable is pulled, for SURE.
6: short the 2 battery pins on the PCB side, never short a battery ever ok,. just the motherboard side, we short using a jumper wire those 2 abandoned pins,
7: NVRAM is now 100% ERASED ! in 1 nano second .
the PC now how has zero power, and NVRAM is now empty.
What it really does is have random data, if you learn how NVram works.
8: put back the PC, no jumper connected. as above.
9: leave out the HUGE now bad old battery, leave it the h3ll out until such time the PC runs perfectly again on AC. do that now.
10: power on the PC, if PW still set then your PASSword for sure in not stored on NVRAM is it.? no.!
11: weeeeee, I can now get to BIOS F1 page. three cheers.
do the inside BIOS pages set to defaults now.
power on hammer F1, and BIOS now is up on the screen.
do the BIOS time and date now, SAVE and EXIT BOIS and reboot or power cycle the PC.

there is how to do it or learn if your PW is in side that NVRAM.
if the PC was parked for months on end you need to recharge it per the manual, OK or the PC can not be used. the RTC NVRAM battery must be charged first.
the battery charge only happens turned on, (oddly) as the manual clearly states in Chapter 6 page 5 below.
so do details HELP?



the manual is here,

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 23, 2018

redux 1;
PC found on road dead, a FORD. (no day1 media from maker)
so put linux on it end story but that big battery needs to be taken out, and the RTC coin cell is no good at all at 15 year sold.
Some of these old PCs have odd duck RTC batteries.
oops that is what is there, i SEE IT . ON BOTTOM CORNER.
If BIOS acts odd ( cant keep time or date in BIOS page)
or cant save settings and not scramble them this RTC chargeable batter is no good,or needs 24 hour charge per manual.

XP is a virus magnet, so we can skip that.
PC was sold in 2003, 15 years

boot this


Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 14, 2018

Option 1. Cannot boot old machine. Consider getting a USB Drive adapter and remove the hard drive from this machine, then hook to the adapter and plug it into a working computer. It should then work just like a thumb drive. Look for the documents and photos with a search function. Look for G:USERS\<NAME>\MY Documents (where G is the drive letter that is "mounted" when you plug the adapter in)

Option 2. If you can get the machine to boot, try a boot disk utility to read or change the password. Like Ultimate Boot Disk or similar.

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 11, 2018

go into control panel / settings
look for uninstall programs
look for show system updates
then uninstall last update
Then you can try again
with a re update of windows if you are game

you might also be able if you are lucky to restore from a previous restore point .before the update occurred

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 09, 2018

What is the OS in the Laptop? Windows XP, 7 (sp2), 10??

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 06, 2018

leave the Toshiba powered on for a couple of hours with the black screen
why you ask
If it is running Windows it might have downloaded an update
in the background when it was online to the internet without you being aware of it,
Then when you turn off your computer and restart it or power it up.
Windows tries to install the downloaded window's upgrade and the maker's of Windows o/s in their infinite wisdom thought it would be great to display a blank screen instead of the words windows update installing please wait.
Eventually you might be lucky and see a message after 30 minutes to 1 hour of waiting with a blank screen that Windows is updating its operating system

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 04, 2018

The screen is failing.

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 03, 2018

Hello Waled.
so the BIOS admin password is set and forgotten?
if yes, you must ask this at Toshiba.
5year old PC. 2013 made.
Toshiba has no forum (never buy from them)
so this is it,
here is all get,
contact them with your problem.
do I seen one below, no, you to can look too.
lots of submodels unstated by you.


Toshiba... | Answered on Oct 26, 2018

ask Toshiba first, ?
we are not them, nor do we have books here on PCs.
most web sites now ( due to new GDPR laws)
do not allow posting hacks for this.
made in year 2002, so is 16 years old.
On this relic try to remove the main battery, main AC pack
and coin cell and pray it resets.,
if not call and talk to the maker, fixya is USA so here is the USA page for Toshiba, (not us we don't make PCs here)

here is the 1st page (join their forum and ask or call them)

Toshiba... | Answered on Oct 22, 2018

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