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Contact the authorized service center for Sony.

Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Nov 26, 2013

There is no other mach to Sony flat panel screens. If you wish to get a cheap one, you have to contact any service technician. Sometimes, he can give you a second hand one, for cheaper rate. There is no need to try to match an other screen with none of sony models. OK?

Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Nov 26, 2013

1? you must test the power supply, the absence of this cause a LOT of problem, test a= fuse, filter, c.breaker rectifier.
2) test the tuner, i-f, video detector, AGC, section
3) if the tv has external POT adjustment for vertical, horizon, do it carefully.
4) tight any wires connector loose, or bad contacts.
God bless you
see the diagram


Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Jul 19, 2012

Contact the nearest authorised service center for Sony at your town. They only can provide it to you.

Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Apr 27, 2012


The issue you describe is consistent with a power supply board issue. This is the board where the AC goes to. This problem may have occurred as a result of irregular power supply, or excess power supply or power surge.

The TV is receiving current but cannot circulate or transfer the current to other necessary part of the TV because of the defective power supply board. You might be lucky it's just a blow fuse. Also a defective transformer can cause your TV not to power on.

All these can be checked on the power supply board.

But more often bad capacitors causes problem on the power supply board. I do not think the power board needs replacement, rather those defective capacitors is causing this issue. Open unit up and take a look at the power supply board.You will probably see one or more electrolytic filter capacitors that are bulged up in the top-not perfectly flat like the others.

The value of these capacitors will be different, most likely they will be somewhere around-820 to 2200uF/25 V( or /10V sometimes)

You can replace them with same values but I would recommend the voltage rating to be higher(like 35V for an original 25V) for reliability purposes.

What happens is,these bulged top capacitors will cause a low and unfiltered DC voltage=main board will malfunction(the relay will keep clicking until the caps are holding enough charge to bring the voltage up over a threshold point).

You can buy these capacitors at any Fry's or Radioshack store or you can order them online at vendors like "mcmelectronics.com"(look for electrolytic capacitors). After replacing these capacitor(capacitors) most likely the normal operation will be restored. Or you can by a refurbished complete power board to save you some stress.

Note: There may be also some other causes for this symptom ,like a defective T con board ,or main board,but the bulged top capacitors are the most common cause for this issue.

If you don't know about TV repairers, take the TV to the nearest repairman to fix the fault for you. Also, note that TV stores a lot of current, so wait a while before opening the TV back cover.

I hope this helps.


Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Nov 10, 2011

The solid standby lamp indicates a problem with the main power supply board. It is not powering up and stops right there. the main issue we have with these boards is bad capacitors, you can look around on the board to see if you can find any with a burn or mushroomed shaped top or they can even split. If you see these you can try and replace them or replace the board itself.
You can have a tech replace the board or you can try this link to repair manuals for your set if you wish to try and repair this yourself. you can look on the web for the supply they can be found in numerous sites as well as E-Bay, or you can have your local parts supply get one for you. The power supply is the boards that are connected to your power cord.

Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on May 05, 2011

When the set does not power on does the red light blink? If yes then how many times does it blink in between each pause?

Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Mar 06, 2011

This is typical behavior for a power supply near complete failure. Eventually, it will not turn on at all.

If it's failing to turn on, the main power supply is probably at fault and without some technical background and a couple of test instruments, you will not be able to do the repair yourself.
What you can do though is; unplug the set, let it stand overnight or at least several hours, remove the back panel and look for a separate board with mostly larger components on it; it will have a ferrite core (no laminations as with a line-frequency part) transformer on it and several larger capacitors which are cylindrical and mounted vertically to the board.

Before touching anything inside, especially on that board, allow several hours to be safe since the larger capacitors can hold a painful voltage charge for some hours.

If you see signs of overheating such as discoloration of the board material, the PSU may not be repairable but if you can find a part number on the board, you might be able to buy the power supply from the mfr. and install it yourself but it will likely have the same problem eventually unless they have altered the design or improved component quality.
If there are no signs of heat damage to the board, there may be companies offering to repair it as a subassembly instead of repairing the whole set which could be much more expensive.

If you choose to replace or have it done, the main power supply still may not be at fault since most are capable of switching on and off if a downstream problem is causing an overload and the power supply for the backlight may be at fault.

Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Feb 24, 2011

  • 1 Check the power. Don't be embarrassed if your problem is as simple as an unplugged power cord. It's better that you should discover this than pay a repair technician to come out to your house and find out.
  • 2 Isolate the problem. The main troubles that will crop up with a TV set are either no picture, no sound or both.
  • 3 Check the input setting on your remote control. If you have other devices connected to the TV, such as a video game system, those devices must be used with a different input setting than the input you use for watching programs or movies on a DVD or Blu-Ray player. Chances are, the kids were playing a game and forgot to turn the input back the way it was.
  • 4 Press the Input button on your remote control to return to the setting you wish to use. For example, the cable box might be connected to Input 1 and your DVD player might be connected to Input 2. Newer television sets have at least 3 inputs.
  • 5 Check the coaxial connection from your cable or satellite receiver to the television. The cable should be attached securely by twisting the round lock nut clockwise. Also check the power connections for the satellite or cable receiver. If either is unplugged, you won't receive a programming signal on the TV.
  • 6 Make sure the video cable is securely attached to the TV jack if you have a home theater system. The video cable runs from the Video Out jack on your home theater receiver to the Video In jack on the back of your TV.
  • 7 Check your receiver setting. Home theater receivers manage several components, so if you have the receiver set to operate the CD player but you are trying to watch a movie on your Blu-Ray player, you'll need to change the selection to Blu-Ray to watch the movie on your TV.
  • 8 Check the TV speakers to see whether they have been muted by accident. Press the volume button on your remote control or go to the Menu section and scroll down until you reach TV Speakers. Toggle left or right to turn the speakers on or off.
  • 9 Press the speaker button on your receiver to make sure your external home theater speakers are activated. Many home theater systems use external for their superior audio rather than the speakers inside a television
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    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Feb 05, 2011

    Hi Eddie,
    Make sure that you're antenna/cable wire has a good connection. Don't disregard the ground cause it will give you a problem like what you've encountered right now. Also you have to confirmed the good signal from you cable provider. If the symptom persist despite the signal is good then the problem is internal. High chance that your tuner is faulty.
    Thanks for using fixya.

    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Feb 05, 2011


    Make sure that you're using the supplied Remote (RMY-906) to control the TV. If so, perform the steps given below to resolve the issue.

    • Make sure that you're using batteries which are having enough charge. Try using fresh alkaline batteries.
    • Do not use rechargeable batteries in the Remote.
    • Ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly with the correct terminals by checking the + and - symbol in the battery compartment.
    • Make sure that the Remote is set to operate with the correct functions. On the remote control, press the TV FUNCTION button to re-check this.
    • Press the POWER button and other buttons to test the operation.
    • Make sure that none of the buttons are jammed in the remote control.
    • Ensure that the remote control is being used no closer than 3 feet and no further than 10 feet away from the unit. Try using the remote control at varying distances from the TV.
    • When using the remote control, be sure to point it directly at the remote sensor on the device.
    • Remove any obstacles that may be in the path between the remote control and the device.
    • Ensure the remote sensor of the device is not exposed to direct sunlight or bright florescent lights, as this can interfere with the sensors ability to receive signals from the remote control.
    • Try resetting the Remote. To reset the Remote. remove the batteries from the remote control, press every button twice, and then reinstall the batteries.
    • Try resetting the TV also to check the operation. To reset the TV, disconnect the power cord for a short period of time (approximately 1 minute), then reconnect the power cord and power on the television.

    If the remote control is able to operate other devices (such as cable box, DVD Player or satellite receiver), then the issue may be with the IR sensor on the TV. If this is the case then the TV that will require service. Otherwise, the remote control may need replaced.

    Good Luck!


    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Nov 23, 2010

    Do any of the followingPlease contact the retailer from whom you purchased the TV. He should be able to guide you OR Go to any SONY dealer and ask him to help you out OR Go to SONY web site, support section and find out if casters are available as accessories.

    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Sep 16, 2010

    Check under menu and see if your SAP setting are set
    for english , if not you may not have sound.

    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Sep 02, 2010

    the four times is a code for what part of your tv is having issues. A Qualified Sony Service Shop should be able to give you an idea and or cost of what the repair is. 'Call around'
    1) My thoughts is that there is either an HOT, 'High Output Transistor' that has gone out or maybe even a flyback that sends the High voltage to your 3 crts.
    A/V Media Tech Guy

    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Nov 27, 2009

    good evening friend. you seem to be having problems in your standby circuits if no remote works on the tv, but you can operate it manually. the standby circuits always stay on that is how you are able to power up the set. go to your remote infrared circuits when this problem exists find the standby transformer and the other parts of this circuit. check for opened or shorted components. find the transformer fuse and bridge rectifiers. somtimes these can be on a seperate board. you might even find a transistor and zener diode regulation circuit in the output voltage source. be very mindful of that standby crcuit. thank you and please rate this solution

    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Nov 17, 2009

    Is this set using a cable or satellite box? I looked at the owners manual and did not see any format adjustments. If it is hooked to a box, check the settings there.

    Sony KP-61S75 TV | Answered on Oct 14, 2009

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