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go to setting and turn off automatic updates, I think toshiba has a program for their updates I think its called catalyst disable the updates there too
https://www.6ya.com/mr.mike good luck

Toshiba... | Answered on Feb 10, 2019

Toshiba satellite A155
there is no such laptop.
look at the service tag again
or post a photo of your sevice tag
we are USA, forum

we are not them
and your PC is not seen there. at all.
my wild guess, typed wrong by you.


Toshiba... | Answered on Feb 07, 2019

The quickest way to change the display output settings is to use the
display hot key (Fn + F5):
1 Press Fn and F5 simultaneously.
2 While holding down Fn, press F5 repeatedly until the setting
you want takes effect. Briefly pause each time you press the F5
key to allow time for the display to change.
This hot key cycles through the settings in the following order
(the last two options are available if an external monitor is
? Built-in display only
? Built-in display and external monitor (simultaneously)
? External monitor only
? Built-in display and TV (or other external video device)
? TV (or other external video device)
? External monitor and TV
? Built-in display and external monitor (extended mode)
? Built-in display and TV (extended mode)
? External monitor and TV (extended mode)
? Swap-Switch primary display between internal display
and external monitor when using extended desktop

Toshiba... | Answered on Feb 05, 2019

you upgraded it windows 10 with not asking
or looking at toshiba.com to see of they support w10 on this unstated PC

or read how other made w10 work
lots of thing are bad, not just that card
with w10


Toshiba... | Answered on Feb 01, 2019

.toshiba 2309 LCD screen errors? that?
that is a huge
A printer, say printer,and is not a computer
coin,my wild guess is coin cell battery
full names work best;.

RTM ,read the manual yet,free
it covers all tests and all errors there
crystal clear.
no countr stated,by you
start here and get the book.


read chapter 7 yet
that be first,this printer is very complex.
super complex really.
236 pages
page 202 lists all errors not one uses COIN word, is that a Typo? is coin = code? a double typo>?

either call a service tech.
or tell the full error on the lcd screen.
accurately and fully.
good luck.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 30, 2019

All new Toshiba laptops ship from the factory with the ability to run the system recovery process from a hard disk partition, and with preinstalled software that can be used to record recovery media to blank discs. Toshiba recommends creating recovery media to ensure the ability to run a system recovery even if the hard disk recovery partition is damaged or deleted, or if the hard disk breaks. Reconditioned laptops may not include this recovery enabling software so may require that recovery media be purchased.

Recovery media can be ordered online. Click here to begin the order process. There is no charge for the software itself, for which customers already own licenses, and as of 10/1/10 the shipping and handling charges for delivery of recovery media in the US is $24.95 for DVD media or $34.95 for USB sticks.

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/joe_8b8c2cd6ce148309

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 30, 2019

no country stated and no OS stated at all wow.
a 2 decade old PC /? REALLY?(12 years best guess)
no usa books so carbon14 dating it is hard.
and is first in my book. and CPU next.

and in asia, and down under, and maybe africa.
but NOT here (USA)
the web site called toshiba.com
covers all that, we are not THEM.

all we can do is point or read the manual to you.
no symptoms posted by you, at all.
new hdd
OLD HDD has xp on it and is infected
old hdd dead. what to do?
up grading hdd to ssd. (yah)
what the problems are , is key, in ALL CASES

page 69 pdf covers this
it mandates a CDRrom recovery
there is no , recovery partition on this very old PC. worth near zero now.
the L100 is 2 decades old with windows 2000 loaded

If the hdd is ok
then there is a hot keyfor what is called
full day 1 factory recovery
or windows recovery.

L200 is missing on usa toshiba web site,
why, you not in uSA that it? wow if true.
i look in ebay see 1 , l200 i UK
so are you in UK and playing lets ask yanks
about PC they dont have?
lets go to toshiba uk, now, here we go
bingo uk
i see L100 but not 200s, are you in india or S.africa, english speaking countries, why must i beg?

the L100 book may work,, (can)
lets read that now.
its in consumer obsolete.

10 year old manual English

fist ditch that dead huge relic battery keep it out. run on AC only, and win.

1: IN EUROPE (well not USA ) or where you are.
2: lost the toshiba CDrom install disk 12 or more years ago( marked VISTA Toshiba I bet)
3: hdd dead or missing or replaced and blank.
5; BUY a NEW OS media install kit NOW BROKE.or
5:cure is load free linux.
(i never advice pirate disks of any kind)

Toshiba Satellite L200-N400T?
there is always a dash numbered L200-nnnn
not all are the same, a fact for sure this topic
newer models had recovery partitions.

the L300 is 2008
the L1oo is 2000 made
L200 , my guess 2007 made.

the L200 came with XP or vista and w7 is reported to fail installs on this pig.
so vista or linux works only. (or freedos)

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 30, 2019

why? (a tiny hint please?) first off the newest pCs, (or old if upgraded to UEFI status), by LAW now can not be downgraded.
no reason given. let me guess you upgraded and it fails. s o want to go back Only Toshiba can answer that, but wait they have no forum (toy grade PC?)
Buy Dell next time. there is all they have. (try TOMS) https://support.toshiba.com/support/navShell?cf=community_forum

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 30, 2019

"Enter" for one space "Enter,Enter" for 2 and so on.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 27, 2019

we have like 10,000 black screen posts here that's ok, more is good. why not.? but did you test the PC with that old big battery out first?,
run on AC pack only.(even for ever) did you do the long POWER reset, both big battery out and ac PACK PULLED HOLD the power button for 10-30seonds, release put back the AC pack only, no big battery.' power on, look at LCD screen. and see it least some text shows in the screen?> if you see anything at all there,it is not a black screen failure. (RTC battery dead or hhd dead) does the fan blow now, on AC pack only?
if yes?do the flashlight trick test, this old PC has CCFL back lamps more are long ago dead, no LED back lamps on this old dog. ok?? 12 years old today, 3 long years before LCD+LED magic happened. so if the fan blows, and hear hDD spin this i've posted this over 100 times, now . http://www.pcdied.com/monitors_and_screens/flash-light-trick.html

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 27, 2019

ask the maker? toshiba,
sure they don't help for free
no forum at toshiba for help, tells you to ask TOMS hardware. forum,( cute no)
and is circular loop tosh to tom then back to toshiba.

on call and pay for help.

here is toms answer (sticky) now.
the answer is NO! (by GDPR LAW, Spring 2018 laws)


so hack away.
or pay scalpers, you call, your cash and your risk.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 25, 2019

English web site here. Polish detected IT IS A PRINTER AND NOT A COMPUTER, SURE. Toshiba e studio 167 will not start? display flashes do the service manual reset yet per manual get error codes per manual?

e-studio 167

toshiba USA has nothing there at all. (old or not sold here
it is 11 years old today

268 manual here, free


I have no idea where the drivers are for this old printer. what country are you in?

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 22, 2019

as you know it has been made wet then would need to be looked at by a computer repair specialist who can check whether is viable to repair or renew

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 20, 2019

This happens when the blue channel of the VGA cable doesn't work. This can be by an internal defect or by a defective cable. Since you changed the cable already, its the connector.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 17, 2019

It could be a corrupt file or a faulty hdd. Press the F8 key when you power it up and choose last good boot option. If it won't boot, purchase an OS disk and boot from the DVD ROM. If it won't load purchase a new hdd and install the new OS.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 17, 2019

SATELITTE A215 (Added missing model name)
12 years old, best is todo the job based on age.
first test the HDD. (ask)
or all steps will fail if bad this old and gee,very likely.
A216-Snnnn lots of sub models this PC,


page 52 ,quote "available on certain models."
read the page decide what is best for you, we have now idea at all.this.

my wild guess is page.55
using the Recovery partition. methods'

the magic 0 (zero) key at power on.

RTM , free here and at toshiba.com too.


Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 17, 2019

OP the last man on earth running the VIRUS magnet XP
failure 2 is owning super dog Toshiba (wiki the horror of them)
and you come here because Toshiba has no forum,sure. zero.
but does have drivers, if you looked, and didnt.
what is that thing, i look at the sevice book OMG first google hit
2011 made.
we are USA forum are you in uSA did this beast come from USA new, I think not.
i guess the install disks with this THING are lost?
no drivers USA
so call you toshiba , in YOUR country not ours.oK.
we dont have this beast


Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 16, 2019

If necessary, remove the hard drive and wipe it clean(back up first if you have important data on it) and reinstall the hard drive along with the operating system, that's a bit involved I know so if you're not comfortable with it just get a local shop to do it for $40-$50 Max, it may be worth it! If you're confident in your skills just go for it. Remember, a few bucks is nothing compared to losing a lot of process pictures or anything else that's near & dear to you- trust me as I've made this mistake before!

Let me know if this is helpful by clicking "Helpful", feel free to leave very brief review or follow me, I deal with automotive/mechanical/technical and other subjects relevant to daily life. Thanks and have a great day!

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 15, 2019

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