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I had a similar problem with my 42 in Philips LCD HDTV.

Here was the problem. My Power Supply Board had several bad capacitors. I opened my TV (warranty was expired of course) and found four bulged capacitors on the PSB. Many major electronics companies Philips/Magnavox, Sony, Panasonic, and others were sold capacitors that failed in 2-5 years instead of 10-20. The capacitors fail (sometimes with an explosion) prematurely due to a lack of preservatives. Unfortunately, they were installed in all sorts of devices and cause a wide range of failure problems.

Here are some options for you.

1. Have it fixed by a professional $$$$$$$??????? (Is it under warranty?)

2. Open your TV and find PSB. (The board that the power cord plugs into) Check for faulty caps. If you find some (bulged or leaking) bad caps replace the entire board. The entire board costs around $250 right now because they are in high demand right now. They can be found at tv-part.com but supplies are limited. I would definitely shop around though.

3. Remove and then replace individual faulty caps. This takes some soldering skill.

Caps are inexpensive and if you can take care of it yourself it will save you hundreds.

This may be your problem. If you determine that it might be.

I have a Tip/How TO tutorial on this site that may also help. It gives step by step instructions for replacing caps on PSB #715t2432-2. If this is your board you are in luck. Here is the Link: Fixing the Philips Turns/shuts off on its own problem. I'm working on uploading pictures to help guide people though the process as well. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Hope this helps and if it does please rate it accordingly. Good luck.

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Dec 15, 2010

brent hardin,

Your description of the problem sounds like a convergence issue. You more than likely have lost the convergence ICs. They will need to be replaced and the convergence will have to be set. The green beam should not move. It is the standard which the red and green are moved to overlap. Since you have bow at the top and bottom I would replace the convergence ICs. I have a tip at http://www.fixya.com/support/r4220499-change_projection_tv_convergence_ics which explains the problem, how to replace the parts and where to get the replacement parts.

Thanks for using FixYa and for the great rating. Great ratings will keep the experts helping to solve problems. Thank you.


Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Nov 17, 2010

Power supply board have problems,just not dead yet.Replaced the power supply board,will solved this problems.Tries websites like Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a refurbish power supply board for the replacement.

I think this will help in solving the problem......

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Oct 25, 2010

The most common issue is convergence failure on that set which causes what your describing. We remove the plug supplying power to the board and see if set comes on to confirm this. If it does then we replace all convergence ic's on the board. If you feel you can do this. Looking from back of set with rear cover off. The covergence board is located towards the front and will have 2-3 black ic chips roughly 3 inches wide and 2 inchs tall on it. The prefix for the ic's are usually STK392-xxx If you can recognize the power supply you will see the connector lead going from power supply to convergence board and unplug that connector. Then plug set in and turn on. If it comes on it will look terrible with colors going wavy but that lets you know its the ic's. Problem is if you unplug the wrong connector you can do some major damage and voltages in those set are high in some areas and getting shocked is always a risk. For me it just wakes me up im so used to it lol.. but it can knock you on your ****. BE CAREFUL or call a tv tech to look at it.. Hope I helped you some..

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Oct 17, 2010

Tried push the FOCUS buton on the remote or tried convergence aligment,R,G,B colors lines don't lines up,picture have colors shadows or 3D pictures?The tv have a convergence pronlems,it dead.The tv convergence board is dead.Try website like Tvrepairworld.com to buy a whole convergence board for the replacement.The AKAI/SAMSUNG tvs are using the same convergence board.

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Sep 22, 2010

The most likely cause is shorted convergence chips and possibly a few pico fuses.

These sets need to have all three colors - RED - BLUE - GREEN - lined up correctly on the screen in order for the picture to look normal. This is called convergence.

When its out of alignment the video will look 3-D, wavy, distorted, etc. Most of the time you just need to adjust your convergence in the menu. If you cannot adjust it in the menu - then your convergence is broken and needs to be repaired. Convergence problems are very common on all Projection TV sets including Sony,Samsung,JVC,Philip Magnavox,Panasonic,Akai,Pioneer2_bing.gif Hitachi,Mitsubishi,Zenith and others.
You can get a convergenece repair kit with instructions from the links below.

Here are some of the most common problems with these sets...

Problem #1) Convergence

Yours may have one or more of the following symptoms...

*Screen Looks 3-D
*Colors wont align
*Screen may look distorted or warped
*No Audio/Video - TV Shuts down - May also make a constant chirping sound

Problem #2
Another common problem is dull or washed out video.

Your set may have one or more of the following symptoms....

*Dull looking picture
*White looking picture
*Halos around objects
*Red/Orange looking picture

You can see some more examples and find a fix herebb0cf99.png http://www.fixya.com/support/r2861467-solution_video_looking_whiteish_dull

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Apr 18, 2010

change the areial direction

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Dec 18, 2009

First: If the convergence board was replaced--the set may need a total adjustment---this is why most good techs replace the convergence chips and any bad parts instead--also costs less----Second: to enter the service mode (it is done with the set already turned on) should be Mute, 182 or Mute 183---if you get the convergence mode--7,8, 9 will select red, green, blue, 5 will stop the cursor from blinking and allow adjustment---with the cursor blinking 2,8, 4, 6 will allow you to navigate---depending on the remote used--the P mode button will take you across the screen in a series of steps--the remote I use for this has a button on it marked data save--this saves the adjustments. Your remote may have it or a different button for this.

Understand---if you get into the convergence mode---Green determines if the geometry of the picture is straight---red and blue are adjusted to it---to align the green you need to call the convergence mode up and then cover the lens for the red and blue---leaves you with a green grid---then you need to select green and wherever the grid is not straight adjust it--once you get it straight you need to uncover the red and adjust it to the green, and then the blue to the green---green alignment determines if the picture is straight---It sounds like this guy did not try to get the green straight and just adjusted the red and blue to whatever the green was.

My point here is if you paid money for this repair--either he aligns it straight or you should get your money back----GREEN never needs to be adjusted unless the dcu(digital convergence unit that stores the adjustments) has been replaced or the Convergence module has been replaced---I bet if the original convergence module was repaired(chips replaced etc) and installed you would not have this problem.

If the guy replaced the DCU then GREEN must be fully adjusted for a straight picture FIRST! then red and blue adjusted to it.

It is not easy or quick to Adjust the green--maybe he just wanted to get out the door?

I do this here for free so if this has helped you take a minute and give me a vote here.

If you have any questions or need help reply to this post here.


Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Sep 05, 2009

You need an exact match or a factory authorized sub... Don't go to ebay or some outlet and assume it looks right just because someone with no experience tells you it might work, you're just asking for more headaches...

William Rayburn, CET
Premium Technologies
PO Box 442
Long Beach, WA. 98631

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Aug 28, 2009


In this case the convergence IC was burn that's why you can smell burning and the picture quit, so you need to replace the convergence IC


Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Jul 08, 2009

Hi, the convergence IC`s have failed and possibly a few resistors, unless your very proficient at soldering and un-soldering this is not a repair a layperson can do. Besides replacing the shorted parts there is an alignment procedure that must be done once the IC`s are replaced. To give you a "rough" idea we charge $246 for this model set, different geographical locations will charge different amounts so my charges may not be relevant in your area, hope this helps, video-tek

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Feb 06, 2009

You might want to check the connections on the boards. He might just have not plugged them in or may have them seated wrong.

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Aug 28, 2008

Yes, but it sounds like its a solderd related issue because it clears up. Try resoldering the Convergence ICs and if that doesnt help they will need to be replaced.

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Jul 23, 2008

labor is the cost of almost everything parts are cheap if looking to do basic your looking around 200
but if your servicing the whole set you would be looking somewhere between 300 to 500 dollars labor where you go and who you know also depends on this factor
i hope this helped i hate the cost of labor

now what i would do is have someone come out and do an estimate and tell you whats wrong in writing spend for this section alone then take that info go to there competitor and ask them about how easy it is to install the parts needed some parts can be done byself like a bulb and or power house and tuning guides some of these arent sodered down there just screwed in and then cliped to mother board

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Jun 10, 2008

Youre welcome. If you need any more assistance please let me know.

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on Jun 04, 2008

solder wick works good to soak up the old solder Radio shack has it for a couple bucks.

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on May 29, 2008

they are a good company. They arent origional sanyos, but you should be fine with those ICs.

Samsung PCL6215R... | Answered on May 29, 2008

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