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Sounds like something may be shorted out inside keeping the power supply loaded enough it wont start, dont recommend trying to fix unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing, there are some high voltages inside, I wold Call a TV tech out to repair, Just FYI, these sets from Phillips/MAG usually have CRT fluid getting cloudy causing discoloration/fog to pix around this age and older, between both repairs, some sets start around $1000, just an idea.

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check the horizontal output transistor, it could be open.

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This might be something really simple... In a large number of DPTV310 chassis, of which this TV is, the yoke connections where put in place with black electrical tape just below the retaining rings. Job is to loosen the rings, remove the tape and push the yoke back in place and tighten down retainer.. Be careful not to throw off the tilt of the yoke. The adhesive on the tape, over time, gets hot so many time it becomes slippery and allows the yoke to fall away from it's position dulling the look of the image (or focal length) causing the problem you're describing here... It also throws off the convergence - so in attempting to converge it just looks worse. Good Luck Bill

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I had the exact same problem. The TV has a protection Circuit which is stopping the TV being harmed by the incorrect setup. I called a tech who charged me $100 bucks and let me watch how he fixed it. He essentially pushed the 3 thick pink wires coming out of the Extra High Voltage transformer (EHT). No parts were required to be replaced. Also, he said that the Lenses were messed up (i had tried to sharpen the image - my mistake) and due to that the convergence controller was throwing up a excessive sharp image error which was stopping the TV to show the image. Its working just fine now. I learnt that you should not change the mess with the TV unless its about time to Junk it. If its working, Take my advice, leave it as it is.

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The problem you have has nothing to do with the cable box installation! The convergence fault was going to happen anyway. Im sure you think the install had something to do with it? My freind, problems do arise with these electronic devices all the time , and just out of the blue. Sorry for your troubles ,BUT if your not a service tech or know the safety issues involved with the repair of tvs now a days, I would call a pro to assist you with servicing this set. As theres Hi voltage inside of sets even when they are unplugged. Good Luck

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You have to go into your menu and into setup then look for convergence, don't know exactly where since the TV isn't in fornt of me. But once you get there, there should be a bund of "+" all the ones thare are in color you need to change to white. Depending on the TV you would use our left or right arrow keys, enter or ok. Hope this helps.

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If you play a DVD through the A/V jacks do you get a good picture? If so, could you try your cable box on a friends TV to make sure it's not the box or the way it is connected to the TV? While searching for answers, I came upon a review on ( which has been a pretty reliable source for quality related issues with consumer electronics products and found this hands on experience from a reviewer: Well, I'll start off by saying this tv has a relatively decent picture aside from some issues with the horizontal and vertical positioning, and it's price is very competitive with other tv's this size, but as the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for". I hate talking bad about peoples products, but I gave this one many chances. I originally bought a 55PP9352 but when I hooked up my DVD player in progressive mode, the picture was off center. I then changed that out for a 60PP9352, and low and behold, the same problem. The best way to notice was going through the THX optimizer setup on THX mastered DVD's. When you got to the aspect ratio screen the outline boxes were off the screen on the bottom and right. I even tried different DVD players and still the same problem. Also, this tv had a power board issue. It would very quickly turn off and back on while you were watching it. I gave it one more chance and swapped it out for another 60PP9352. Well Here again, I have the off-centered picture in progressive mode. I also found out that the retailer had the same power issue with another one of the same tv's sold to a different consumer. They are picking up this tv next week! Philips customer service seems to have some issues also. I had a question about the HD capabilities of this unit, and no matter what method of contact I tried, I kept getting the "run around" and even got hung up on. My question was "I know that inputs 4 and 5 support HD signals of 480p and 1080i, but what will the tv do when a 720p signal is introduced? Will the signal be upconverted, downconverted, or even be displayed at all?" Nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. I actually called 5 times, emailed 3 times, and tried online chat support, and finally I got an answer. It was "720p is not supported". They still didn't answer my question if it would be upconverted, downconverted, or even displayed. I have limited off air HDTV where I'm at. ABC doesn't broadcast here yet, but the majority of their HD broadcasting is in 720p, so when they do finally get here, I want a tv that will display the broadcast signal. Also X-box has a lot of HD games that are in 720p format. I think Philips needs to catch up with the times. Number 5 input is HD capable, but it doesn't even have component cable connections for it. It only has a 15 pin VGA style input like a computer, but then they recommend it not to be used for a computer monitor connection. I guess it's my own fault for not researching more about the capabilities of this tv, but still I think Philips has some serious issues they need to work on if they are going to stay competitive with the new upcoming technologies. I'm left with one question, What ever happen to the "Philips Magnavox" name? It's just "Philips" now. Did the quality leave with the "Magnavox" name? So there you have it. Most HDTV programming is in the 720p mode. Philips used to be a good name brand to choose. Alas times change.

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It's hard to tell for certain, but from what you're describing this sounds like the degaussing mechanism of the TV is either malfunctioning, or that there's some electromagnetic field around that keeps screwing with your TV. This could be caused by speakers, lamps, or any other electrical device. In any case don't hurry to spend 400$ on repair, it's been only three days, and there's a nice chance its not the convergence, or that you'll be able to find someone in your area that won't overcharge you. If there was any device added to the mix around the TV lately, remove it, and try plugging out your TV over night. If turning it off and on a few times won't solve it in the long run(that's the way you make the degauss mechanism work), you should look again into repair options in your area. Good luck

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Can,t be done with the one you have,

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We have no remote codes for the this converter.

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necesito codigo de mando remoto huayu hr 878e para DVD LG

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Use code search to find out. If a search through all codes stored in your Philips URC fails, try a different one.

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Check e bay

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Usual instructions.

Turn on the TV.

Find the code(s) listed for your Phillips TV and shown in the instructions provided with your remote. (If you don't have the instructions, look on the remote manufacturer's website).

On the remote, press the "TV" button.

Then press and hold the "setup" button until the LED blinks twice. Then let go (you atr now in yhe setup mode.)

Now enter the one of the Phillips TV code numbers you got from the instructions (or website.) This is often a three digit or five digit code. If performed properly, the LED should blink twice indicating it has accepted the code. (If it did not blink twice, folliw these steps again.)

Now aim the remote at the TV and press power. The TV should turn off indicating its programned properly.

Try other functions on the remote, sound up and down, change channel, etc. If all work, your done. If not there are usually several different codes listed for every TV, just go back and try them all, until you find the one that works all functions.

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Google (Philips)(LP 2E AA)(manual) without parens.

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Hello Jaunius, indicate if the remote control you are commenting on, is an original replacement or if it is a universal remote control, indicates the type, brand and model, in order to find the best possible solution
I wait your answer
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Jaunius, indica si el control remoto del que estas comentando, es reemplazo original o si es un control remoto universal, indica el tipo, marca y modelo, para poder encontrar la mejor solucion posible
Espero tu respuesta
Saludos Franco Dosil

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The identity is printed on the IC.

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Hello Eric, you should be able to disable the energy saving of your Philips by entering the menu, then choose Picture, then select, Auto Picture and from there enter and select Energy Saving, where you can change the status and achieve greater clarity, all these steps are indicated in the user manual, page 31
I sent you the link to download the user manual
I hope my comment has served you
Greetings Franco Dosil

Hola Eric, deberias poder deshabilitar el ahorro de energia de tu Philips entrando en el menu, ahi elegir Picture, despues selecionar, Auto Picture y de ahi entrar y selecionar Energy Saving, donde puedes cambiar el estado y lograr mayor claridad, todos estos pasos estan indicados en el manual de usuario, pagina 31
Te envio el link para que descargues el manual de usuario
espero te haya servido mi comentario
Saludos Franco Dosil

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